29 October, 2009

Gruu Gruu. Kukoo kukoo. *yawn*

I know what I'm feeling right now. Nauseous, growling stomach, *gruu gruu gruu* just another symptoms for this insomniac days.

In the end I always woke up late. Not to the point where I missed my paper, no. But late, than what I expect myself to woke up. Felt quite lucky that my first 2 paper is at 2.30 pm.

The last day I have a good sleep is, at Ardi (Vio)'s sister house. Maybe that is also because lack of sleep. Yes, your fault Rahillah, graduation date kau tak kena time.

And my body since Sunday been screaming, yelling, protesting, these restless heart syndrome rubs salt to the wounds. Not to mention the loss at Pool's Anfield.

I wonder if I put all this at my wall complaining these, what will my very good friend comment hm? :)

And exams. Plus assignments. Haa. Nasib datang time-time macam ni. Macam mana pun, I still have to be friend with Yoko Yoko and Eye Mo. or was it Eye More? Feh w/e it is, you guys get the thing right?

Well I just have to stand straight and chin up, like what you usually advised. Senang la cakap. I want some extraordinary ways to overcome this. Suggestion?

I'm looking forward when those ppl from Skudai visit us soon. Yeah, even when you guys janji macam-macam, then kantoi la with pak guard, apelah aku still on okay. Pandai je goreng, kantoi ngan Ikhwan tu, haa. Anyways ape ape pun you guys punya plan, (as long as anybody but you Jieba, yang handle plan tu) Aku dengan confident-nye akan tag along. Bet we'll sure have a fun day. And one day is enough.

Sleep is the best way to escape reality Nooootttt. Reading manga is. Hahaha
Haih. Kenapa la dunia manga sangat unreal eventhough it's based on real life.

And does happy ending really exists? Maybe it just an Okay-lah ending to all misery things that we've been through? Because when we continuing our daily life after going through all sort of troubles, is that really Happy Ending?

Ah and oh yea, Congrats to Aqeela. And Adib. After about 6 months of teka-teki, the blurriness of you guys punya status terjawab. Felt happy yet jealous at the same time. Aaah, so lovey dovey. Damn. Siod ah korang ni. Haha.


"But i've got a life ahead of me, I'm only 22" - I Could Say by Lily Alen

Well I'm not 22 yet but there's more to come. Be it misery or (cross finger) happiness, I'll continue this road. And yes, expect more rants from me after that hahaha.

Tch, Damn la korang, Adib, Aqeela. Jealous siod. Naseb byk pasangan lovey dovey in DDZ/DDC gone to Skudai. Or break up. lol. Xpe2, aku doakan je kebahagiaan korang. Aku memang akan doakan kebahagian orang lain. Haih. Why I'm continuing writing about them? Shite.



04 October, 2009

I Think Because He Saw A P.

music : Christian's Inferno -Green Day

This Diabolic State Is Gracing My Existence
Like A Catasrophic Baby

there was this 3 person. 3 angry, unsettled, chaotic person yesterday, at least. And the last one was the worst.

The first person.
Im driving BJP 1111. A red-hot Peugeot 206. And Im doing a U-turn. At Shah Alam's, in front of section 7. Biaselah, after U-turn, you'll be at the slow lane, the left lane right? So I switch to the fast lane, and suddenly there's a weird honk so I look at my right side mirror and saw this motor cyclist trying to stop my car from crashing him? Er. He seems so chuak and certain that I'll hit him. And blame me. I mean wtf, i did give a signal, and I checked before doing a U-turn if there's a car or what. Then only I did a U-turn. He WAS SPEEDING. so who's fault is that? He shud have seen my car doing a U-turn, lagi dia bawak laju. wth man. Adib cakap macam dia nak main tag lol, suruh kejar die pulak.

Then he just pergi mcm tu je. heh. I tot dia akan ke tepi and settle like a man. Kalau langgar dia ke, atau if it's my fault, I'll apologize.

So I went to McD. Ikutkan hati nak je kejar mamat tu, tapi perut tu dah lame buat concerto. So while waiting for a Savvy keluar for parking, then I saw a knock at my door, and noticed that damn bastard knock my car with his hand, and just speed away. THAT IS SO CHILDISH. BE A MAN. Turun settle la kalau die ade masalah sgt. I think because he saw a P. pft.

The 2nd Person.
I mean it. If I'm not a very good driver, not in terms of skill, but in attitude. I have to admit. Yes. I'm a meanie, I'm a jerk. At ppl that is damn stubborn, kiasu, so lan c with their car. Girls, I'm sorry to say, it's hard to find a good driver. I did find girl's bawak laju at fast lane and when I behind her she gave way, etc etc (not to mention she's a beauty too *O*) But sometimes girls tend to be so stubborn, or.. chuak. Panicked when another car cucuk her. well that, i kinda understand. but that's that.

This fella, I've been tailing him in the fast lane since Sg Buloh's RNR. Slowly, this diabolic feeling creeping inside of me. My emotion is taking over my mind. This is just simply because, I think, I kept thinking too many things inside my head, and didnt tell anyone. idk. well anyway while I was tailgating him, I honked, I gave a high beam, I gave the signal, all was left is to langgar the car. and run. This purplish Honda Accord 2003 and my demonic red Peugeot 206 was nearly 150. I can go further, faster. But he just, don't want to give way. Why? You know, this kind of people maybe syiok seeing ppl suffer dekat blakang dia? Who cares. I'm not fucking around. So when I was at the last corner before the Guthrie Highway, I sped my Peugeot and this hellish feeling started following me. A 160 km/h at a turn is something new to me, (at least after my car spun, and that car is that Peugeot.) Went to the most left lane, potong every car in the middle lane, then squeezed myself between the Accord and another car. BMW kot.

I was 75% in front of that Accord, but that car just don't want to give way. He kept to my speed and, there was this innocent car in the middle lane, speeding at 90km/h i think. So what I, to do? Stucked between the mid and the fast lane, the fast lane not giving way, too fast for mid lane? Easy, squeezed between the stupid Accord and the car at the mid lane. IT WAS SO DAMN CLOSE. I can see clearly using side mirror, the Accord just an inch from my car! but I don't care. This demon inside me screaming not to give way. This hellish atmosphere is so thick. I have my own ego. He challenged me.

After potong that car at the mid lane, I switched back to mid lane, then to the left lane, trying to cut all the way thru the ppl yg x paham bahasa at the fast lane, and did that. And guess what, he tailing me now. That Accord bastard. I can see that his wife/girlfriend is babbling, and I can guess what she said. "Enough la! Just stop it!" with that kind of body language. Dude, even ur wifey/gf noe its ur fault. So I went back to mid lane, giving way to that bastard to go first. See. If they want to go faster, go ahead, i don't care. as long as they stay faster than me. But he choose to fuck around me, still tailing me. So I purposedly slow down till 80, bagi dia pissed off. And press the S button on my car, lower down the gear, using it's full potential, turn to right lane and potong the car in front of me. He smoked, but he catch up anyway. And Rawang was like another 500 m? The left lane is empty, only a lorry just another 200 m in front. So I take this opportunity, slow down to 70, and that bastard, did as I planned, go to the left lane, and stuck behind the lorry, as I turned to right lane, lower my gear, pressing the pedal to metal, get to 150 in an instant and squeezed towards Rawang. Lucky it was jammed like hell, so that Accord got stuck like 40 cars behind me? hahaha.

So after toll, otw back, I relax-ly drove my car. and kept thinking about today. Maybe because he saw the P.

And the last of the 3 person, heck. It's ME.

03 October, 2009

this is bullshit.

today just sucks. this is bullshit. i felt annoyed. i hate this feeling. urgh. wtf. idk how else im suppose to go and release this feeling. everything just not right today. why do i have this kind of feeling? i need help. really. wait. i noe who to call. it reaaally helps me during my hard time.

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