26 July, 2009


music : My Morning - Estrella

yay, finally feeling better XD
no more spinning world
and i think im enjoying the world without air cond xDDD
yerrp, right now im enjoying the wind eventho its 2pm, its not hot at all
okay i admit im kinda sweating
but hell, this breeze is making me feels so dem good!
i feel like shleeping zzz
oh yeah about sleeping
im supposed to sleep well this 2 nights
but oh well, kita merancang tuhan menentukan
the first night i almost cannot sleep at all! xD
every one and half hour i woke up. i was freaking-ly annoyed. sial la.
all my joints are aching. it hurts. i cannot sleep in the same pose t.t
for my second night, i cannot sleep at all!
i dnt know what to do, except online. well of course im going to online. who doesnt?
read One Piece
re-read Slam Dunk
re-re-read School Rumble
and re-watch Natsu no Arashi
evntho not as good as SR but yeah
its kinda good for a summer anime
and long time no see animu ;_;
its all because of stupid wifi at my college, and stupid busy busy life
and of course, stupid asaimens u.u
this sem, i only watch 2-3 animu ;_;
Natsu no Arashi, Lucky Star and K-On! u.u

uitm closed lol
so my bro went back home
and i'll drive the NAN 14 to my college x3
im driving it because of my stupid majlis ramas ramah mesra with juniors
kena survey Taman Tasik Perdana, gila xde public kot z_z
so lucky uitm kne tutup
and cuma dapat bawak until weds je v.v
wanted to ask aqira tomato about her Bakat Baru Komik Malaysia thingy
about her storyline
i want to be inside her story 8Db jadi watak picisan pun oke laa
tapi seeing her kinda bz
so.. u_u
going back to Kediaman Siswa Jaya after this
argh. i wan to relax moar. damn. jeles same budak uitm
tapi tapi nnt sept derang xde cuti. :33333
so kinda gembira XD
oh. asaimen pogeming c++
penat penat bawak balik buku c++
tapi x bawak balik soalan die. srupe mcm bwak balik buku ngan soalan tapi x bawak balik lappie
damn how unlucky i yem orz
asaimensss waiting fer me OTL

17 July, 2009

Glory Glory!

going to National Stadium Bukit Jalil
going to see Man Utd training
going to see Rooney *O*
going to see Man Utd vs Malaysia XI
going to see Owen, Valencia and Obertan
maybe Tosic v.v
going to see Rooney score ^O^/
going to see Malaysia kene belasah v.v

excused for the kebakaran thingy for saturday
but still got meeting tonight at 9 t.t
sunday for the kebakaran thingy
and submittion for the activity scheldue on Monday
so yeah.

glory glory Man United. u_u

14 July, 2009

It's Not Easy.

Music : Get Out While You Can - Starsailor

It was Sunday. A typical Sunday, except for a festival that is happening at Cyberjaya, Daicon. Went there by Rafique's car. So at the Daicon, we went hurah this and that, there and here, etc etc. Had fun, and otw back we managed to bash flame kaw kaw. Later Kens and his bro drop me in front of my college so i managed to save some ringgits for the taxi.

Later at 9.30 pm, I went to Burn (Faiz)'s room. He created a football team, consists of our course, DDZ (graphicHolic). I played as DCM :D oh well, I won the first game, using Man Utd of course, with Faiz using the new team, graphicHolic. and FIFA SUCK. I cannot pass through the ball >_> thats my way of playing football, so yeah, I forced to play crossing etc. And the 2nd game, I lose, horribly. Plus I (in the game) scored some more. wtf. 2 goals. haiyo. and we ( Faiz, me and Nazrul his roomate ) laughs a lot. I realised its 1 am already, so I left the room to have some rest. Besok kelas at 10, kena bangun at 8.30 am. =_=

And otw back, I saw something on the badminton court. I kinda suprised, because the first thing in my mind is, someone fell from some random floor. Then when I thought about it for the second time, naaaah. How come. So I walked again, still looking at the body, puzzling. Then I saw a pool of blood beside him. I WAS STUNNED. To the extent where I don't know what to do. Then 3-4 people come rushing down from the upper floor. They told me to call for help. So I remember Faiz, and ran to his room. And i thought, hey, I should call for help. So I yelled 'Ambulans!' and some random person came out from his room.

'Ada orang jatuh'
'Dekat mana?'
'Court' Aku malas nak panjang2. penat. tercungap2 lagi.
'Oh. Ade lagi ke orang main bola memalam camni. Gi la bgtau felo'
'.... D:'
'Dekat court badminton laa.' was my reply. Dalam hati ni, rase nak tenyeh je muke mamat ni dgn sambal belacan
'Eh, srysla'
'...' (Malas nak layan, so I knocked Burn's room)

'Burn, de org jatuh banggunan'
'Katne?' with the WTH face
'Kat court badminton'

Then I ran back at the place where I saw the body. Faiz ikut skali, with the towel lol wth. The body's still there, just the same as it was just now. Only some ppl start coming there. 3-4 people. I think. Then I don't know what to do. srysly, I felt, nauseous, when I don't think I'll felt that. And now, orang dah start datang. Makin lama makin ramai.

Then I saw the body kene pusing. Nak tgk muka kot. Nampak tangan dia mcm still bergerak. Eh. Illusion ke. Burn pun nampak, so betul la tu. Masih bergerak! I think. So I thought okay, maybe he'll survived. But where's the paramedic? It's now 1.15 am, and there's still no sound of siren. I called Sue (sorry, because I really, don't know who to call.) and tell her about this. Gila ah. Then I said to myself, kenapa aku call Sue? Dia perempuan kot. Kalau dia xleh tdo nnt. And stuff. And I continue to talk to Sue.

At 2 am, I feel like going back to my room. There's nothing I can do. I saw newspapers being thrown from 4th and 5th floor. And ppl below started to cover the body. I thought, that's it. I went back to my room. Tell Adib bout this stuff, later he went and see all the way sampai habis, and I just.. stayed at my room. Still terbayang what happened. Somehow I think maybe I was traumatized, maybe. Well I cannot sleep. It's not easy to forget such a tragedy. Such a shame. How life can ended so soon, so early.

I must admit, I just close my eyes. Tak tido pun. And it was like, a flashback. It sounded cliché, but yeah. And I must admit, I forgot, I mean, moved on with my life, but now I started to remember things again. It's hard. Damn hard. I moved on, and this happened. I remembered everything back. I almost cried, but I cannot. Maybe because of the nauseousness, but I cannot vomit. And it continue till the next morning.

The next morning, it's raining. How cold. I felt like I can sleep now, but well, it's 9 am. So I woke Adib, and we prepare ourselves, and go to class, as usual.

tingkap di mana arwah jatuh. sumber, Kosmo!

13 July, 2009

its a freak accident.

somebody fell off. and died. im stunned, freaked out. and speechless. will update later.

06 July, 2009

so long, so long.

music : Yume no Tsubomi - Remioromen
mood : excited jugak la. boring tho

hais, long time no update. haha. i updated it coz dah masuk UTM balik. orz
so here comes the boring-er life. more boring-er than before! why? well. now its officially only 10 ppl in my course. yep. 2DDZ cuma ada 10 orang. 10 PEOPLE FOR GAWD SAKE. ape yang nak dilihat dengan 10 orang je? balik2 muke same. well its not like im saying that 10 orang yg membosankan, tapi lagi membosankan dari then previously 19 people, last sem.

so now, the survivors is Burn, Adib, Dekan, Me, Didi, Nazrul, Dila, Izzaty, Qiba, and Fiqa. 6 guys 4 girls. well the only good thing happens is, JUNIOR! yay-ness! banyak girls yg cute xD some good looking, ade gak yang sombong-looking, so yeaahh. and guys. well. muke bebaik. ade gak muke skema. ade gak muke samseng. haha. well to sum up, 1DDZ 2009/2010 is 29. (x termasuk 2nd intake >_>) punyaaa la ghamai manusia. huih. bole buli senior la derang ni. D:

well tu kampus. now to the kolej life. pak guard is so shite. shite shite shite. mengade2. i tell you guys bout out new pak guard. yesterday me, bob and raf pegi anta my stuff at my room. nak masuk kolej tu, as usual, i flash my matrix card, but the pak guard suruh bawak turun tingkap. he took the matrix card and ask me,
"Sekarang ni tahun 2 sem 1 la kan?" I nod. then dia cakap
" Bagus, bagus. Tapi kan, tali dah ade, cume awak x reti menggunakan nya. " =_=; so i replied
"Em, nnt saya pakai." Coldly. tch. kecoh ah. then dia usha2 jap, pastu
"Emm.. rambut awak ni, agak -" "Xpe, nnt saye potong sket kat blakang tu. anything else?" slambe je aku potong.
"oh, jalan, jalan. "
and denga cte ade budak kene saman sebab cume tunjuk je kad matriks, x gantung. wtf? 25 ringgit do. byk tuu. haiyo. dulu tunjuk je, jalan. sng.

well enough about my college + campus life. to my holidays

SANGAT PUAS HATI. i mean, xla puas hati sangat. rasa malas sgt nak masuk college life balik. dah le ppl reduced to 10 ppl. hais.

pegi tgk Transformers tgah2 malam bute. xDDD got some fight with rafique, well, malas nak detail, but enough to make me scream at the middle of KL-PUTRAJAYA highway xDD turun kereta, ajak bob turun, then scream like hell xDD sampai hilang sore u.u; but agak sedih. well anyhow. malam tu kat pavvy ade jumpe lambo! x3 so i dared bob,
"Bob, pegi mintak izin tgkp gamba lambo tu." and he cooly walk and ask his permission
"Well why not! Go on, take ur time!" OMGGGGGG. so ktorang pun tgkp2 le gamba xDD then AWESOMELY, the owner said
"Bukak la pintu tu, jgn malu2" I almost CANT BELIEVE MY EARS XDDD so ktorang (me and bob) tried to bukak the door

"eh bob, x leh pun bukak."
"dh ah kau kecik, tepi ah.

eh, x leh bukak ah"

"Tak boleh bukak ke? jap eh" The owner, pergi kat pintu tu and slowly bukak the door
"Kenapa amik this side? amik la the driver side~"
"Er, xpe la, kat sini pun jadi la" u.u;

memang la xboleh bukak pintu, tangan menggeletar kot xDDD
and everything went back to normal. so that is one of those amazing nights xP

next is on 2nd July, Rafique tanya about that saturday, 4th july, whether im free or not, i said, sure, why?
"Nak buat bday party sof, Im ajak"
oh okaay. jum jum jum

and later Friday, everything macam x jadik. so I persuade suruh go on jugak, bile lagi nak buat, even sue and bob nak datang. And Raf pun setelah satu petang aku bebel die, suruh Im go on jugak.

So that Saturday, ktorang meet at Secret Recipe Rawang at 8.40 pm, sambil tunggu "main course", Sofhatun Nur. XD then I tot about one thing. kalau kite lepak kat dalam, tunggu Sof masuk, x surprise laarrrr. So I told Sue, and Im suruh keluar dulu, menyorok mane2 dulu, tunggu Sof datang (Mak die hanta, subahat ngan ktorang xD) and surprise her.

Sof masuk, tgah2 pilih kek tu. then..
1,2,3 Happy Bday to youu~~

Sof muke xleh blah. muke WTH. xD
egt x jadi dah. pastu slowly muke tu berubah.
jadi muke ;_;
then T.T
then TTOTT

memang menangis gile2 la! XD
rase bersalah but yeah. dh buat dh pun. xD so duduk je, tunggu sof sme duduk, then tgk ape jadi. later sambil tunggu tu order la makanan, and snap some pictures xP later we went to runah sof untuk makan kek. and the surprise party dragging till 12 am xD besoknye diuploadkan lah sme gambar2 tu, and mostly Raf and Im dapat credit. well thanks to them la everything went okay and menjadi. and raf saying that dia lah yg buat sof menangis, and dialah yg buat surprise tu btol2 jadi. well kalau tunggu kat dlam SR tu xde la sampai sof menangis kot, but well, im just another random person thinking some random stuff and saying my idea, other ppl got the credit. well its not like i care sooo much bout that, just my rants xD

i don't care as long as people having that much fun. i don't care if im being credited, its not like i do that for the sake of *look, aizat yg buat ni. hebat la aizat! u are so awesome!* and stuff. i did it for my friends, biar have fun. kalau x pi buat malam tu (the original plan was doing it like, 2 weeks after her bday, WTF?) and kalau i x persuade Raf suruh buat that night, memang.. fill in the blank xD well ignore this part people xDD this is just some random thoughts.

oh and my lappie dh start buat prob. cannot read dvd/cd U_U baru beli balik dvd HIStory MJ.

oh and yeah. Micheal Jackson. addcited since 4y.o kot. hahaha. tgk TAPE HIStory die tu everytime balik kampung XD. now that hes gone baru sme org cari2 balik. well including me. haha. so rest in peace. may Allah bless you.