22 May, 2008

glory man utd! sieg manchester! ein manchester! XD!!!

mood : happy + excited XD!!!
music : Green Day - Letterbomb

alrighhhhhtttt!! manchester won!! well ill make this a quick one xD
Q: why did chelsea lose the game?
→ not marking ronaldo (nice 1-2, nice cross, nice header, nice, CECH.)
→ bringing anelka (LOL the moment anelka masuk i knew he will spoil chelsea, for sure! xDDD)
→ being cocky and over confident (there goes for TERRY. nice penalty ;D)
→ drogba is red carded XDDDD!!

Q: why did Manchester United WON THE UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE?
→ because they deserve that, u know, only champions will win it ;D
→ rooney nice cross, nice pace
→ van der sar does what he always do. save the freaking ferdinand's pushed-from-ballack header and the gawddamn penalty. lol anelka xDDDD

Q: why did Ronaldo cried?
→ because he was afraid of being labeled as the reason manchester lose the game

Q: why did Rooney substitute?
→ gawddamn you fergie DD: imagine if nani was rooney, he WILL make another incredible cross or pass which ronaldo and nani failed to do it at that time.

Q: why did Scholes bleeding?
→ .. i dunno u.u;;;

Q: why did iswel, maha, weyson and me lose their voices?
→ screaming like hell. xD bile anelka nak shoot we cried saved saved saved and then the crowds pun ikot XDD then when van der sar saved, we was like jumping, screaming, all the F-words, cursing to Chelsea, praising van der sar and we were DAMN HAPPY XD

Q: why did Chelsea scored?
→ well, iswel and weyson said that whenever i go somewhere else, either refilling coke or to the washroom, chelsea jadi damn dangerous. when i went for refilling, lampard scored. when i went for toilet, drogba shoot and hit the post.
but when i ask weyson to refill our coke, drogba is red carded. hahahaha XDDD

lol so thats all minna~ have a nice freaking day!
r o t i B a k a r

21 May, 2008

road not taken

mood : really, really, SLEEPY. + extra tired too.
music : Matchbox Twenty - Unwell

damn banyak kali nak update tapi tah ah, rase malas pun ade.. haha. im too worned out probably. mmg frigging pnat. but afab and some guys (including girls too gile ah o_O) suruh update D: damn you guys u.u; well, kalau manchester menang malam nie, ill update haha. thats all. see ya later.

owh btw, rajin rajin la dtg 7E bandar country homes memalam, teman ak, boring. u_u;

r o t i - T e r b a k a r

09 May, 2008

one sweet day

mood : speechless
music : Train - Drop of Jupiter

..those (Train - Drop of Jupiter & One Sweet Day - Boyz 2 Men & Mariah Carey) are 2 of many songs i transferred from an old file. listening to this kind of song, really made me carefree. the old days memories back when i was 5, at my old house, where trees are everywhere, i mean BIG TREES and it much colder there, so many green views, and the sunset (my house is at the top of a hill), i was captivated. hypnotized. and when i listen to the Drop of Jupiter, it reminds me when i can't sleep and my radio always turned on (dkat rumah baru la) songs like Drop of Jupiter and The Reason always come out 2 or three times in one night. now, the songs really whisper me my memories. my long forgotten memories.

woke up around 7.30 am and papa drop me at metro driving academy. then abang sani which is my instructor amek la around 4 people lagi. hadi pun ade skali. then we arrived there, given some blue card with my 'angka giliran' which is kuning 048 (siap tulis kat tgn lol) so that jpj tu x payah periksa name. my first test was on the road, which i pass with flying colours a.k.a lulus dgn cemerlang. and bla bla bla, i passed the bukit test, parking, and 3-pointer tanpa rase chuak. so there, my P will ready in around next week. and hadi failed hahaha. so maybe thats why the post is tittled like that? not really.

something disgrace happens. really. after all the laughters and sweat, we're off to home now. akak tu bwak as abang sani tgah tunggu lagi 2-3 org. well i was on the back row, at the rightmost. i was thinking about her, wth had happened that night, and i was really, really cant get it out of my head. and then, i hear a loud hon from another kancil and ours as well, and then.. it remember nothing.

when i open my eyes, i heard a 'Dh bangun?' then i turn to my right and saw akak tu, those makcik yg ade and hadi. and when i turn to my left a girl is apologizing at me. and she said sorry she lost control and boom, here we are at hospital. after all the congrats and sorry, i was left alone. and nightfall. she didin't even message me, let alone to call me. i.. urgh. it cant be helped. it was me all alone. im the reason she was sad and maybe still sad. hahaha hp ku sentiase bersame ku ngehe. and i was recalling my sweet memory today, all those laughters, i think i could go to sleep in an instant. 3.30 am and there was i. still struggling to sleep. still waiting for her call. for her msg at least ' where are you? are you still mad?' or 'u are forgiven' or maybe '30 call? sry for not answering you' or something. and without me even noticing, there were tears in my eyes. and i slept.

now here i am at papa's office. luckily i wasnt hurt or anything, kene tahan sbb takut cedere dlam je. dan saye x balek rumah lagi. rindu rumah.

and the kuning 048 on my hand is still there.

roti bakar.

06 May, 2008

screaming infidelities

mood : enlightened
music : Bend and not Break - Dashboard Confessional

*yawn* morn guys. yesterday went quite nice i ges.

kinda worn out. yesterday, papa asked uncle abu, kakak and me to go and change my kancil rim (haha its mine, miiiinnneeee!) after quite some times choosing, we short-listed to only 2 rims, black and white. and my pick is black, of course. (what? u_u) eh okay what. i mean, sesuai la, the colour of the kancil is white, and the sport rim is black. it does look sporty. just lyke what i wanted haha. my kanccccciiiilllll.

yah, im getting even more crapping now.

i have no routine now. i sleep whenever i want. i eat whenever i want.

i sms-ed her as soon as my clock shows me it 6.30pm. she didint reply. weelll i sent her again and againn.. but, no answer. haih, i know why. it maxis demmit >_> then at 8 pm she said sorry, she just received all my 4 msgs berturut turut haha. mmg siot. but hahaha. we sms like hell, smpai x prasan pkul bape. i was like, hell dh pkul 12! match dh start, so trun bwah watch chelsick vs newcastle and as soon as malouda struck the second goal, i went back upstairs and call her.

eh, she called me first haha. then i called her. ya la, super saver of course.

sampai laaa 4 pagi. haih.

bile lagi nak keluar ha? entah la. dh rindu kat die, dh rindu kat those idiots in spam inc haha <- recognize that? XD

damn it. apply for job in 7-11. bukan x mo kerje ngan papa, but i just wanted to try things. lyke kerje mlam and stuff. kerje ngan papa means online sepanjang office hour la XD jumpe nadmin. haish.

and then my spam inc nakama.
haha sengal si sarah. die try to cheer me and hime, tapi ktorang still mcm tu gak (gloomy bla bla bla) smpai die pun dh down XD poor sarah. dont worry, i really, appreciate ur effort (^O^)b

tomorrow i didint have to work. i mean online haha. got driving class. same with thursday. ade P test hahaha. wish me

lappppaaaaarrr ah. x breakfast td. lucky ade gardenia and toaster kat office, so pegi beli peanut butter kat 7e. ngehehe. ah a recipe for you guys to try, sentiase jadi, jgn risau.

→ first, amek roti 2 keping.
→ then taruk dalam toaster.
→ make sure die punye heat x melampau, nnt hangit!
→ tunggu sampai..
→ TING! *roti terkeluar*
→ letak roti-roti atas pinggan
→ then put some peanut butter..
→ makan begitu sahaja! mmg sedap! XD

urgh, another crap. tp try la ek? XD

r o t i T e r B a k a r

03 May, 2008

song without words.

mood : imaginative
music : Tchaikovsky - Serenade For Strings(Waltz)

really, this song make me feel.. flying. huh? yeah i don't know why the h*** i end up hearing some bunch of classics. just ternampak dalam external drive, kakak then i listen to them. quite best for me. yah in case u guys been wondering, i listen to all genre of music, starting from oldies, classics, orchestras, evergreen, dance, pop, rnb, soul, jazz, grunge, rock, slow rock, hard rock, punk rock, (pop-punk doesn't include haha) emo rock, emo core, indies, metal, trash metal, hardcore metal, high symphonic metal, black metal (hey, im just listen to their music, not praise the satan.) so there. telinge ni bole layan lagu ape je tapi no no lagu jiwang karat anuar zain ke siti nurhaliza ke. lagu mainstream melayu nie, ak kurang sket. prefer local underground/english.

but nowadays, byk band band indi dh femes. ni kekadang buat ak fedap, malas nk dgar tah ak pun tatau nape. feh.

really, lagu ni mmg membuatkan ak terbayang bayang happy ending, OUR happy ending. yah as i said before, there is no such thing as HAPPILY EVER AFTER story. tu cume bullshit. sampah. director yg x tak dinamik. pemikiran sempit. weh, lagu ni buat ak jadi emosi pulak U_U now playing : Ponchielli - Dance Of The Hours (From La Gioconda) lols.

well in case kalau korang x prasan, gi letak mouse korang kat link ke blog korang. XD tu salah satu feature baru dalam blog ak. ow yea, shoutbox erm, malas lagi lah nak taruk. later laaa taruk.

and i heard grumbling mumbling from some students. yess, sbb upu. ye ak paham perasaan korang. ak dpat nun jauh kat terengganu. well yg x dpat tu usah gusar, pegi merayu kat laman web tuh. dpat punye, jgn risau. ak doakan korang. well pasal ak pulak. i turn down the offer. sebab course yg tah pe pe. well doesn't matter, ak x kesah sgt. ak nnt x blaja gak ape yg ak nak. i want architecture for gawd sake D: <- there, sorg yg x pernah bersyukur.
interview aritu ak x dpat, but i still apply for the same course for december intake at UITM. this time, aku dpat. doesn't matter as long as ape yg ak nak dapat. tak kesah ah ak kene duduk rumah for more than 5 month lagi. janji, ak dpat degree in architecture. that's what i want.


roti TERbakar