28 April, 2010

changing season

have you ever had someone that always be with you?
no matter how unlucky you are
no matter how grumpy your mood is
that person will always be there for you?

have you ever heard someone that wont leave the people they care alone?
no matter how pathetic we are
no matter whatever we'll say?
they'll ignore and just, be there.

eventhough we are totally different
different world
different life
different surrounding
different friend
this unfair world

and with those sinister eyes
that will see whatever you do is like a sin
that glare that will pierced right through your heart

no matter how hard the time is
no matter how painful the life you're going through
eventhough we rejected them
saying those cold words that will make even best friends disappear?

are they some kind of idiot?
i am
exactly what they say
a rascal
a good for nothing
a trouble-maker

"Why wouldn't you leave me?"

Well have you ever had someone that will stick with you through everything?
That will always smile for you
Cheer you up
Saying everything will be fine

If you had,
you know what is like when they're gone
either turn into someone you didn't even know
those smiles are not meant for you anymore

what is like when they leave us
eventhough we don't want to be separated
eventhough we promised to see again next time
That autumn will never be the same again

If you having it,
what more can I say?
just enjoy your time, just appreciate whatever you're doing together
don't even bother to read this kind of crap
the crap of someone who
trying to stay with the summer
hoping impossible, possible
stopping leaves from falling down the trees.

every year.

27 April, 2010

A Daily Routine

It's been almost 20 days since the last time I've updated this blog. Almost a month if you don't count the tag tho. As most of you guys know right now, I'm currently on holiday. Yay? Not so. Everyone seems to be really busy with their final, their love life, their works, and students life. Hm so hows my life?

To be honest, the only time I look forward every working day is at 12.30 am. It's the busiest time of the day for me, and the most anticipated time for me, because it's the only time I'm 'not alone'. Out of the hole. The loneliness thingy. How?

By fetching my onee-san from her work. It's a daily routine. I don't need gaji to pick her up. Helping my dad is one, but most of all, it's the pleasure, the adrenalin, the feeling someone is with you at that moment.

Weird? How come?

Start the engine car, switch on the light, the spotlight, check the high beam, adjust the side mirror, on the air-cond, switch on the radio, make sure it's channel 6 - Red FM. Starting 11 till 1, its the love zone. LOL. Same goes to Lite FM. Love Zone jugak. Sounds desperate. Heh. Anyway. Hit the pedal, slowly. Relax, banyak lagi time till 1. Lalu depan guard, wave hand, god, he smiles smpai ke telinge ape? Stop by at Shell, isi minyak RM50, nt claim kakak. Kalau x isi, cuci cermin, bagi squeaky clean, crystal clear. Oh don't forgot the smart tag.

Start hitting the pedal after the smart tag, slowly till reach the lowest ever possible speed at highway, 100 km/h. Waiting, patiently. Suddenly saw a xenon-lighted car, possibly at 140, no, 160 running. Here we go darl. Hit the pedal, and start to catching up the car, usually at Rawang-Shah Alam highway, the Guthrie Corridor Expressway. Drafting the usually Camry, sometimes a Merc, or BMW 5 series, sometimes Waja, or Wira, if unlucky, you'll end up with Myvi. After the exit to GCE, it's a straight stretch, with awfully lots of car at fast lane. Signal to the left, change lane to the most left lane, usually empty, view is always blocked by lorries and trailers, and started to hit the pedal there, cut to right, don't forget the signal, and to the most right, if a 110 km/h-ish car at the fast lane, use Papa's favorite maneuver, "Don't stay at right lane if there is a car faster than you," and started to himpit till the car went chuak and started to flash high beam. And then, signaled left signal and stay at middle lane to 'show the car if you are faster than me pls go ahead,' wait 5 secs or so, and then start pressing the pedal again.

Lots of car will come out from Sg. Buloh, you don't want to be in the left lane, unless you're fed up with the fast lane. Make sure to be at the fast lane, because lorries will change lane to the middle and probably will halt your smooth journey, or maybe you're chasing a Merc. So right under the RNR Jejantas, a long stretch usually full of fools at fast lane and middle lane, so u might want to change to left lane and potong all the car there and make sure that before the signboard to Klang, Shah Alam, stay on the right if you want to go to KL.

At the 2-lane corner, start to press pedal until the RPM goes 3-4 to gain momentum, because after that, a 50m 4-lane (will change to 3-lane after that tho) will appear and most of the time, the car at the right-lane, as usual, is effing slow. Move to the left, and start to press the pedal. This stretch is my favorite, and the theme song for this stretch is either Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana or Fallback by Oh Chenta Ku. Because this is the stretch that gives advantages to car like Kancil or 206, Kelisa, or Savvy. Make sure to hit 160 km/h right when you started to climb the hill, and start to gain momentum as you went downhill. This is the part where usually the car at right lane is below 160, so the best way to overtake them is by, using my favorite maneuver, the right - middle - left - middle - left - middle - right maneuver. Be careful tho, sometimes lorry will surprisingly be at left lane or middle lane as usual, you don't want to be behind them. Oh and don't forget, signal lads. You can continue this until you reached end of damansara, when you started to climb the hills that went thru another hill, because after that is a plaza tol. Usually people will start to break from here, but I seldomly do that. Just control your pedal and maintain around 110 and everything is alright.

And reach kakak's office around 12.45. Sleep for around 15 mins for the return trip.

That's my daily routine.

07 April, 2010

crap: Tya, you SUCKS.

1) Five names that people call you :
  • Saiful
  • Aizat
  • Pojat *only some people calls me that*
  • Hop
  • ...kecik.

2) Five important dates in your life :
  • 11/08/05
  • 12/03 - dad's bday
  • 12/11 - mom's bday
  • friends and siblings bday
  • 30/02 - xP

3) Five things you have done yesterday :
  • Finished listening to Children Of Bodom "Hatebreeder" album
  • Finished listening to Nirvana Discography
  • PES2010
  • Read *some* database
  • Lunesta FTW.

4) Five ways to be happy :
  • Travel
  • My Kancil is as good as new.
  • Money.
  • Friend and family sihat sejahtera.
  • Erm, eat food? and sleep well :3

5) Five favourite movies :
  • Star Wars Triology
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
  • 500 Days of Summer
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Valkyrie and most WWII war movies.

6) Five favourite hobbies :
  • Reading - yeah, you got that right.
  • Writing - I Write Craps, not Sometimes Tragedy.
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Traveling
  • Driving. okay lah if thats not counted as hobby then Games.

7) Five favourite people :

  • Uh, next?

8) Five favourite places for vacation :
  • Sipadan!
  • Wales
  • Manchester hahahahahaha
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand

9) Five reasons you answer the survey :
  • I'm bored
  • Tya sucks.
  • Database proven very hard to remember.
  • Tya is a loser.
  • It's been a while since I answered a survey?

10) Five persons to tag :
  • maCy
  • mE
  • Amal
  • Burnst3in
  • Ilif

02 April, 2010

I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black

I'm depressed, and kinda trying to hanging there?
Life is never easy, but I hope this is the last time I'll heard this kind of news.
I did hope before, but shit happens, once twice but THRICE.
Actually no. I really hope this is the last.
Frankly, hope, means nothing much at me right now.
I know it sounds pathetic.
I'm sorry I'm pathetic.
But I bet if you guys felt what I feel, be in my shoes instead of yours
I hope you guys feel the same way I do
Because I don't want to go this phase alone.
I suck, right? Selfish bastard.
Memang aku selfish. Aku dah penat.