09 May, 2008

one sweet day

mood : speechless
music : Train - Drop of Jupiter

..those (Train - Drop of Jupiter & One Sweet Day - Boyz 2 Men & Mariah Carey) are 2 of many songs i transferred from an old file. listening to this kind of song, really made me carefree. the old days memories back when i was 5, at my old house, where trees are everywhere, i mean BIG TREES and it much colder there, so many green views, and the sunset (my house is at the top of a hill), i was captivated. hypnotized. and when i listen to the Drop of Jupiter, it reminds me when i can't sleep and my radio always turned on (dkat rumah baru la) songs like Drop of Jupiter and The Reason always come out 2 or three times in one night. now, the songs really whisper me my memories. my long forgotten memories.

woke up around 7.30 am and papa drop me at metro driving academy. then abang sani which is my instructor amek la around 4 people lagi. hadi pun ade skali. then we arrived there, given some blue card with my 'angka giliran' which is kuning 048 (siap tulis kat tgn lol) so that jpj tu x payah periksa name. my first test was on the road, which i pass with flying colours a.k.a lulus dgn cemerlang. and bla bla bla, i passed the bukit test, parking, and 3-pointer tanpa rase chuak. so there, my P will ready in around next week. and hadi failed hahaha. so maybe thats why the post is tittled like that? not really.

something disgrace happens. really. after all the laughters and sweat, we're off to home now. akak tu bwak as abang sani tgah tunggu lagi 2-3 org. well i was on the back row, at the rightmost. i was thinking about her, wth had happened that night, and i was really, really cant get it out of my head. and then, i hear a loud hon from another kancil and ours as well, and then.. it remember nothing.

when i open my eyes, i heard a 'Dh bangun?' then i turn to my right and saw akak tu, those makcik yg ade and hadi. and when i turn to my left a girl is apologizing at me. and she said sorry she lost control and boom, here we are at hospital. after all the congrats and sorry, i was left alone. and nightfall. she didin't even message me, let alone to call me. i.. urgh. it cant be helped. it was me all alone. im the reason she was sad and maybe still sad. hahaha hp ku sentiase bersame ku ngehe. and i was recalling my sweet memory today, all those laughters, i think i could go to sleep in an instant. 3.30 am and there was i. still struggling to sleep. still waiting for her call. for her msg at least ' where are you? are you still mad?' or 'u are forgiven' or maybe '30 call? sry for not answering you' or something. and without me even noticing, there were tears in my eyes. and i slept.

now here i am at papa's office. luckily i wasnt hurt or anything, kene tahan sbb takut cedere dlam je. dan saye x balek rumah lagi. rindu rumah.

and the kuning 048 on my hand is still there.

roti bakar.


[miss][dora] said...

ko accident ke?

roti bakar said...

kne langgar to be exact xD kesian kat kete tu ah, ak ok je lol xDD

rarsa said...

o_o ko kena accident? poor you lol

kazu said...

weh ijat, kasik link your email :) kazu nak private my blog punya, saja utk keselamatan XD

- kazu

roti bakar said...

here you goo~~

rarsa said...

lol you sure? X3 thanks!

Anonymous said...


burnGILO said...

oho.br aku tahu knape driver pmpuan anda takot