22 April, 2009

programming. graphic. photoshoot.

si raf msg. gtau sof ngan elin ajak keluar. ler. maxis buat hal lak. raf bengkek sebab x reply. sorry la. gi marah ananda krishnan tu. 

bob lak call pkul 1 pg lebih. tade keje. nasib agak tak baik sebab tga main dota. nasib baik sbb x tdoq lagi. nasib x baik sbb tga main dota. 

yg x besnye. derang nak buat gathering tu this sunday. dude. ade paper graphic kott. damn. tp x pe la. membe nye hal, pas paper graphic tu trus grak gi sane.

then alang alang nak buat gathering, baik buat photoshoot terus. malas tunggu lama lama. lepas gian sikit. hahaha

jumaat kertas Programming. aku, x de mood nak blaja. damn. god please, bagi la semangat yg slalu diberikan waktu final2. haih. 

dan ini cume random babbling from me, atas sbb malas blajar tapi bosan gile. 

match Manchester United malam nih. :) 
good luck Rooney. score eh malam ni. kau score aku study k? :D

thats all~

16 April, 2009

Mend A Broken Heart

mood: sleepy
music: Stand By Me - Ben E. King

have you ever clean up ur deskie? or lappie. well have you? if u did, bet u'll find old pics. eventho its not THAT old, but by staring at the pic alone enough to make u wanted to find other old pics. some event that took place around 3-4 years back, and stuff. those pictures of yer classmates, friends, exes, etc. it'll take some times , around hour or two just to remember back what happen when the moment captured. then u'll smile, or u'll feel sad, maybe u'll feel puzzled, "Why did he make me cry?" and stuff. last skali? dah pukul 10. which meannn. i don't sleep. again. hais.

ah, maybe i fed up. again. thats why im changing the template. i'll change again, but not in the nearest weeks. exam, and yadayadayada. ive explained all in the last post. so scroll down, dude. and why does i still felt those annoying feeling? satu perasaan. satu sensation. yang sgt unpleasant. lonely, bored, sad. those stuff. yknow. but wellll. i shud know that it'll be a matter of time before things reset to normal. kan? so sabar la k

suddenly rase cam byk sgt bende nak beli. nak beli lampu ntuk kancil, nak psp, nak ipod, iphone, nokia 5800, ps3, wireless modem, deskie, lens.. and the list goes on =_= abg and kakak always bragging bout their stuff, like

"Abg punya belt ni 50+ tau dak?" "Still x leh celen kakak punya kasut, 400+" "Ahh! Abg punya kasut pun around tu gak!" "Beg LV kakak 2500." "Abg punya jam rolex (papa kasi) pun around harga tu gak!" "Eh, egt abg je ade rolex? (mama kasi)"

those rich bastards. XXX>_____________> gado cam budak2 sal bende kecik2 cmtu. semua start bila abg ckap kblkangan ni dia asek nak beli baju baru. kakak ckap nk bli kasut baru. I admit, i have one Bvlgari, tapi jarang pakai. gila, nak pakai ngan jersey? and yeah, my fashion sense is not as good as urs, thank you. plus i dun ave PTPTpu. so no extra moneyh. wey, i wan to show off also laaaaa!

13 April, 2009

Critical Acclaim

mood : busy
music : Only One Who Knows - Artic Monkey

rite. yeah yeah. i noe that its been sooo long since the last time i updated this blog.
look. its not like i dont want to. but well. like what a friend of mine told me, "Sekarang bulan April, bulan paling bz (selain dari Mac) sbb byk asaimen + test + quiz."

I just finished up 'works' for the muck-up marks for one of my subject, Logic Digital. And finally, (and out of all time, why now? urgh.) i'm sick. fever, puke, panadol, pain killer, and those stuff. those shits is.. shits.

and plus, family problems. i had enough of it. im so freaking sad, im not mad, but extremely sad. i dont berserk, i just, cry. yeah i cried. so what? its so hard. im so sad. and Pn Mercy been miscalling me like 10 times? wth? tade time lain ke? well i called her, (of course.) and she was so mad about the layout, my team job. she said she think its so annoying, unpleasent, and threaten to give 0 for all of us. well i can't give "Oh, puan. It's not mine, but my team. I'm absent, sakit sikit." Its 20 MARKS FOR GAWD SAKE. and this whole time, its only PEER PREASURE. plus the final is just around the corner.

and sorry, but the fact that this is my very own journal, so im free to babble about everything i want. im sorry for being so negative, but i just.. need someone. look, i cant depend on one person, that person must have something else, i just.. blaargh. maybe i'll endure this, like i'll do. every time. and lets see, how long can it goes.

okeh. thats the end for those emo part. now to a happy-er part.

first i finished the Empayar DDZ, its a web2.0 forum based website. im doing that for my course, the computer science (multimedia) and i think we'll discuss stuff there. im hoping it will work, ppl will use it. and im thinking of doing that for my secondary school too. (SMK) we'll see bout that.

oh yah speaking bout friends from old school. Sofhatun, Rafique and Mahadevan are so fired up to do a grand outdoor outing. well its Rafique's idea, but frankly, its been in my mind since im at science school. w/e it is, we planning to do it around june 1st to 21st, when sof is free. Bob? He actually kinda oppose it (x reti berenang. oh cmon, wtf with that excuse??) Maha too, but tetibe he kinda fired-up too. Sue? maybe. but im sure that all of those kids will agree. haha.

meh. dunno what else to say. oh-yah, dota. hoo. bile nak ade map baru. zzzz. v5.60 = new hero!

dunno. maybe that's all. jya