18 November, 2009


wooh yesterday was a veerryy tiring day. :D
went to Taiping after 2 years. well it's kinda long period y'know.
went there to pick up my SPM cert.
went there by car. 8D

woke up late at 6.45 am orz. Promised Arif Shah I'll be at OU at 6.30 OTL well it's because I cannot sleep, again orz. Then at 4 I decided to 'be with Lunesta' again xD so yeaah. Anyway we decided to meet up at Restoran Jejantas Sg Buloh, so we ber'gerak' at 7.30. At when Arif said, jum gerak, I was like *shaking my hands and body in a sotong like manner 8D* which remind me of Burn and Adib xD

His mother was the driver, and he was the co-driver. I felt nauseous, really, when his mother drive. TBH, I have a "no, don't-drive-slowly-or-I'll-get-dizzy" kinda disease. And I felt like throwing up except I strongly tahan 8D

Later at Tapah Arif drive. Me, Fareha and Arif talked a lot about teachers, and school, yeah, we really miss SERATAS. Even though it's hard to admit, but yeaahh. And still Arif drive slowly orz so I decided to sleep. 8DDDD

Woke up at Changkat Jering, and saw Fareha also sleeping. xD Then when she woke up we chat a lil bit, and Arif's mom told us that Haji Jamaluddin is the one that persuaded Arif to stay at SERATAS, and Arif was crying, dunwan to go. We laughed like hell! Arif of course, denies it well.

Bila sampai, pergh. Dah x nampak mcm SERATAS sgt dah. All sorts of building tumbuh macam cendawan lepas hujan. Well I thought only Aspuri building got +2, but at basketball court also now they constructing academic building. And there's a new Makmal Computer building too! The Dewan Besar now air-cond-ed, got wifi, and a looooot of new things! Well it maybe because we are now Sekolah Klustur or stuff, and I heard that it's gonna be upgraded into *whatever* Sekolah, considering the budget for Sekolah Klustur is about 500k, while this new *whatever* Sekolah budget is around 700k. Dammit! Why everything is happening at SERATAS when we all left it already? Siod.

And we met some teachers. Madam Lee, she remember me, my name! 8D, Mr Potato the first teacher we saw, Mr Nazrul, who teaches me Math, and I kinda blame him for I believe he is the reason my result for Math dropped 8D Mr Goh sadly, retired. I'm so wanna see him. Dx Cik Puan Syahiza Abas, mengandung lol. Baru nak panggil Cik Syahiza then saw her belly I was like Cik- - - gu! xD And she remembered me as well! Waw xD Cikgu Hamidi still the same, lawak gile, and kinda sarcastic lol.

And a loooot of juniors remember us t.t I was so terharu hahahaha. Madena tegor Arif, and some girls "Eh, akak Farehaaaa" and we was like having fun. lol. Went lurking at form 5 class when we went at 5K. there Fareha meet up with his juniors, again, so does Arif. I.. did not have a very good relationship with that batch actually 8D but they still remember me, and went out to greet me. And asking me, "Abg Saiful, egt tak perempuan tu?" and I saw a girl jap tunjuk muka, jap hide herself. I was like, what the .. err. tak? "Oh yeke" That guy was like dissapointed. Hey don't blame me! I don't even recognize all my batch friends okay! D: *And that girl was kinda cute, too. Shit.* Anyway. they having SPM tomorrow *which is today* and we dun wanna kacau them so much. After that we went home.

Bila dekat Tapah baru Acap msg tanya korg katne because he just went back from jalan2 with his opah lol xD And Dodol called me ajak pegi ambik sijil I was like wtf ktorang dah dekat tapah lol bukan nak bgtau awal2. haha. Anyway, I don't spend a single ringgit on that trip yay only spend RM 16 for BR's milkshake lol.

So. End. 8D

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