22 May, 2008

glory man utd! sieg manchester! ein manchester! XD!!!

mood : happy + excited XD!!!
music : Green Day - Letterbomb

alrighhhhhtttt!! manchester won!! well ill make this a quick one xD
Q: why did chelsea lose the game?
→ not marking ronaldo (nice 1-2, nice cross, nice header, nice, CECH.)
→ bringing anelka (LOL the moment anelka masuk i knew he will spoil chelsea, for sure! xDDD)
→ being cocky and over confident (there goes for TERRY. nice penalty ;D)
→ drogba is red carded XDDDD!!

Q: why did Manchester United WON THE UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE?
→ because they deserve that, u know, only champions will win it ;D
→ rooney nice cross, nice pace
→ van der sar does what he always do. save the freaking ferdinand's pushed-from-ballack header and the gawddamn penalty. lol anelka xDDDD

Q: why did Ronaldo cried?
→ because he was afraid of being labeled as the reason manchester lose the game

Q: why did Rooney substitute?
→ gawddamn you fergie DD: imagine if nani was rooney, he WILL make another incredible cross or pass which ronaldo and nani failed to do it at that time.

Q: why did Scholes bleeding?
→ .. i dunno u.u;;;

Q: why did iswel, maha, weyson and me lose their voices?
→ screaming like hell. xD bile anelka nak shoot we cried saved saved saved and then the crowds pun ikot XDD then when van der sar saved, we was like jumping, screaming, all the F-words, cursing to Chelsea, praising van der sar and we were DAMN HAPPY XD

Q: why did Chelsea scored?
→ well, iswel and weyson said that whenever i go somewhere else, either refilling coke or to the washroom, chelsea jadi damn dangerous. when i went for refilling, lampard scored. when i went for toilet, drogba shoot and hit the post.
but when i ask weyson to refill our coke, drogba is red carded. hahahaha XDDD

lol so thats all minna~ have a nice freaking day!
r o t i B a k a r

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