06 May, 2008

screaming infidelities

mood : enlightened
music : Bend and not Break - Dashboard Confessional

*yawn* morn guys. yesterday went quite nice i ges.

kinda worn out. yesterday, papa asked uncle abu, kakak and me to go and change my kancil rim (haha its mine, miiiinnneeee!) after quite some times choosing, we short-listed to only 2 rims, black and white. and my pick is black, of course. (what? u_u) eh okay what. i mean, sesuai la, the colour of the kancil is white, and the sport rim is black. it does look sporty. just lyke what i wanted haha. my kanccccciiiilllll.

yah, im getting even more crapping now.

i have no routine now. i sleep whenever i want. i eat whenever i want.

i sms-ed her as soon as my clock shows me it 6.30pm. she didint reply. weelll i sent her again and againn.. but, no answer. haih, i know why. it maxis demmit >_> then at 8 pm she said sorry, she just received all my 4 msgs berturut turut haha. mmg siot. but hahaha. we sms like hell, smpai x prasan pkul bape. i was like, hell dh pkul 12! match dh start, so trun bwah watch chelsick vs newcastle and as soon as malouda struck the second goal, i went back upstairs and call her.

eh, she called me first haha. then i called her. ya la, super saver of course.

sampai laaa 4 pagi. haih.

bile lagi nak keluar ha? entah la. dh rindu kat die, dh rindu kat those idiots in spam inc haha <- recognize that? XD

damn it. apply for job in 7-11. bukan x mo kerje ngan papa, but i just wanted to try things. lyke kerje mlam and stuff. kerje ngan papa means online sepanjang office hour la XD jumpe nadmin. haish.

and then my spam inc nakama.
haha sengal si sarah. die try to cheer me and hime, tapi ktorang still mcm tu gak (gloomy bla bla bla) smpai die pun dh down XD poor sarah. dont worry, i really, appreciate ur effort (^O^)b

tomorrow i didint have to work. i mean online haha. got driving class. same with thursday. ade P test hahaha. wish me

lappppaaaaarrr ah. x breakfast td. lucky ade gardenia and toaster kat office, so pegi beli peanut butter kat 7e. ngehehe. ah a recipe for you guys to try, sentiase jadi, jgn risau.

→ first, amek roti 2 keping.
→ then taruk dalam toaster.
→ make sure die punye heat x melampau, nnt hangit!
→ tunggu sampai..
→ TING! *roti terkeluar*
→ letak roti-roti atas pinggan
→ then put some peanut butter..
→ makan begitu sahaja! mmg sedap! XD

urgh, another crap. tp try la ek? XD

r o t i T e r B a k a r


[miss][dora] said...

recipe for sumthing x sedap maybe??
kidding k~

roti bakar said...

sedap la D: try ah weh XD

[miss][dora] said...

bile ak dh x tau nk makan ape dah baru ak try recipe roti ko tu.

roti bakar said...

weeeyyyy try ah! grenti sdaaap!! u.u;;;

[miss][dora] said...

ari tu ak nk wat dah.
tp malang nye..
peanut butter la plak x de.
so ak mkn ngan butter and jam.

rarsa said...

roti bakar dengan peanut butter?
penah try jugak, sedap giler tapi x abeh makan lah, mcm jem dia nugget disaluti dengan nugget XD

roti bakar said...

nice crap there kazu u_u;
gi ah bli, 7E ade jual pe D: