30 December, 2009

rambling, grumbling, babbling

it's cold, it's dark, and it's lonely.

urgh i just cant stop thinking things negatively.


so many things i want to share u guys with. my err holidays, my outings, cf especially, post-cf, college life, yada yada. but hell, as always, idk why i just..don't write. haih. not in 'the mood' lagi? now im writing things. sbb xbleh tdo. 8D yeah, dh sorg2 xleh tdo tu, and no one to kacau, where else u'll go? ur blog la. the only good listener, never tired of u, never complain stuff bout u.

ahh, kdg kdg dh malas nak complain stuff. because that's life. right? never a life that never give you headache and troubles you. a lot. instead of complaining, we shud just redha. Let It Be. words from Lennon. Oh he such a good song-writer. Inspiring ppl.

talks bout music, i heard that James Owen Sullivan aka The Rev from a7x is dead. man he such a good drummer, too young to die imo. 2009 will always remembered as the year where many stars falls. life is short, now i realized, again.

well the only setback if you can't sleep is that u'll feel drowsy tmrw, pening2 lalat, and lapa tga2 malam buta. where oh where i can find food?

at times like this u'll need Coldplay, Lunesta, a warm hug, or a verryy comfy bed. and I don't have any, too bad.

Stand By Me.

When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only light we'll see
No I won't be afraid, no I won't be afraid
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

And darlin', darlin', stand by me, oh now now stand by me
Stand by me, stand by me

If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
And the mountains should crumble to the sea
I won't cry, I won't cry, no I won't shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

And darlin', darlin', stand by me, oh stand by me
Stand by me, stand by me, stand by me-e, yeah

Whenever you're in trouble won't you stand by me, oh now now stand by me
Oh stand by me, stand by me, stand by me

Darlin', darlin', stand by me-e, stand by me
Oh stand by me, stand by me, stand by me


10 December, 2009


Today is something different. Kenapa? Well for once I did not sleep after I watched football.
I did good I think.
First thing I did this morning is, start my mom's car. Pack her work stuff inside her work bag, and put it inside her car. Then sidai baju. Sweep the floor. Inside and outside. Mop the floor. Vacuum the carpets. Buy Gardenia. Make some breakfast for my dad. Get the Sun. Stingy I am haha. Make tea. Less sugar. Bit tawar but I think it's okay. :) All that I did before 7.30, while listening to channel 861. idk what the heck was the radio station but I think the song 'kena' with today morning. Haha. Quite happy.

Well I surprised myself. I don't know I'm that rajin. Maybe self-conscious? I guess. Well anyway, most of the work I did today, was what my dad supposed to do. I want to please him. To make him feel bit relaxed. I hope I did right. Worried whether he'll eat my rotibakar tho. with kaya. And my tea. If he didn't then I'll be devastated? lol. That's should be his feeling if he buying breakfast and we didn't eat.

Maybe because he sick. Not a normal fever or stuff. Nevermind the details. But I guess I didn't do good as his son all this while. Even though I'll be back at my college after a few days, and it was quite too late to do these stuff to please them my parents, but well, better late then never hm?

Quite a long time since I post here. So, tadaima? haha

Well here he comes down. Getting nervous. swt swt.

18 November, 2009


wooh yesterday was a veerryy tiring day. :D
went to Taiping after 2 years. well it's kinda long period y'know.
went there to pick up my SPM cert.
went there by car. 8D

woke up late at 6.45 am orz. Promised Arif Shah I'll be at OU at 6.30 OTL well it's because I cannot sleep, again orz. Then at 4 I decided to 'be with Lunesta' again xD so yeaah. Anyway we decided to meet up at Restoran Jejantas Sg Buloh, so we ber'gerak' at 7.30. At when Arif said, jum gerak, I was like *shaking my hands and body in a sotong like manner 8D* which remind me of Burn and Adib xD

His mother was the driver, and he was the co-driver. I felt nauseous, really, when his mother drive. TBH, I have a "no, don't-drive-slowly-or-I'll-get-dizzy" kinda disease. And I felt like throwing up except I strongly tahan 8D

Later at Tapah Arif drive. Me, Fareha and Arif talked a lot about teachers, and school, yeah, we really miss SERATAS. Even though it's hard to admit, but yeaahh. And still Arif drive slowly orz so I decided to sleep. 8DDDD

Woke up at Changkat Jering, and saw Fareha also sleeping. xD Then when she woke up we chat a lil bit, and Arif's mom told us that Haji Jamaluddin is the one that persuaded Arif to stay at SERATAS, and Arif was crying, dunwan to go. We laughed like hell! Arif of course, denies it well.

Bila sampai, pergh. Dah x nampak mcm SERATAS sgt dah. All sorts of building tumbuh macam cendawan lepas hujan. Well I thought only Aspuri building got +2, but at basketball court also now they constructing academic building. And there's a new Makmal Computer building too! The Dewan Besar now air-cond-ed, got wifi, and a looooot of new things! Well it maybe because we are now Sekolah Klustur or stuff, and I heard that it's gonna be upgraded into *whatever* Sekolah, considering the budget for Sekolah Klustur is about 500k, while this new *whatever* Sekolah budget is around 700k. Dammit! Why everything is happening at SERATAS when we all left it already? Siod.

And we met some teachers. Madam Lee, she remember me, my name! 8D, Mr Potato the first teacher we saw, Mr Nazrul, who teaches me Math, and I kinda blame him for I believe he is the reason my result for Math dropped 8D Mr Goh sadly, retired. I'm so wanna see him. Dx Cik Puan Syahiza Abas, mengandung lol. Baru nak panggil Cik Syahiza then saw her belly I was like Cik- - - gu! xD And she remembered me as well! Waw xD Cikgu Hamidi still the same, lawak gile, and kinda sarcastic lol.

And a loooot of juniors remember us t.t I was so terharu hahahaha. Madena tegor Arif, and some girls "Eh, akak Farehaaaa" and we was like having fun. lol. Went lurking at form 5 class when we went at 5K. there Fareha meet up with his juniors, again, so does Arif. I.. did not have a very good relationship with that batch actually 8D but they still remember me, and went out to greet me. And asking me, "Abg Saiful, egt tak perempuan tu?" and I saw a girl jap tunjuk muka, jap hide herself. I was like, what the .. err. tak? "Oh yeke" That guy was like dissapointed. Hey don't blame me! I don't even recognize all my batch friends okay! D: *And that girl was kinda cute, too. Shit.* Anyway. they having SPM tomorrow *which is today* and we dun wanna kacau them so much. After that we went home.

Bila dekat Tapah baru Acap msg tanya korg katne because he just went back from jalan2 with his opah lol xD And Dodol called me ajak pegi ambik sijil I was like wtf ktorang dah dekat tapah lol bukan nak bgtau awal2. haha. Anyway, I don't spend a single ringgit on that trip yay only spend RM 16 for BR's milkshake lol.

So. End. 8D

13 November, 2009

yay today I slept! ^O^/
it's a good feeling~ kimochiiii. xDDDDDD

well eventho it's just from 5-6.46 am. still a progress is a progress haha. 8Db

12 November, 2009

Tee hee hee. Last paper. All the best for me.
Good Luck to all my friends. Ganbate for me too.
Harap waktu buat paper nnt x tertdo 8Db
And enjoying life at the moment. Bahaha.
"Epul kau xtdo ke?"
"Kau nak mati ke? Paper pukul 2.30"

Tu jela yang mampu dibuat. Gelak. Then nak buat pe? Bukan aku nak pun.
Arif Faiszuan dtg. Haha. Mmg gelak non-stop. xD
Tgah bace Institusi Islam. Boleh lak mngarut. Bende2 lucah. Benggong
Gelak non-stop. Siod. Ahahaha. xD
Jumaat nnt keluar. xD

08 November, 2009


This sucks. I hate this.

Actually, What have I done, that other people don't do, to deserve all this?

Am I really that bad?

I hate it. Yes I'm being emotional. I can't help it. I'm sick of all of this.

I hate you guys.

I envy you guys.

All of you.


I'm so fucked up. This is all bullshit. I'm sick to my stomach. WTF IS THIS, WTF IS WRONG WITH ME?

And to think that this is my 100th post. Yes I don't really mind the milestone but. At least I don't want something like this as my 100th post.

I envy you guys. Why am I the only one to get this feeling?

Starlight Stalker

When I'm gone away
I hope you will be stronger, to live the rest of your life
Well don't cry baby, don't you cry for me
And I'm praying that you will find someone better

For all the consequences we've been into, and we've gone through
I love you for being appreciative and loving me with all your heart
With all your mind, with all your beautiful soul, your beautiful soul

Your bright eyes told me everything that you wanted to say to me, I've got it!
Don't quit here, don't put your head behind everyone
Please bring back all the sweet memories away from the cemetery
And leave the thoroughness behind

Loving you, it's the best thing that I can ever remember
I swear to god! You've been the one that made my life more contented
I really couldn't explain in words on how much I love you

07 November, 2009


It's 6 am. I've just realized.

Haish. What are friends? Bunch of people that'll be there fer ya when you're happy? People that help you understand world? Or someone that'll help you when you're down? Which is the true definition of friends? Well yeah, of course they'll said friend is peoples that are always be with you whenever, whatever happens. Issat true? Really?

Well fuck it. Fuck whatever friend means. For me everyone that I know is a friend.

Wait, why am I babbling bout friends here? @_@


Just now I heard that Tya fainted. Hish. that girl. Told you already. Have a good rest. Go sleep. Don't push yourself to hard. You're fragile. You are not that strong. You are just a normal being for gawd sake. Act like one!

Ha tengok ni Tya, pesanan ikhlas daripada penaja.

But then,
"Eh, you pun same jugak. Nampak lagi teruk ade la!"
..yeah, well, er, erm that's true but but.

Now I realized. Who am I to say those things to her, when I, myself do the same thing! Oh, how stupid. Act like I'm the most helpful person in the world. Hah. In your face dude.

To be honest I felt kinda, afraid. Well, you see, people always talk that sleeping pills is addictive, causing side effects, bla bla bla. EVEN with the doc's prescription, I'm still afraid to take those pills. But you know, the feeling of fainted, is suckier than eating those pills. Don't need to explain much tho, Tya herself dah rasa. xD

I'm getting tired of writing this shits, it's the same thing, again and again. So from the time being, Lunesta, you're my friend. You'll help me, right? Don't let me down. Please?


This sucks. This dark, pitch black night. The rain, just rubbing salt to the wounds. This chilling night, is like a never ending nightmare. It will happen, again, and again, and again.

This sucks.

04 November, 2009

time after time

Been quite for a moment, I realize. Not posting too often. Maybe it's because I'm having final here. Yeah. But, I'm still here. Just lurking on other's blog. Having a good time reading them. :)

Still not having a great night, not once. 8 nights, I think. Well, I hope this goes as soon as my final is over. Gonna have fun a lot after this. Planning to go to Red Box and blow everyone's ear with my singing. XD

Argh. To be honest, just now me and Faiz bad talk Adib. XD I complained to Faiz about how lovey-dovey Adib has become. Faiz, well.. "Biase lah, awal-awal memang la camtu" But when you think about it carefully, I think they become close like, since, awal sem? *swt*

And we both planning to kidnap Adib. :D Umpan him using basketball. Ajak basketball, then kidnap him. And blackmail Aqeela. >:D Mfufufufufufufu *KA-CHIIING*

So bad ah. Well that's what everyone been thinking. Jealous punya pasal lah. XD

Arhh after this got Audio Video paper at 9. Just now at 9 pm, Mr Nadzari, when asked about the final paper, replied Burn's message. After reading the message, Burn start playing PES 2010.

"Tak study ke?"
"Bace msg die."

"Tak ada bab-bab. Semua same jer. Saya dah untukkan masa untuk tidor dalam 45 minit...hehe.."


So I went back to my room, and play PES 2010 while waiting for AC Milan vs Real Madrid's game.

29 October, 2009

Gruu Gruu. Kukoo kukoo. *yawn*

I know what I'm feeling right now. Nauseous, growling stomach, *gruu gruu gruu* just another symptoms for this insomniac days.

In the end I always woke up late. Not to the point where I missed my paper, no. But late, than what I expect myself to woke up. Felt quite lucky that my first 2 paper is at 2.30 pm.

The last day I have a good sleep is, at Ardi (Vio)'s sister house. Maybe that is also because lack of sleep. Yes, your fault Rahillah, graduation date kau tak kena time.

And my body since Sunday been screaming, yelling, protesting, these restless heart syndrome rubs salt to the wounds. Not to mention the loss at Pool's Anfield.

I wonder if I put all this at my wall complaining these, what will my very good friend comment hm? :)

And exams. Plus assignments. Haa. Nasib datang time-time macam ni. Macam mana pun, I still have to be friend with Yoko Yoko and Eye Mo. or was it Eye More? Feh w/e it is, you guys get the thing right?

Well I just have to stand straight and chin up, like what you usually advised. Senang la cakap. I want some extraordinary ways to overcome this. Suggestion?

I'm looking forward when those ppl from Skudai visit us soon. Yeah, even when you guys janji macam-macam, then kantoi la with pak guard, apelah aku still on okay. Pandai je goreng, kantoi ngan Ikhwan tu, haa. Anyways ape ape pun you guys punya plan, (as long as anybody but you Jieba, yang handle plan tu) Aku dengan confident-nye akan tag along. Bet we'll sure have a fun day. And one day is enough.

Sleep is the best way to escape reality Nooootttt. Reading manga is. Hahaha
Haih. Kenapa la dunia manga sangat unreal eventhough it's based on real life.

And does happy ending really exists? Maybe it just an Okay-lah ending to all misery things that we've been through? Because when we continuing our daily life after going through all sort of troubles, is that really Happy Ending?

Ah and oh yea, Congrats to Aqeela. And Adib. After about 6 months of teka-teki, the blurriness of you guys punya status terjawab. Felt happy yet jealous at the same time. Aaah, so lovey dovey. Damn. Siod ah korang ni. Haha.


"But i've got a life ahead of me, I'm only 22" - I Could Say by Lily Alen

Well I'm not 22 yet but there's more to come. Be it misery or (cross finger) happiness, I'll continue this road. And yes, expect more rants from me after that hahaha.

Tch, Damn la korang, Adib, Aqeela. Jealous siod. Naseb byk pasangan lovey dovey in DDZ/DDC gone to Skudai. Or break up. lol. Xpe2, aku doakan je kebahagiaan korang. Aku memang akan doakan kebahagian orang lain. Haih. Why I'm continuing writing about them? Shite.



04 October, 2009

I Think Because He Saw A P.

music : Christian's Inferno -Green Day

This Diabolic State Is Gracing My Existence
Like A Catasrophic Baby

there was this 3 person. 3 angry, unsettled, chaotic person yesterday, at least. And the last one was the worst.

The first person.
Im driving BJP 1111. A red-hot Peugeot 206. And Im doing a U-turn. At Shah Alam's, in front of section 7. Biaselah, after U-turn, you'll be at the slow lane, the left lane right? So I switch to the fast lane, and suddenly there's a weird honk so I look at my right side mirror and saw this motor cyclist trying to stop my car from crashing him? Er. He seems so chuak and certain that I'll hit him. And blame me. I mean wtf, i did give a signal, and I checked before doing a U-turn if there's a car or what. Then only I did a U-turn. He WAS SPEEDING. so who's fault is that? He shud have seen my car doing a U-turn, lagi dia bawak laju. wth man. Adib cakap macam dia nak main tag lol, suruh kejar die pulak.

Then he just pergi mcm tu je. heh. I tot dia akan ke tepi and settle like a man. Kalau langgar dia ke, atau if it's my fault, I'll apologize.

So I went to McD. Ikutkan hati nak je kejar mamat tu, tapi perut tu dah lame buat concerto. So while waiting for a Savvy keluar for parking, then I saw a knock at my door, and noticed that damn bastard knock my car with his hand, and just speed away. THAT IS SO CHILDISH. BE A MAN. Turun settle la kalau die ade masalah sgt. I think because he saw a P. pft.

The 2nd Person.
I mean it. If I'm not a very good driver, not in terms of skill, but in attitude. I have to admit. Yes. I'm a meanie, I'm a jerk. At ppl that is damn stubborn, kiasu, so lan c with their car. Girls, I'm sorry to say, it's hard to find a good driver. I did find girl's bawak laju at fast lane and when I behind her she gave way, etc etc (not to mention she's a beauty too *O*) But sometimes girls tend to be so stubborn, or.. chuak. Panicked when another car cucuk her. well that, i kinda understand. but that's that.

This fella, I've been tailing him in the fast lane since Sg Buloh's RNR. Slowly, this diabolic feeling creeping inside of me. My emotion is taking over my mind. This is just simply because, I think, I kept thinking too many things inside my head, and didnt tell anyone. idk. well anyway while I was tailgating him, I honked, I gave a high beam, I gave the signal, all was left is to langgar the car. and run. This purplish Honda Accord 2003 and my demonic red Peugeot 206 was nearly 150. I can go further, faster. But he just, don't want to give way. Why? You know, this kind of people maybe syiok seeing ppl suffer dekat blakang dia? Who cares. I'm not fucking around. So when I was at the last corner before the Guthrie Highway, I sped my Peugeot and this hellish feeling started following me. A 160 km/h at a turn is something new to me, (at least after my car spun, and that car is that Peugeot.) Went to the most left lane, potong every car in the middle lane, then squeezed myself between the Accord and another car. BMW kot.

I was 75% in front of that Accord, but that car just don't want to give way. He kept to my speed and, there was this innocent car in the middle lane, speeding at 90km/h i think. So what I, to do? Stucked between the mid and the fast lane, the fast lane not giving way, too fast for mid lane? Easy, squeezed between the stupid Accord and the car at the mid lane. IT WAS SO DAMN CLOSE. I can see clearly using side mirror, the Accord just an inch from my car! but I don't care. This demon inside me screaming not to give way. This hellish atmosphere is so thick. I have my own ego. He challenged me.

After potong that car at the mid lane, I switched back to mid lane, then to the left lane, trying to cut all the way thru the ppl yg x paham bahasa at the fast lane, and did that. And guess what, he tailing me now. That Accord bastard. I can see that his wife/girlfriend is babbling, and I can guess what she said. "Enough la! Just stop it!" with that kind of body language. Dude, even ur wifey/gf noe its ur fault. So I went back to mid lane, giving way to that bastard to go first. See. If they want to go faster, go ahead, i don't care. as long as they stay faster than me. But he choose to fuck around me, still tailing me. So I purposedly slow down till 80, bagi dia pissed off. And press the S button on my car, lower down the gear, using it's full potential, turn to right lane and potong the car in front of me. He smoked, but he catch up anyway. And Rawang was like another 500 m? The left lane is empty, only a lorry just another 200 m in front. So I take this opportunity, slow down to 70, and that bastard, did as I planned, go to the left lane, and stuck behind the lorry, as I turned to right lane, lower my gear, pressing the pedal to metal, get to 150 in an instant and squeezed towards Rawang. Lucky it was jammed like hell, so that Accord got stuck like 40 cars behind me? hahaha.

So after toll, otw back, I relax-ly drove my car. and kept thinking about today. Maybe because he saw the P.

And the last of the 3 person, heck. It's ME.

03 October, 2009

this is bullshit.

today just sucks. this is bullshit. i felt annoyed. i hate this feeling. urgh. wtf. idk how else im suppose to go and release this feeling. everything just not right today. why do i have this kind of feeling? i need help. really. wait. i noe who to call. it reaaally helps me during my hard time.

1 - 300 - 888 - 333

27 September, 2009

things in my mind part 2

er. patut ke aku jual my lappie smate2 utk beli new deskie? t.t
sayang nak jual ini laptop. still in great conditions! senang nak bawak merata2. tapi.. D:
nak beli deskie DDD:
how ah.
helllpp meee ~/o/

25 September, 2009

things in my mind.

duit raya taun ni. 100+. round up = RM 100.
duit bday from kakak = RM 350.
duit lam maybank = RM 2xx.
duit abang hutang modem wifi = RM100
duit aizati hutang modem wifi = RM100


<= RM 850.

benda nak beli.
Kasut MacBeth = RM 2xx
Kasut from Pull and Bear = RM 2xx
PC = RM 25xx
PSP (nak main monster hunter jugak. jealous tgk bob ngan abang main) = RM 750 ++


RM2xx+RM2xx+RM25xx+RM750 (++)
<= RM36xx (++)


dayem la. kinda hate this new haircut. don't suit me well. sheet.
wondering whether kanak2 ddz akan membahan rambut aku ni atau tak. >_>

not the best raya for me. not the best bday for me too. i wonder if i did smthng that really upset that person, bcause that person seems like, ignoring me. that is including wishing my bday. evntho that person used to wished me every year, one of the earliest lagi tu, i think. but well. nvm then. that person must have their own reasons.

lecturer mcm malek noor dalam iklan shieldtox.

SPAM-INC in danger. haih. i really dunno whattodo. i mean i hope i can do smthng. at least like, tlg pegi survey bahan ke. or anything. any labour works will do. i really wanted to see spam inc at CF this year. i mean, for me its an annual event. ppl usually come and ask me, "Eh, where ah u got this SPAM-INC badge? u steal ke?" it took sometime to explain, but basically he said he recognized the logo. so yeaaaah. ppl noe SPAM-INC de. i mean, i've seen 2-3 ppl wearing our very own badges on their bag at UTMKL. well of course i did not tego them la. but just to say that, hey, byk orang kot beli badge from our booth. so i think ppl will expect smthng from us this year too. so i really hope things will get better. ganbatte ill3h! hang in there SPAM-INC! t.t

mama tanya nak pegi buat facial ke? die rsau tgk banyak jerawat XDDDD of course i rejected. no way i'd accept that offer lol. maybe becayse lack of sleep kot mama cakap. hm. maybe. tah le

24 September, 2009


mood: Raya!
music: Selamat Hari Raya - Sudirman

Selamat Hari Raya all~

well frankly, this year raya its not the best. It was short. Damn short. Kakak got to kerja today so we were at Kedah for 2 days and Perak for another 2 days. It was damn short, that I didn't have the time to go beraya at my friends house kat Parit Buntar. Damn. Rindu Nazerrul punye tom yam. ferrrgh. awesome it was.

and I, getting moar lazy to go to beraya. hahah. All I did for the first day of raya is, wake up, mandi raya, sembahyang raya (sleep during khutbah), ziarah kubur (it's amazing I remember all the kubur and not confused with the new ones every raya), balik rumah, pergi rumah Long, just opposite of my nenek's house. Makan Nasi Ayam while watching Doraemon. Which, I already read the story/movie last year kut. Balik rumah tok main dengan Abu, John Kelabu eventho it's a cat, and a female one, but I can't help that she's so cuuutte! with the all grey and nice short but fluffy bulu. dayem! Petang ade cam-whoring session sikettt. tapi camera kakak suq big time. banyak shaky je.

Malam either main dota (lol masing2 bwak balik lappie for dota wth) or just randomly main mercun. oh yeah I bought the big rocket one :) And malam raya tu we watch Man Utd vs Man Citeh. Pak Su (the main haters for Man Utd) were in front of Long's tv before 8.30 lagi. waw. surely he support Man Citeh. Me and my nee-chan wear Man Utd's jersey. yep. the otromen one haha. and when Rooney scores we went ballistic! Pak Su suddenly show his red t-shirt (I still don't think it's a co-incident tho = =) like he was supporting MU. damn. then Foster buat hal wth and Barry score, Pak Su, aged 40++ acting like a child, jerit Goal in front of our face wth. Then when Fletcher scores, we jumping celebrating smpai Mak Su, Mak Long and Mak Ndak yg tgah prepare daging for tomorrow's kenduri terkejut lol xP when Bellamy score a WTF goal we went quiet again. But the last goal. The Owen's goal. We scream like hell. I mean, we REALLY SCREAMED LIKE HELL.

sure enough, I send Nazrul Hazwan msg to annoy him hahaha. see. Man Utd can do what Arsenal cannot.

I think that's the only part where it's worthy enough to tell u guys about my raya. well sebab xbyk beraya I only manage to get 100+ je. damn.

Haih I really wanted to send my friends at airports, if u know what I mean. example, Rahayu Adzhar. weiihhh. It was happening dude! we rock the LCCT! xD I really wanted to hantar Sarina and Dora too, but well, derang nye flight weekdays, no transportation, so no lah kot. I'll try too but I don't think I'll managed. wuuuh. kalau jadi nak tuntut hadiah bday and duit raya.

Pergi 'beraya' with Bob and Raf and my bro. actually we really wanted to go beraya, but everybody seems tak sampai lagi from kampung, so we went to cc hehe xP go dota! Dota, in other words Dunia Orang Takde Awek lololol. waktu main jela kot xP tapi CC dkat Damansara tu damn awesome! It uses a Steel Series Mouse! (AKARI) go google. its 300+ in normal shop. damn! puas hati. then beraya rumah Elin, and yada yada. Went for a haircut lalalala. looks weird on me xD


06 September, 2009

Nearer, my God, to Thee, nearer to Thee

music: Nearer my god, to Thee
mood : puzzled

how is life so far? well I shud be happy lol. Look, I don't really wanted to post that long nana, but well, bile type je, everything mcm, keluar laju jerr. anyway this is my blog soo. yeaaaah. suke suki la saye.

You can say it is a typical week for me. Quite number of sleepless night. Srysly, I'm getting puzzled. wth is happening to me? Dulu kalau baring je, 1,2,3 *puff* I'm in a dreamland. With Gundam. Zeta. or maybe Yakumo-chan. *yakummoooo u///u* But now, this year, Ive been struggling to sleep. yerp. It is weird. I mean, I even tried to count sheep lol. yes, I'm THAT DESPERATE. Sape sape ade sleeping pills ke. sbb ubat batuk don't work on me at all. pls pls give me some idea.

okay. next one

Well in case you guys wonder, what's with the hymn, the Thee and Thou stuff? Well I kinda remember some touching scene on Titanic (1997, James Cameron) , as she is sinking, there's a band that kept playing to keep ppl calm. I remember the quote "Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight." by the band master, as he played the song, Nearer, my God, to Thee. And I Googled xP Well the truth is I thought that these band is just fictions, I mean, there's no way they'd play even when you're the verge of death. But it is in history. Yerp. Mr Wallace Hartley did lead the 9 man band to play until the very end. It was very sad, but well. oh yeah. It is also sung by the doomed crew and passengers of SS Valencia, as it sank on the Canadian Coast. so sad.

let see, what else.

I've been reading my junior's blog post regarding her trip to UK. Damn I was so jealous. It's the same feeling as Amal's trip around Europe. gaaahhh. wish I was/will be that lucky. I'm so fucking desperate to travel orz I want to feel jetlag orz I want this, I want that. Well basically I'm not jealous that they went outside of the country, to Europe etc, it's just that, I want to travel lol. Somehow in my latest lifeline I've seldom traveled. hmph. I hope this will change soon. actually kinda jealous with Dora. not because she's Dora The Explorer, no no no but because she actually ade dekat Egypt, tapi tak pegi pyramid? oh cm'on! One of the Seven Wonders of The World! hmph.

Maybe not because I wanted to traveled that much. Maybe I want to find somewhere, hm, peace? I mean, a getaway? Somewhere calm, refreshing. Been thinking if there's some hill somewhere with full of grasses, and it's very comfortable to lie on. I'd really want one. It'd be better if there's wind. hah. That is just perfect! And I really don't mind the weather, even if its sunny, or raining. or cloudy. these weather have their own emotion influence on ppl, but it's fair to say that I like every single one of them. Well xde la yg extreme tu, as in tornado ke. Really. I'd love to go there. And sleep on the bed of green grasses, with the sky as my roof, as long as I like.

That will be one of my dreams.

02 September, 2009

tag by dora

aku x tau ni tag no bape orz


dulu waktu kecik kecik aku slalu frust sbb boring. ye la, rumah dekat Federal Hill tu, semue jauh jauh. mmg sebijik sebijik, satu atas bukit sini, satu atas bukit sana. fuh. jadi petang2 tu aku slalu naik basikal pastu meronda ronda. kadang2 tu pusing kawasan rumah aku ni sampai aku dah bosan, jadi satu hari tu waktu papa mama tengah tido (pukul 3 ptg hari sabtu x salah) aku ngan abang aku pegi sampai dekat dgn Sri Perdana (yerp. agak jaoh la) otw balik kantoi ngan papa naik kereta kancil NAN 14 lol T.T die balik die x cakap ape, terus bawak family aku gi pasar malam, tinggal ktorang. siap kunci pintu lagi wuuuu.


cycling partner aku dedulu, Atiqah. aku pernah mention dalam post lepas. jadi xpyah le aku ulang sape die tu. dulu die sgt le chubby xD terus terang cakap, aku xtau le tu cinta pertama aku ke tidak, dh le rapat gile. gi je mane-mane kat situ kalau x ajak die, rase guilty pun de gak. gado pun saje saje nak kacau die. tapi lepas die fly gi USA waktu ktorang umur 5 tahun, aku cukup bosan. rase serba xkene. lame gak la baru aku okay. then baru baru ni aku melawat die (dah balik baru2 ni) umur pun dh 17 time tu, die dh jadi mcm model. nak tego pun gile bersalah. huh. dulu bukan main rapat. skang ni, mane la die nak egt xD


cite aku dkat tadika. Tadika Masjid Abu Bakar As-Siddiq. aku le satu-satunya manusia dlam rumah aku yg cukup 2 tahun bertadika kat sane. (abg aku tak pernah pun kat sane, kakak aku pun same gak kot, adik aku setaun je) dulu kalau bangun je pagi, first thing yg kene cari, stokin. =_= aku pun x tau la asal, tapi stokin aku, asek ilang je! huh. pas papa hantar, bagi duit banje 2 ringgit kalau x salah, aku gune singgit beli karipap. singgit lagi aku simpan. simpan simpan beli tamiya. haha. dash yankuro kalau x salah aku. kekeke


ade gak love interest aku kat sane. name die Shahratul Izati. heh. kecik2 dh gatal lol. besar besar bukan main susah nak mengusha awek. kecik2 je pandai xP anyways, aku x tau le tapi otw gi toilet aku mesti lalu kelas die, dan die duduk tepi pintu tu. haha. kdg2 tu sngaje je aku gi toilet sbb nak usha die xD


cerite sbnanye nape name aku ngan adik aku lebih kurang same, sbb aku yg bagi name kat die u_u; waktu tu aku umur 5 ke 6 tahun tah. shud be 5 la, sbb beza me with my sis is 5 years (dua dua, kakak 5 taun lagi tua, Aizati 5 taun lagi muda) waktu mama bawak balik adik aku ni, aku tga happy gile. happy la kut sbb dpat adik baru, mangse buli baru, mcm dapat mainan baru la ni aku rase. then waktu tga riuh2 kat lam bilik tetamu tu (mama duduk kat bilik tetamu dekat bawah sbb x larat naik atas, lagipun sng nak ber-tungku) ade la manusia (dh lupe u.u) tanye, ape name die, mama x tau lagikut time tu. so tga pikir pikir ngan papa tu, aku la bagi suggestion. "Mama, apa kate taruk Shahratul Izati?" pastu aku pegi amik cekodok sambung makan (srys aku egt lagi btape glojohnye aku makan u.u) Mama pun cam stuju cume tukar jadi Aizati. haha. tau tau le mane aku dapat idea nak bagi name tu xP


aku egt lagi, around umur 5 taun jugak la kan. ade la kucheng yg aku sayang gile. namenye Comot! sbb aku bagi name kut u_u; aku yang duk panggil Comot, aku pun x tau la asal. xD tapi pendek kate byk gak le mende yg aku bagi name ni. so satu hari ni, kami gi Langkawi, then terus ke kampung dekat Sg Petani. Balik je dari kampung tu first thing aku cari Comot. Kunci rumah tu tak bukak lagi, and Comot ni slalunye kalau balik kampung biar dekat luar je, sbb die mmg suke lepak kat luar. Panggil punye panggil, tak keluar gak. Lame gak cari, pastu bile nak bukak pintu rumah tu, ade la nampak kesan darah. banyak la utk mnatang kecik cam kucheng tu. aku agak umur kucheng tu lam setaun gak ah, jantan. nampak tapak kaki kucheng, darah tu dh xcair, dh melekat dh. aku tau la maksud tu ape, tapi aku xleh accept. sampai malam aku tunggu Comot tak balik-balik. Tak nak masuk rumah. Tak tukar baju semua. Merajuk la kononnya. Tunggu si Comot balik. Sampai hari ni aku egt hari tu.


waktu tu aku umur 7 taon. waktu tu umur Kancil NAN 14 tu dh setaun ngan ktorang. Papa outstation. slalu cmtu. Mama x reti drive. Jadi Pak Tam la bawak motor pi rumah ktorang, pastu ambik ktorang anta pegi skola/kerja. First hantar kami dulu, baru hantar Mama. Slalunye aku pergi memang la gembira, best, sbb naik Isuzu Trooper. fuh. gile Awesome kereta tu. umur 10 taun dah ade TV/VCD player dalam kete tu xP ok anyway, sblum hanta kami, menjadi kebiasaan kami mengambil anak jiran kami yg xde la jiran sgt, jauh gak le rumah beliau. name mamat tu Ridhuan, same umur ngan kakak. Slalu sakat kakak, sbb fergh, skali die masuk kereta, bau HARUM GILE. b-o die kaw kaw ah. bak kate bdak SERATAS, TAT TAT AH. menahan nafas la kami sepanjang jalan nak ke SKSHAS t.t


waktu aku umur 5 tahun, aku egt lagi. time tu baru lepas exam kut. ke baru nak exam. tah le. tapi aku ber-file la ke tadika aku. Klau x aku pakai beg yg bapak besau tu xD sampai sampai je, member2 dh panggil aku. "Weh, budak kelas sebelah nak gaduh" or smthng like that. haaa jgn main main, dulu aku ni kire kaki gado gak ah xD srys. derang cite la yg derang ni sblom aku dtg kene bantai kaw kaw ah sbb xckup org, jadi aku dtg ni kire boleh menolong ah. so kitorang ni pun gi la kelas sblah ni, aku bawak file aku, pastu gadoh2 la ala Crow Zero. xde la jerit ORA ORA ORAAAAA!! tapi stakat baling botol air, pukul gune file, tumbuk terajang tu ade la. dh le gaduh lam kelas lak tu lol. ktorang tga winning ni, derang mmg xterlawan langsung. dh setel je derang, aku prasan de lagi sekor mamat ni. die pakai songkok, duduk elok je kat penjuru kelas tu. tgk ktorang. aku agak panas dan agak over confident la ni. terus gi gado ngan die. gile. mamat tu kecik lagi dari aku, yet lagi kuat dari aku. lagi kuat dari 2-3 org. tapi die still x leh lawan ktorang, jadi aku ngan die lawan 1 on 1, haha. tengah bedebuk bedebik, Ustazah Zee datang. maka ke Guru Besar lah aku. >_> bende ni tadika tu simpan sampai skang, xbgtau parents aku. sbb aku dulu slalu gak la dapat no 1 kat tadika ni xP tu yang aku dihargai sikit xP

dan mamat tu lepas tu jadi member baik aku hahaha


darjah 2. waktu tu aku masih pandai mengusha awek xD Love interest terbaru aku, Hashima. name pendek die, Shima. Org die tinggi wehhhhh. mcm model. xpadan ngan aku hahahahaha. siot. dipendekkan cite aku ni kire org yg masalah gak la. delinquent la kirenye. aku gado sbb aku suke, baru manly ;D dan musuh utama aku adalah budak masalah #2, Fareez. die ni lagi pendek dari aku, jadi aku panggil die pendek, die panggil aku kecik. jadi kami same same la gado. gado blakang Hashima, sbb xmau die fikir aku ni teruk la ape la xP It turns out that Fareez ni rupenye ade love interest gak ngan Hashima ni, tu yang die slalu buat hal, sbb nak tarik perhatian Hashima ni haha. Aku kelas ngan budak2 ni sampai darjah 3.


aku x tau asal, tapi masuk darjah 4, aku dah jadi... baik. peh. srys. dh rajin buat kerje skola, dh diam xbising2 dh, maybe sbb darjah 4 ni, die tukar2 kelas. so aku dari 1,2,3 Tekun, masuk 4 Maju. Sorg due je yg aku kenal. Maybe tu la aku jadi pendiam sikit. well anyways dalam diam diam aku tu ade la aku kenal ngan 2-3 org budak perempuan yg, er, ramah gak ah. Haiza, Hafiza. aku egt name derang sbb pelik. hahahaha. Haiza ni budak die chubby, xgmuk. tp chubby haha. die ade kezen name Hafiza, dan derang satu kelas, termasuk aku lah. derang ni leh kire rapat la ngan aku, sbb derang ni, mmg suke merepek xD tu baru 2 org. ade la seko minah ni, samade aku mmg prasan atau die saje saje nak kenekan aku, name die Atiqah gak kot. ke Afiqah. aku lupe u_u tapi aku egt sbb die perempuan yg rambut die ponytail kalau x salah aku, rambut die perang2, kurus gak ah, muke not bad xP putih bukan melepak, putih yg merah2 sikit tu. haa. die ni rajin gak nyakat aku. x silap aku die dari darjah 1 satu kelas ngan aku. orang die ok ok la, x bising, x de la senyap mane pun. satu hari tu die tanye aku, kenapa aku makin senyap je, dh x happy, aku cakap le dh xde sape nak sembang, lalu die cakap die volunteer nak teman aku u_u; aku cakap teman gi mane? die cakap teman la, kalau bosan bosan tu, pegi la tempat duduk die sembang2 ngan die sbb die suke sembang ngan aku. die cakap la.

well anyhow aku rase ... start dari taun ni la aku mcm hilang smgt nak ade love interest dh xD sbb lepas lepas tu aku dh xde dh kot


aku suke main Digimon. darjah 4 tu aku kire gile Digimon. dan Digimon adelah bende terlarang di sekolah aku. of course la. gile nye aku kat digimon ni, aku beli buku petak kecik2 nak lukis gamba Digimon ni. ehhh. bukan lukis biase kay? melorek kotak kotak kecik tu, membentuk seekor Digimon! haha. byk gak la, and aku still egt digimon pertama aku lukes ialah Botamon! hahaha. sbb senang, lgpun mnatang tu kaler itam je semue xP digimon second aku lukes ialah Agumon! xD


aku frust sgt si Mufid ni. member aku darjah 4 Maju tu. die cakap die dh dapat Meramon. huh. aku nak sgt natang Champion ni. slalu dapat Greymon je. Aku suh die aja cmne dapat, die suh aku bawak Digimon aku. GILE LA. first time aku bawak bende haram masuk sekolah. xD dan die pengawas lagitu. haih. nasib baik dapat, tapi Meramon yg cheat punye. hahaha. jap je mati. wuwuwuu


aku suke mrayau. kali ni lepas pindah. aku pindah pegi Rawang. huh. gile jauh. pindah je gi Rawang, aku jumpe Syed Tariq. Syed ni, byk influence aku dedulu. aku leh salahkan die gak aku x stdi xP die yg ajar dan ajak aku pegi jalan2 ikut Pusat Serenti. huu. gile lah. Jalan tanah merah tu. semangat gile aku folo die. tiap2 ari lepas skola. haha hmph. tu darjah 4 je. darjah 5 aku dh jadi baik balik xP


cite pasal aku umur 6 taun balik. bende yang wajeb beli waktu umur 6 taun ni, stokin. hilanggggg je kerje. sampai kene label hantu makan stokin kat rumah. haih. aku xtau mane pegi stokin2 aku. sbb smpai je kat tadika kene bukak stokin, las las aku lupe mane aku punye stoking pegi. make pulanglah aku xberstokin. Last last skali Ustazah Zee yg bawak balik aku nye stokin. haha. gile sedih hidup aku. wuuu.


kartun. kartun feveret aku dulu2 Tom and Jerry. baju pun Tom and Jerry. slalu abg aku dapat Tom, aku dapat Jerry. haha. gadoh pun cam Tom and Jerry gak. ade satu time tu, bile tape Tom and Jerry dah abes, die keluar skrin kale kale tu kan, pastu ade bunyi mcm mcm. huuu aku nangis kot time tu. gile cuak! takut hantu la. xD

then waktu darjah 3 kot. rutin harian aku hari sabtu. bangun pukul 9.00. tgk sailormoon. kdg2 terlepas, well x kesah sgt pun. then habis sailormoon tgk Dragon Ball Z. hahaha. ni kompem x lepas. pkul 10 lak tgk Digimon kalau x salah aku. tah le sbb kartun pukul 10 slalu tuka2. jadi x egt. pukul 10.30, SLAM DUNK! huh, kartun feveret! x3 kompem x lepas jugak. pengaruh aku nak main basketball sbb egt sng. tgk Sakuragi main dari noob ke pro cam sng je. huhuhu.

so tu jela top 15 aku. ade lagi, tp malas nak cite. xDD bes woo cite mende2 lame ni. kdg kdg rase cam kite ni dulu2 bodoh gile. tapi dh name bdak2 an? lol. so tu je la

oh ya. susah gak tag kali ni dora oi u_u

mau tag

ili, lil, burn, jieba, amal, tya, sue, nadmin pun skali la. kalau korg bace la. buat eh. tau susah tapi buat gak xD

30 August, 2009

Seize The Day

music : Seize The Day - Avenged Sevenfold
mood : happy :D

wuhu! Man Utd 2 - 1 Arsenal !
after a 168 hours of worries, finally Man Utd shows that they really can ride their luck very well xD the truth is I felt so fed-up-ed with the 4-5-1 formation, obviously to stop Arsenal's fully-fluid-flow-passing game, I have to wait till 85th minutes! dem u Sir Alex! make us so worry and impatient lol. w/e it is, In Sir Alex We Trust! xD

the truth is, after Man Utd, I sincerely, truthfully support Arsenal, because of their game. Not to mention, Andrei Arshavin *O* dem why u joined Arsenal OTL

At the first half of the game, I said to my onee chan that Arshavin is most dangerous if played behind the striker. I srysly dunno why Wenger put him on left wing. Then suddenly he brought down at the box, dangerously by Fletcher. Walao. Sikit lagi kene goal one. Ref waved play-on, but suddenly some bastard pass the ball to Arshavin (who is now not on the left flank, more to center) and ...

I srysly cannot believed the speed, the precision of the goal. I bet Arshavin too cannot believe what he did xP He was like O_O then finally he realize it, and show his trademark "shhh; eventho no penalty I still can score" lol xD

Fletcher, huh, I bet he's gonna be the next Roy Keane. So damn hard at midfield. Like 2 person oh at midfield. 4-6-1 lol. the energy he throw (alongside his tackle) was SUPERB! lucky the ref ddnt say it was a penalty on Arshavin (he scored tho) but well, he does very well on the field. he does the dirty job, and stop the fluent flow of Arsenal's attacking minded player. And ROONEY. ILU ROONEY. great run by Rooney, went down because of Almunia, the ball was not at his feet, clearly a penalty. (Almunia didin't seems to protest tho xP) It's not debatable, not like Arshavin's. And yeah. He stepped up and cooly sent Almunia wrong side. Oh. Many thanks to Abou Diaby too! XD

Latest Transfer News : Abou Diaby Joined Man Utd from Arsenal

Arsenal was so bad luck that day. While Man Utd was so lucky. w/e it is, we still grabbed the important 3 pts xP

21 August, 2009

Album Of The Month!

I've been craving for new music since this July. It's worth waiting.

Suitcase, A Scarf And The Departure

If it's not good, than it's Awesome. Darn. When I listen to this album I felt young again xP Selama ni melayan lagu2 Slow Rock, Oldies, Pop. Now change to Screamo/Punk xD good good.

Adib (Drum) and Naem (bass) makes cool and upbeat tempo combined with Myo (Vox, Guitar)'s high vocal, plus the beautiful lyrics presented in varied way, won't get you bored at all. Fast tempo songs, Screamo songs, plus some nice acoustic guitars and pianos makes this album. Not to mention, that AWESOME, AWESOME COVER. Frankly, I don't even have time to listen to new songs, with all asaimens and stuffs, but I'm attracted by this album's cover. From then on, I started to listen to their songs. xD Seriously, you guys should own this album. It's worth every penny you spend. Unless you don't like emo/screamo/punk/indie band la. But you should give it a try. Trust me. :Db

I get kinda confuse searching for the right lyrics because it was scattered, idk if its on purpose or not, but oh well. Tracks like The Departure, The Morning After, and Journey Ends Nowhere consists of catchy tune and tempo. And if you want a slow, emo song with good lyrics, tracks like Asthmara and Farewell of Summer Romance is a good choice. Overall, the songs fits well with each other, tells about relationship, breaking up, how you missed someone so much and stuff. The only thing left me puzzled is the Sampai Bila track. It has a catchy riffs, which remind me of Scream by Avenged Sevenfold. Because the way Myo singing is kinda, weird. With a singalong by the other band members at the chorus, remind me of Rock Kapak band xP One friend says it sounded like Faizal Tahir lolwut. Other than that, nothing wrong with this album. Personal favourite for me.

Overall 4 star out of 5.

09 August, 2009

here i go again.

huh. what am i doing here. i dunno. i just felt like writing. maybe because of the hyperness, smgt sgt. lol. anyway maybe its just another insomniac night. eventho im tired.

physically, mentally, emotionally.

i did. i mean i always did. i planned. planned my life. since the day. that day. eventho im still at a very very young age, i accepted that, maybe parents know best for their children. at least in their social life. who is their son/daughter friends, lover, and stuff.

so i did, felt that i shud stick on what i planned earlier. i planned a simple life. get a job. then get married. i dont care who is my wife. i just feel that whoever she is, if she gets my moms approval, there. done deal. live a happy life. have 2 children. grow them up well. maybe spoil them a lil bit, maybe. then work, work. do spend sometimes at home. and then go holiday.

and stuff. i don't know, maybe its naive. it is naive. but i do hope, my life would be that simple. i dont want to be supa rich. dont want to be supa famous. just a normal, random person.

but, im just planning. fate know how to make life interesting. theres always something more to life. if theres an expectation, there will be dissapointment. if theres failure, there will be effort, hope. if there is hope, there is tmrw.

maybe i live for tmrw. i want to see what's tmrw looks like. i really want to know. but somehow, i just cant leave behind the memories, those lessons ive learned earlier. my friends, my stuff, things i love, ppl that i loveD. a lot. friends that i care. but those feelings earlier, when the best of us is spending times together, will not ever be duplicated. ppl changed. yes they are.

and i hate changes. but ppl will change.

"Ada sesuatu yang xpernah berubah di muka bumi ini, iaitu perubahan."

what mr Wan Ali said to me.
for me, that is just an excuse. ppl do want to change, at least to be a better person. always. and they always influenced. by friends, by surroundings. by the ppl around him. or maybe by lesson learned. at least they changed the way they think.

i dunwana grow up. this sucks. i want to live a naive childish life. never really worried about what happened to the world. just wanna have fun. i want to be with all my friends. xkisah dari mana2. as long as we spend time together, tu dh cukup.

this post really tell how i hate being close to 20.

dulu when i was 15 i think, i thought about how life at 5. now when im nearing 20, i ought to think about my life when i was 5, 15.

i dun wanna grow up. dun wanna change. dun wanna move on. i hate knowing that each day ppl will seperate. bit by bit.

and then comes reunion. the only way to overcome that feeling. :)

if, kalau-lah boleh, nak je buat tiap2 minggu.
pegi sane sini. buat bende gile2. tgkp gamba2. i always want to talk bout those things.

urgh. crap. im craping rite now. @.@


i.. fell asleep orz

07 August, 2009

The Poison

using namespace std;

int main ()


cout <<"
Smpai dari rumah. Asaimen Programming C++ (Lab 4) x sentuh lagi. Ada test hari Selasa. Study smpai pukul 4 pagi, selepas siapkan asaimen C++

Prepare untuk test Audio Video. Baru dapat tahu kene buat report untuk TCP/IP untuk subjek Data Communication. Test canceled. Ada quiz Math. Balik study siapkan report TCP/IP. Another sleepless night.

Install Ubuntu dekat lappie. Tapi x leh update sbb feking network driver lappie pelik2. Dekat kolej x dpat internet, tapi kat tempat lain laju gile bhabi. Last2 pinjam Adib punya D-Link. Study untuk Data Comm Test. Sambil mengusha Ubuntu. Another sleepless night.

Test Data Comm. Kena condemned ngan Puan Norhayati sbb jadi Man Utd Fan. =_= Wondering whether boleh dapat A tak karang. Sebab die Arsenal fan. Die Hard Fan. Im dead meat. Malam buat Animation. Baru nak mengusha2, jadi result dia agak dissapointing. Adobe Flash agak pelik bagi aku. Tgah Malam Garena. FINALLY. Tapi kalah. cam sial. Sambung buat Animation. Sambil tengok graphic Holic. Makcik2 Chow-Kit cakap admin x buat kerje, baik x payah ade admin. bla bla bla. wtf tetibe cari gado. Kalau xpuas hati dengan gambar2 junior yg byk cam-whore, pegi la sound derang. Still x puas hati sbb mencabar kredibiliti aku sbgai Admin. Dan diorang still x mintak maaf. I'm pissed off. Tidur lambat lagi. Around 3-4 am.

Malas nak pegi kelas BI. Nasib baik kelas Intitusi Islam xde. Jadi paksa diri pegi gak. Lecturer marah org datang lambat/ponteng kelas xde mc. Jadi aku menconteng 'Art Book' aku selama 30 minit die membebel/setel hal kat depan. Then Adib told me that kelas ada balik. wtf. So maybe cannot go back. Plus tmrw got game. PES tournament. Enter de, and paid the fee.

Haih. I want to go back, get some good sleep, update my uBuntu, rest, and prepare for my Programming test on Monday. zz. and online. orz


And oh yah. Wahai Budak2 SERATAS di serata Kuala Lumpur dan Klang Valley, Fareha ada mengajak untuk berbukak puase pada lebih kurang 29 Ogos. Kalau boleh bagi suggestion sbb nak tau mane korg nk pi. and sape nak pegi?

p/s Rajin2 la bukak fb tu, kdg2 ktorg bincang kat wall orang xD

"<< endl;

return 0;

26 July, 2009


music : My Morning - Estrella

yay, finally feeling better XD
no more spinning world
and i think im enjoying the world without air cond xDDD
yerrp, right now im enjoying the wind eventho its 2pm, its not hot at all
okay i admit im kinda sweating
but hell, this breeze is making me feels so dem good!
i feel like shleeping zzz
oh yeah about sleeping
im supposed to sleep well this 2 nights
but oh well, kita merancang tuhan menentukan
the first night i almost cannot sleep at all! xD
every one and half hour i woke up. i was freaking-ly annoyed. sial la.
all my joints are aching. it hurts. i cannot sleep in the same pose t.t
for my second night, i cannot sleep at all!
i dnt know what to do, except online. well of course im going to online. who doesnt?
read One Piece
re-read Slam Dunk
re-re-read School Rumble
and re-watch Natsu no Arashi
evntho not as good as SR but yeah
its kinda good for a summer anime
and long time no see animu ;_;
its all because of stupid wifi at my college, and stupid busy busy life
and of course, stupid asaimens u.u
this sem, i only watch 2-3 animu ;_;
Natsu no Arashi, Lucky Star and K-On! u.u

uitm closed lol
so my bro went back home
and i'll drive the NAN 14 to my college x3
im driving it because of my stupid majlis ramas ramah mesra with juniors
kena survey Taman Tasik Perdana, gila xde public kot z_z
so lucky uitm kne tutup
and cuma dapat bawak until weds je v.v
wanted to ask aqira tomato about her Bakat Baru Komik Malaysia thingy
about her storyline
i want to be inside her story 8Db jadi watak picisan pun oke laa
tapi seeing her kinda bz
so.. u_u
going back to Kediaman Siswa Jaya after this
argh. i wan to relax moar. damn. jeles same budak uitm
tapi tapi nnt sept derang xde cuti. :33333
so kinda gembira XD
oh. asaimen pogeming c++
penat penat bawak balik buku c++
tapi x bawak balik soalan die. srupe mcm bwak balik buku ngan soalan tapi x bawak balik lappie
damn how unlucky i yem orz
asaimensss waiting fer me OTL

17 July, 2009

Glory Glory!

going to National Stadium Bukit Jalil
going to see Man Utd training
going to see Rooney *O*
going to see Man Utd vs Malaysia XI
going to see Owen, Valencia and Obertan
maybe Tosic v.v
going to see Rooney score ^O^/
going to see Malaysia kene belasah v.v

excused for the kebakaran thingy for saturday
but still got meeting tonight at 9 t.t
sunday for the kebakaran thingy
and submittion for the activity scheldue on Monday
so yeah.

glory glory Man United. u_u

14 July, 2009

It's Not Easy.

Music : Get Out While You Can - Starsailor

It was Sunday. A typical Sunday, except for a festival that is happening at Cyberjaya, Daicon. Went there by Rafique's car. So at the Daicon, we went hurah this and that, there and here, etc etc. Had fun, and otw back we managed to bash flame kaw kaw. Later Kens and his bro drop me in front of my college so i managed to save some ringgits for the taxi.

Later at 9.30 pm, I went to Burn (Faiz)'s room. He created a football team, consists of our course, DDZ (graphicHolic). I played as DCM :D oh well, I won the first game, using Man Utd of course, with Faiz using the new team, graphicHolic. and FIFA SUCK. I cannot pass through the ball >_> thats my way of playing football, so yeah, I forced to play crossing etc. And the 2nd game, I lose, horribly. Plus I (in the game) scored some more. wtf. 2 goals. haiyo. and we ( Faiz, me and Nazrul his roomate ) laughs a lot. I realised its 1 am already, so I left the room to have some rest. Besok kelas at 10, kena bangun at 8.30 am. =_=

And otw back, I saw something on the badminton court. I kinda suprised, because the first thing in my mind is, someone fell from some random floor. Then when I thought about it for the second time, naaaah. How come. So I walked again, still looking at the body, puzzling. Then I saw a pool of blood beside him. I WAS STUNNED. To the extent where I don't know what to do. Then 3-4 people come rushing down from the upper floor. They told me to call for help. So I remember Faiz, and ran to his room. And i thought, hey, I should call for help. So I yelled 'Ambulans!' and some random person came out from his room.

'Ada orang jatuh'
'Dekat mana?'
'Court' Aku malas nak panjang2. penat. tercungap2 lagi.
'Oh. Ade lagi ke orang main bola memalam camni. Gi la bgtau felo'
'.... D:'
'Dekat court badminton laa.' was my reply. Dalam hati ni, rase nak tenyeh je muke mamat ni dgn sambal belacan
'Eh, srysla'
'...' (Malas nak layan, so I knocked Burn's room)

'Burn, de org jatuh banggunan'
'Katne?' with the WTH face
'Kat court badminton'

Then I ran back at the place where I saw the body. Faiz ikut skali, with the towel lol wth. The body's still there, just the same as it was just now. Only some ppl start coming there. 3-4 people. I think. Then I don't know what to do. srysly, I felt, nauseous, when I don't think I'll felt that. And now, orang dah start datang. Makin lama makin ramai.

Then I saw the body kene pusing. Nak tgk muka kot. Nampak tangan dia mcm still bergerak. Eh. Illusion ke. Burn pun nampak, so betul la tu. Masih bergerak! I think. So I thought okay, maybe he'll survived. But where's the paramedic? It's now 1.15 am, and there's still no sound of siren. I called Sue (sorry, because I really, don't know who to call.) and tell her about this. Gila ah. Then I said to myself, kenapa aku call Sue? Dia perempuan kot. Kalau dia xleh tdo nnt. And stuff. And I continue to talk to Sue.

At 2 am, I feel like going back to my room. There's nothing I can do. I saw newspapers being thrown from 4th and 5th floor. And ppl below started to cover the body. I thought, that's it. I went back to my room. Tell Adib bout this stuff, later he went and see all the way sampai habis, and I just.. stayed at my room. Still terbayang what happened. Somehow I think maybe I was traumatized, maybe. Well I cannot sleep. It's not easy to forget such a tragedy. Such a shame. How life can ended so soon, so early.

I must admit, I just close my eyes. Tak tido pun. And it was like, a flashback. It sounded cliché, but yeah. And I must admit, I forgot, I mean, moved on with my life, but now I started to remember things again. It's hard. Damn hard. I moved on, and this happened. I remembered everything back. I almost cried, but I cannot. Maybe because of the nauseousness, but I cannot vomit. And it continue till the next morning.

The next morning, it's raining. How cold. I felt like I can sleep now, but well, it's 9 am. So I woke Adib, and we prepare ourselves, and go to class, as usual.

tingkap di mana arwah jatuh. sumber, Kosmo!

13 July, 2009

its a freak accident.

somebody fell off. and died. im stunned, freaked out. and speechless. will update later.

06 July, 2009

so long, so long.

music : Yume no Tsubomi - Remioromen
mood : excited jugak la. boring tho

hais, long time no update. haha. i updated it coz dah masuk UTM balik. orz
so here comes the boring-er life. more boring-er than before! why? well. now its officially only 10 ppl in my course. yep. 2DDZ cuma ada 10 orang. 10 PEOPLE FOR GAWD SAKE. ape yang nak dilihat dengan 10 orang je? balik2 muke same. well its not like im saying that 10 orang yg membosankan, tapi lagi membosankan dari then previously 19 people, last sem.

so now, the survivors is Burn, Adib, Dekan, Me, Didi, Nazrul, Dila, Izzaty, Qiba, and Fiqa. 6 guys 4 girls. well the only good thing happens is, JUNIOR! yay-ness! banyak girls yg cute xD some good looking, ade gak yang sombong-looking, so yeaahh. and guys. well. muke bebaik. ade gak muke skema. ade gak muke samseng. haha. well to sum up, 1DDZ 2009/2010 is 29. (x termasuk 2nd intake >_>) punyaaa la ghamai manusia. huih. bole buli senior la derang ni. D:

well tu kampus. now to the kolej life. pak guard is so shite. shite shite shite. mengade2. i tell you guys bout out new pak guard. yesterday me, bob and raf pegi anta my stuff at my room. nak masuk kolej tu, as usual, i flash my matrix card, but the pak guard suruh bawak turun tingkap. he took the matrix card and ask me,
"Sekarang ni tahun 2 sem 1 la kan?" I nod. then dia cakap
" Bagus, bagus. Tapi kan, tali dah ade, cume awak x reti menggunakan nya. " =_=; so i replied
"Em, nnt saya pakai." Coldly. tch. kecoh ah. then dia usha2 jap, pastu
"Emm.. rambut awak ni, agak -" "Xpe, nnt saye potong sket kat blakang tu. anything else?" slambe je aku potong.
"oh, jalan, jalan. "
and denga cte ade budak kene saman sebab cume tunjuk je kad matriks, x gantung. wtf? 25 ringgit do. byk tuu. haiyo. dulu tunjuk je, jalan. sng.

well enough about my college + campus life. to my holidays

SANGAT PUAS HATI. i mean, xla puas hati sangat. rasa malas sgt nak masuk college life balik. dah le ppl reduced to 10 ppl. hais.

pegi tgk Transformers tgah2 malam bute. xDDD got some fight with rafique, well, malas nak detail, but enough to make me scream at the middle of KL-PUTRAJAYA highway xDD turun kereta, ajak bob turun, then scream like hell xDD sampai hilang sore u.u; but agak sedih. well anyhow. malam tu kat pavvy ade jumpe lambo! x3 so i dared bob,
"Bob, pegi mintak izin tgkp gamba lambo tu." and he cooly walk and ask his permission
"Well why not! Go on, take ur time!" OMGGGGGG. so ktorang pun tgkp2 le gamba xDD then AWESOMELY, the owner said
"Bukak la pintu tu, jgn malu2" I almost CANT BELIEVE MY EARS XDDD so ktorang (me and bob) tried to bukak the door

"eh bob, x leh pun bukak."
"dh ah kau kecik, tepi ah.

eh, x leh bukak ah"

"Tak boleh bukak ke? jap eh" The owner, pergi kat pintu tu and slowly bukak the door
"Kenapa amik this side? amik la the driver side~"
"Er, xpe la, kat sini pun jadi la" u.u;

memang la xboleh bukak pintu, tangan menggeletar kot xDDD
and everything went back to normal. so that is one of those amazing nights xP

next is on 2nd July, Rafique tanya about that saturday, 4th july, whether im free or not, i said, sure, why?
"Nak buat bday party sof, Im ajak"
oh okaay. jum jum jum

and later Friday, everything macam x jadik. so I persuade suruh go on jugak, bile lagi nak buat, even sue and bob nak datang. And Raf pun setelah satu petang aku bebel die, suruh Im go on jugak.

So that Saturday, ktorang meet at Secret Recipe Rawang at 8.40 pm, sambil tunggu "main course", Sofhatun Nur. XD then I tot about one thing. kalau kite lepak kat dalam, tunggu Sof masuk, x surprise laarrrr. So I told Sue, and Im suruh keluar dulu, menyorok mane2 dulu, tunggu Sof datang (Mak die hanta, subahat ngan ktorang xD) and surprise her.

Sof masuk, tgah2 pilih kek tu. then..
1,2,3 Happy Bday to youu~~

Sof muke xleh blah. muke WTH. xD
egt x jadi dah. pastu slowly muke tu berubah.
jadi muke ;_;
then T.T
then TTOTT

memang menangis gile2 la! XD
rase bersalah but yeah. dh buat dh pun. xD so duduk je, tunggu sof sme duduk, then tgk ape jadi. later sambil tunggu tu order la makanan, and snap some pictures xP later we went to runah sof untuk makan kek. and the surprise party dragging till 12 am xD besoknye diuploadkan lah sme gambar2 tu, and mostly Raf and Im dapat credit. well thanks to them la everything went okay and menjadi. and raf saying that dia lah yg buat sof menangis, and dialah yg buat surprise tu btol2 jadi. well kalau tunggu kat dlam SR tu xde la sampai sof menangis kot, but well, im just another random person thinking some random stuff and saying my idea, other ppl got the credit. well its not like i care sooo much bout that, just my rants xD

i don't care as long as people having that much fun. i don't care if im being credited, its not like i do that for the sake of *look, aizat yg buat ni. hebat la aizat! u are so awesome!* and stuff. i did it for my friends, biar have fun. kalau x pi buat malam tu (the original plan was doing it like, 2 weeks after her bday, WTF?) and kalau i x persuade Raf suruh buat that night, memang.. fill in the blank xD well ignore this part people xDD this is just some random thoughts.

oh and my lappie dh start buat prob. cannot read dvd/cd U_U baru beli balik dvd HIStory MJ.

oh and yeah. Micheal Jackson. addcited since 4y.o kot. hahaha. tgk TAPE HIStory die tu everytime balik kampung XD. now that hes gone baru sme org cari2 balik. well including me. haha. so rest in peace. may Allah bless you.

18 June, 2009

tag dari sesumpah hijau.

aku actually dh masuk phase dimane aku jd sgt malas. orz

Format Tag ini adalah seperti berikut::

1)[printscreen] *current* wallpaper -- jz a simple press of fn+prt sc
2)REASONS why do u like/adore/cherish d dindingkertas ???
3)tag 10 people
4)tekan publish post


okay, so ni la die.



- wuhu. behold. this is my Unicorn Gundam wallpaper. :D eventho its not in its destroy mode, its really something for me. and look at the main char. no moar jambu2 pepol. xDD

- and Chrome pwnd all browsers.

*and my wallpaper always changes from time to time. u_u*

PART 3: TAG 10 PEPOL. emm.

i) burn baby burn
ii) jieba jiebut gendut
iii) salleh razak
iv) ilif <- wt.. f?
v) aqira tomato
vi) acap
vii) dora the demented
viii) sarina si sar-ung
ix) sue-obaasan
x) err. random person reading this blog? u_u

thats all pepol.

12 June, 2009

music and lyrics

mood : like always, bored.
music: Silent Is Easy - Starsailor

haha. i made some lyric. wanna see? its superbly done. xP

One Tonight

I don't need all the things
I'd rather live with nothing
I even don't mind not to go to Avenged Sevenfold concert
Or having the chance to be a team mate with Wazza~
'Cause I only been dreaming
Of dreaming and loving

Tonight I'll be with you
We'll be together no matter what
Even all those b****** there to stop us
We'll make it through together!!

The night when I found you
At the lake, at the concert
I don't need to watch the Children of Bodom concert
Or having the chance to date Maya Karin~
'Cause I only been dreaming
Of dreaming and loving..

Tonight I'll be with you
We'll be together no matter what
With or without PS3 or PSP-GO
We'll make it through together!!

Yes it's true I spent the other night with Kancil
But believe me, neither Kancil or Savvy is good enough for you!

Tonight I'll be with you
We'll breakthrough the starry night
To Side-6 or Lunar, I don't mind
We'll make it together forever!!

And even 1 on 1 with a Level 25 Motred the Phantom Assassin,
As long as we stay together,
Even Char Aznable is an absolute noob in front of us
Those enemy of us, whoever that'll stop us,
We'll annihilate, assassinate, eliminate!!!

[Guitar solo by Alexi Laiho + Snyster Gates]

I need you..
We'll be as one..
Tonight.. [Backup singer: Ohh~ ohh~]

[A 3 second drum solo]


Oh UNICORN GUNDAM, I need you..
We are one, tonight..


hah. how awesome was that? XDD
i even shed tears of manliness when i wrote the lyrics ;_;
actually i don't have any idea what to write u.u;
so don't blame me Intan, sape suh kau suh aku cpat2 update u_u

anyway, the outing on this Sunday is postponed to next Sunday.
haih, sof, sue and ariffin is kinda busy
Rafique too, just finished his final
so yeah.
nvm, im still looking foward this 21st! XD

other than that hmm..
Intan is planning for a outing in PD next sem
blom bukak sem dh ajak gi PD =_=
die baru realize yg PD tu actually bersih xDD
dh bgtau dh kat Jieba, tapi drang xmo caye.
well, w/e it is, mane2 pun, aku x kesah, janji dpat kluar :D
haha XD

and oh yeah.
SAF, GO BUY RIBERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

football today is so awesome. u_u;

31 May, 2009

ia datang.

mood : bosan
music : Icky Thumb - White Stripes

aku sebenarnye
- dah bosan giler. walau baru sehari lengkap duduk dekat rumah.
- memiliki perangai yg srys pelik

macam mana tu?
- ye lah, aku suke buat gile. lagi gile, lagi suke.
- ok ok meh aku explain. kalau kite keluar reramai, aku suke buat smthng yg gile, yg xpernah org buat

- latest, jalan kaki non-stop dari pavvy ke kolej

lain? yg simple2 sket?
- tgkp gamba. haa. ni mmg special sket. kalau boleh merata nk tgkp. lg2 kalau keluar ngan member. kalau boleh nak je brenti tepi hiway tgkp gamba

erk. tak segan ke?
- hmm. tu yg aku ckp, aku x rase cmtu. best pe aku rase. cth tgkp gmbar kat tga2 hiway. sape leh buat?
- tak pun tgkp gamba dekat tmpat yg semua org asik usha. slambe la. bes weh. loncat kat tga2 public ke.

mmg kau pelik.
- of course. ni la tujuan aku post kali ni. lagi gila lagi aku suka.
- agaknye sbb kat rumah aku depressed kot. depressed sgt. smpai bila kluaq ngan member2, aku jadi hyper
- mcm haritu. yg outing kat pavvy aritu. start pkul 9 malam tu aku dh hyper. rase best jd annoying. wktu tu la. hyper smpai kol 1pg. wktu nk tgk terminator. terus tetibe sengap. izzaty dh pelik hahaha

lagi aktiviti pelik?
- err. panjat bumbung rumah. pengaruh doraemon (tade kene mengene ngan Dora the Demented) kot. baring2 atas bumbung rumah. then panjat bukit blakang rumah.
- pernah baring kat tga2 jalan?
- meloncat2 kat tga2 sopping mall. haha
- pendek kate aku ni takleh duduk diam. ade je bende nak buat

- oh ade tapi. haha. sbb aku anak Dr Ahmad Zaki Ismail, aku xleh buat bende sesuki, sesedap vanilla coke + dominos pizza. atau carls jr.
- pernah skali aku drive, potong ikut sblah kiri, ade polis ikut blakang aku rupenye. die boleh lak rakam video nak send kat papa. mane tak gile tu.
- pantang keluar mane2, aritu sem1 habis je final lepak kat TS. suddenly dpat kol dari papa, sambil jerit2 aizat dekat mana? ada kawan papa nampak aizat keluaq, etc etc.
- kat sekolah aku takleh buat gila do.
i) SERATAS - sbb aku student baru. org suke sket tgk slack student baru ni. salah sket kene le cop ke ape ke
ii) SMKTD - sbb papa YDP PIBG orzzz. nakal sket kene report ahh. smpai ade cikgu cop aku trouble maker. hahaha. kene tuang air kat lam lab ngan Puan Jaspal sbb aku hyper gile haritu. lari lari non stop. srys segan. haha
- tapi kat SERATAS aku jadi.. baik? x menonjol la. x hyper. x gile2. cit. sape yg kenal aku sure tau cmne pelik nye aku bile aku hyper.
- agaknye sebab depressi kot.
- selalu gak la aku balik rumah, sendiri. sorg2. aku akui, aku rindu parents aku. cume paham ler. bz kan. de meeting sane sini. ni yg aku xpham. nape aku balik jugak walau aku tau derang takdak kat umah? haih.

oops. lari soklan. ahaha. next benda pelik dari kau?
- haha. sorry spam lak. XD next is.. lagu.
- aku dengar semua. srys. rock kapak, scorpion. heavy metal, aku dga. thrash + death metal, children of bodom, dga gak. funk, dengar gak. kekadang dga gak lagu Daft Punk. lawak seh. next is J-pop. Muramasa ☆, remioromen, etc etc. bes ape. next is jazz. soul. sheila majid and so on. acoustic, pop, mcm taylor swift <- NOTTTT. mcm yuna, maleena, remioromen, ana raffali.

hooo. thats all fer today. thank you sbb jawab dgn ikhlas.
- no prob. see u later bile bosan. hahaha

30 May, 2009

penat? no. its AWESOME!!!! XDD

mood: hyper! gagaga XDD
music: Moratorium - Remioromen

okie. i admit. mebe penat. tapi one thing fosho.

okok. lets start with a storylike post. :D
and it will be in malay, coz i like writing in malay :DDD

knock knock knock~

"hoh, sape lak ni, tga shiok tidoq ni." bebel aku sambil membukak pintu. Timy dengan senyuman di muka memberitahu supaya bersiap segera. by 8.30 kami akan bertolak ke Time Square.

"ehhh?? Jadi ke? Bukan tak ke. Pompuan2 course kite tu takkan nak kuar memlm bute?"

"tahh. ni pun DATINNONAJIEBAJIEBUT yg ajak. aku follo je" balas Timy

grrr. dh la penat main bola tadi tak hilang lagi. baru tutup mate 5 saat cmtu je.

"Padan muke, tadi pas men bola x tdo lagi. aku dah cakap, Barca mng punye!" Timy seolah2 dpat membaca air muke aku. Demmit. Barcelona mng. well. AT LEAST MANCHESTER UNITED DAPAT MASUK FINAL. dan tadi aku gayut dengan die jap. er. lame gak ah.

"EHH??? Kite je ke yg tinggal?" CK mulakan perbualan
"Yelah! Kami je! Penat kitorang tunggu kau, make up cam Timy! Cam perempuan. Aduss." Keluh aku.
"Choi! Senonoh skett. Takpe, kte naik teksi direct ke Time Square. Sampai kat sane, baru kite bincang ape nak buat, sbb budak2 DDC pun pegi" Balas Timy
"Huh? Egt outing course kite je (DDZ) asal DDC pun de?" CK replied

Namun kami semua diam. Ape salahnye? Last outing lagipun.

Dan kami sampai. Berkumpul di Ampang Bowling Centre.

"Jum." Aku menegur Intan
"Jum ape?" Balas Intan, simple.
"O jus. Sape mng die banje bowling."
"EHHH. Lagi sekali wehh" Intan x puas hati
"ok ok"
...YAAYYYY!! Aku sedikit terloncat,
"Wey Tan, aku segan do, kalau ye pun toksah ah baring kat ctu" Tegor Datin NonaJieba
"Thank you Tan~ " lalu aku berlalu dari situ. sambil gelak evil.

"Sepul, kau tau tak?" Jieba mule menanyekan soalan2 pelik die
"Tau ape?" Aku layan je
"Tadi aku nak cucuk duit, nk bwak kuar RM30 ah"
"Then? Tertekan lebih 0?"
"Ha ah."
"Ok le tu, meh banje dominos"
"aku tinggal lagi 200 kat kolej, sbb takut bwk duit bebyk"
.. =_= then whats the point in telling me OTL

Well towards the end of the bowling game baru aku dapat 9, 9, 8 pin fall. demmit. sal lambat sgt naik. egt nak main 2nd game, tapi Joe Ee menolak. dem.

"ape lagi jieba."
"Jum main fusbol."
WAH. bes bes


"dan hantaran dari Van der Sar kepada Defender Vidic, crossing kepada Frank Lampard, Rembatan kencang terkena kaki Drogba lalu GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!" Kami terloncat lalu hi10. Gabungan Manchester United (aku) bhagian def dan Chelsea (jieba) di bhagian attack menunjukkan keserasian terbaaiiikk. dan Faiz a.k.a Burn dan Qieba tertunduk tande kalah. HARHARHAR

"One Double Cheeseburger, Mc Value Meal please. Regular, take away." Pesan aku
"Pasni nak main ape lagi?" Tanye aku sambil meneguk air. Jam menunjukkan pukul 11.00 malam. Kalau balik ni sempat lagi nak masuk kolej, as pintu tutup pukul 12.00

"Alaa. takkan balik dah.." Dila mengeluh. "Baru nak enjoyyy.."
"Erm, movie nak?" Aku suggest. Actually aku gurau je. Gile ape bdak2 ni nak tgk movie tga tga malam
"Eh nak nak naakk" Joe Ee separa jerit. er, aku agak tergamam. KAWAAAIIII u///////////u
"tapi, budak2 lain cmne?" Aku x puas hati. dh la smlm x tdo.
"ktorang okay jeer." Dila dan Izzaty menggaguk.

OMG. damn.

"So nak tengok mane ni?" Timy mula bertanye kat sme org.

OMG. (lagi) GILE.

"Ish budak2 ni.. Cakap nak tgk muvi, tapi jalan-jalan sikit, stop jap tgkp gamba. " Tegur Faiz/Burn. Burn ni, org die agak direct. Die mcm abg kami. Sgt tegas. Dan ayat yg superb ly pedas. Kami panggil org tue sbb tu la. Dan die SEJARAHWAN. Sejarah die sgt SUPERB. Lupe lak. die cicit Naning kot.

"Ha ah, aku stuju burn!" aku menggangguk mengiyakan
"Diam ah, kau pun yg tertinggal kat blakang ngan jieba, asik tgkp gamba je korg nih" Burn meneruskan ayat sambil sengeh2 kambing die dan gelak2 sambil debik debik blakang aku

dan kami berjalan kaki ke Pavillion.

"Movie pukul 1 nnt. nak pegi mane dulu?" Mula Jieba. Aku lihat jam di hp. Baru pukul 12.00!
"Makan la, ade bdak2 xmkan lagi" Suggest Tan. die mmg. makan laju je Intan.
"Then jum kite gi Bintang Walk lagi, cari makan."


"Eh, ne bdak2 lain?"
"Derang gi McDonald kot" Saleh, si suami Intan berkata2. Tinggal kami berlima. Timy, Jieba, Intan, Saleh, aku. ni dah pegi mane ni. makan mane la derang ni.
"Takpe la, aku gi McD je ahh" Aku bersuara lalu menghilangkan diri

Kami lepak lepak di McD sambil menunggu pukul 12.45

"Eh Joe Ee! Buat ape tu?" Izzaty separuh menjerit. Aku melihat. dan aku ternampak. Joe Ee dgn muke blur die sambil menuangkan salt ke dalam Coke die. Gilo pempuan ni.

tapi kawaaiii u/////////////u

"Korang x pnah buat eh?" Dgn muke blur Joe Ee bertanyekan ktorang lalu menghirup Coke tersebut.
"Nah" Die menghulurkan kat aku. Dan seraya itu aku menghirup. Rase tawar2 sikit. Tapi sdap gak ahhh. Menarik. ahahaha.


Kami memilih untuk menonton Terminator Salvation.

"Ala bang, jgn la potong k?" Intan merayu
"Boleh la, bukan slalu pun kan?" Jieba sambung
"Boleh laaaa" Budak2 blakang sambung.
"Yelah2! Jgn tunjuk kat org lain tauu!" Abg tiket tu x jdi potong tiket tu. Ne tak nye, dekat 14 org ade, mmg la payah sket.
Lalu Jieba menggambil itu tiket dan sambil naik eskelator,
"Saiful cepat la tgkp gamba!"


Abg Tiket tu dh glabah gile dh

Joe Ee tertidur. Giler. dgn bunyi die yg sungguh awesome. mcm betul2 kat dpan ktorg je T-600 tu tembak gune gatling gun. cam ne la die tetido. Dan Joe Ee tetibe tekejut time T-800 keluar. Lagi terkejut org2 kat sebelah die. Didi dgn Sanggeetha ckap timing die mmg tepat. org terkejut tgk T-800 tu, derang tekejut tgk Joe Ee

"Okay, sekarang nak gi mane pulak"
"Dh pukul 3 dh. Nak balik kolej x smpat dh. Jum kte lepak hotel lak" Jieba suggest. Timy ok jer.
GILE! Takmo aku! Tapi "Tune hotel ade gak. kat jugak la" Explain aku. eh. bukan aku ke yg tanak pi. haha xP

"Kite jalan kaki. Balik kolej." Burn bagi suggestion yg amat power. Mmg terbaik. Well seb baik aku tau jalan2 + short cut.

dan kami berjalan. jalan2 smpai depan KLCC. Betul2 depan KLCC. Lepak jap. Jalan2 lagi. Dan akhirnya sampai around 5.30 dekat kolej. Nak naik bas pukul 7. huh.

tak tido lagi la aku jawab nye. =_=


Sangeetha, Intan, Timy, Me, and Joe Ee

pics nnt aku upload eh Jieba? XD
untuk gamba2 serta side story sile melawat jiebajiebut.blogspot.com serta 6hundredsixty-six.blogspot.com eh? XD

roti -terbakar

29 May, 2009

tag by datin nona jibut

1)Bekas kekasih saya adalah..
nokia n70. telah dicuri org. grr.

2)Saya sedang mendengar..
remioromen - kami fubuki

3)Mungkin saya patut..
kuak lentang atas katil secepat mungkin

4)Saya suka...
keluar ngan kawan2 saya

5)Sahabat-sahabat saya...
terbaaaiiiikk. (faiz, gile direct kau u_u)

6)Saya tak paham..
kenape kitorang leh wandering dkat klcc pukul 3.30 pg td. orrzzzz

7)Saya kehilangan..
hp nokia n70 ku. grr

8)Ramai yang berkata..
bahawa datin jieba ade utang ngan aku. pe lagi, dominos ne?

10)Cinta itu adalah..
cinta =/= burn. xleh bygkan do.

11)Di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang...
main rock legend. (salleh)

12)Saya akan cuba..
lebih terator? cari lagi byk duit. yepp.

13)Ayat SELAMANYA membawa maksud..
zutto. in japanese

14)Telefon bimbit saya..
er hp ni pelik gle nak gune. half-touch screen zz. tapi kamera die bes! XD

15)Bile saya terjaga..
saye akan tdgar lagu2 dari lappie (xtutup media player XD)

16)Saya paling meluat..
bile keluar ngan member tapi xde duit. im broke orz

17)Pesta/parti adalah..
er, party?

18)Haiwan yang paling comel penah saya temui..
guinea pig? hamster kot. rasenye simba lagi comel u///u

19)Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan saya ialah..
kanak2 rebina

20)Hari ini..
mengantok sbb semalam berjalan kaki dari pavillion smpai kolej. orz smpai pkul 5.30, kelas pukul 8 orzzz

21)Malam ini saya akan..
dota kot. tah ler. tido mebe.

22)Esok pula saya akan..
keluar gi panjat bukit bersama2 sof, sue, raf, bob, etc etc u_u

23)Saya betul2 inginkan..
account bank tetibe ade RM 1 000 000.

24)Ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini..
too mamai to notice orz

25)Pusat membeli belah atau arked permainan..
arcade. shopping sucks.

26)Makanan barat atau jepun..

27)Bilik yang terang atau gelap..
terang. lgi sng tdo.

28)Makanan segera adalah...
dominos. ade org nak banje dominos~

29)Ayat terakhir yang anda telah katakan pada seseorang..
weh, udah2 le men rock legend. linux weh. kate aku kepade yusman

30)Siapa yang anda ingin tag..
dan sesapa yg bace. thanks~

21 May, 2009

The Beautiful Letdown

mood: hawt
music: A Daily Anthem - David Cook

which is more frustrating? waiting for a cab that never come or
waiting for a friend, that eventually decided not to go to class?
the answer is BOTH.

well i guess u guys can guess what actually happened this morning
i woke up late, (for the first time) around 8.15 am. 
and by the time jumped out from my bed
bus gerak de. lol nvm, timy brought his car. plus he usually woke up late, too.
(door locked). damn u timy. why of all morning, today u woke up damn early??!
well nvm then, didi surely x gerak lagi, or so i think
and i guess right, he called me and said that he saw me going out from my room
and ask me to wait for him
when i said cepat sikit, he replied
"ala rilek la awal lagiii.."
... kau tak mandi lagi?
"jap jerrr"
wtfuad? (datin nona, pinjam jap xD)
so i wait and wait and wait
and a cab stop by, offered me a ride
of course, i rejected, didi punya pasal. zzz
so i sat at a bench near the pakgad house
and wait and wait and wait
till i fell asleep.  :DDDD
but it just last a moment D:
alyaa came and woke me up
shes crazy.
"saiful! kau pegi naik ape?"
err. teksi la kot
"takpe la, meh naik ngan aku, kakak aku ambik aku"
er jap, tga tunggu didi
"er, xpe ah then"
dan die terus berlalu.
.... D:
at least cakap la suruh die (didi) cepat siket ker
bukan just, walkaway cmtu. DDD:
so i wait and wait and wait
then didi called me. :D
(egt nak tanye aku kat ne)
but he calmly said
"epul, kau gerak dulu la"
"er, kad matrik aku ilang. malas la nak pegi"
... manade pak gad check
"haha xpe ah, kau gerak ah dulu. malas la nak pegi."

and so i wait and wait and wait for a cab to stop
but well, dah tade teksi 

but luckily, that 0815 bus just now, 
datang kembali
and now its 0910. D:

17 May, 2009


im playing Sangatsu Kokonoka by Remioromen over and over again. i never tired of this song. neither does Konayuki by Remioromen. addicted, maybe. eventho its a very old, lame song. haih. what is happening to me?


yea, its been such a looongg time since my last post. today i want to talk about friends. look, friends is such a simple word. people will always have friends. u have urs, i have mine. maybe even we share friends. friends for me is, someone u know. u recognised. u know him/her. how she looks like.

that is friend. now lets move to the next one. best friends. tomodachi. sahabat. migliori amici. etc etc. this one, is special. i define it as someone u never asked for to be one, someone u never know he/she will be ur best friends.

.. let just, cut the crap?

urgh. hey you. even if ure not reading this post, im telling ya, w/e happens, i dont feel good when my friends are not happy. just in case u don't know, im the kind of guy who will always look after friends. thats just me. u can say im a busybody fella, nvm that, but kalau ade ape2 tu, bgtau jela. we are friends, right? i expect that to last at least until the day i die if its not forever.

.. nvm those craps, here is the song and the lyrics for sangatsu kokonoka by remioromen


nagareru kisetsu no mannaka de
futo hi no nagasa wo kanjimasu
sewashiku sugiru hibi no naka ni
watashi to anata de yume wo egaku

sangatsu no kaze ni omoi wo nosete
sakura no tsubomi wa haru e to tsudzukimasu
afuredasu hikari no tsubu ga
sukoshizutsu asa wo atatamemasu
ookina akubi wo shita ato ni
sukoshi tereteru anata no yoko de

arata na sekai no iriguchi ni tachi
kidzuita koto wa hitori ja nai tte koto

hitomi wo tojireba anata ga
mabuta no ura ni iru koto de
dore hodo tsuyoku nareta deshou
anata ni totte watashi mo, sou de aritai…

suna bokori hakobu tsumoji kaze
sentakumono ni karamarimasu ga
hiru mae no sora no shiroi tsuki wa
nanda ka kirei de mitoremashita

umaku wa ikanu koto mo aru keredo
ten wo oogeba sore sae chiisakute

umaku wa ikanu koto mo aru keredo
ten wo oogeba sore sae chiisakute

aoi sora wa rin to sunde
hitsuji kumo wa shizuka ni yureru
hana saku wo matsu yorokobi wo
wakachi aeru no de areba, sore wa shiawase

kono saki mo tonari de, sotto hohoende…

hitomi wo tojireba anata ga
mabuta no ura ni iru koto de
dore hodo tsuyoku nareta deshou
anata ni totte watashi mo, sou de aritai…


in the midst of flowing seasons,
I suddenly feel the length of the days
in the midst of passing restless days,
you and I are painting our dreams

place our feelings in the wind of March
where the sakura blossoms are going towards spring

grains of light are overflowing,
bit by bit, starting to warm the morning
and after a big yawn,
i’m feeling a bit awkward by your side

standing at the door to a new world,
what I realized is that I’m not alone

if i close my eyes, you are
always behind my eyelids
isn’t that what made me stronger?
I, too, want to be like that for you…

the dust-carrying whirlwinds
are entangling the laundry
but the white moon before the noon sky
was so beautiful that I’m fascinated

there are things that didn’t go well, but
compared to the sky, they seem so small

the blue sky, by the moment
the fluffy clouds are swaying quietly
the pleasure of waiting for the blooming petals,
if we can share it, then that’s a blessing

from now on, smile gently beside me…

if i close my eyes, you are
always behind my eyelids
isn’t that what made me stronger?
I, too, want to be like that for you.

//this song is written by fujimaki Ryota for his friend's weds. isnt that awesome? anyone who is marrying on March 9, i'll sing this song fer ya.

kidding, i noe i cant sing at all XDDD//

anyways, sesiape yg nk tau (+ rajin gile) pe yg aku tulis kat atas tu, feel free to search and translate at ur own will~  :D