16 April, 2009

Mend A Broken Heart

mood: sleepy
music: Stand By Me - Ben E. King

have you ever clean up ur deskie? or lappie. well have you? if u did, bet u'll find old pics. eventho its not THAT old, but by staring at the pic alone enough to make u wanted to find other old pics. some event that took place around 3-4 years back, and stuff. those pictures of yer classmates, friends, exes, etc. it'll take some times , around hour or two just to remember back what happen when the moment captured. then u'll smile, or u'll feel sad, maybe u'll feel puzzled, "Why did he make me cry?" and stuff. last skali? dah pukul 10. which meannn. i don't sleep. again. hais.

ah, maybe i fed up. again. thats why im changing the template. i'll change again, but not in the nearest weeks. exam, and yadayadayada. ive explained all in the last post. so scroll down, dude. and why does i still felt those annoying feeling? satu perasaan. satu sensation. yang sgt unpleasant. lonely, bored, sad. those stuff. yknow. but wellll. i shud know that it'll be a matter of time before things reset to normal. kan? so sabar la k

suddenly rase cam byk sgt bende nak beli. nak beli lampu ntuk kancil, nak psp, nak ipod, iphone, nokia 5800, ps3, wireless modem, deskie, lens.. and the list goes on =_= abg and kakak always bragging bout their stuff, like

"Abg punya belt ni 50+ tau dak?" "Still x leh celen kakak punya kasut, 400+" "Ahh! Abg punya kasut pun around tu gak!" "Beg LV kakak 2500." "Abg punya jam rolex (papa kasi) pun around harga tu gak!" "Eh, egt abg je ade rolex? (mama kasi)"

those rich bastards. XXX>_____________> gado cam budak2 sal bende kecik2 cmtu. semua start bila abg ckap kblkangan ni dia asek nak beli baju baru. kakak ckap nk bli kasut baru. I admit, i have one Bvlgari, tapi jarang pakai. gila, nak pakai ngan jersey? and yeah, my fashion sense is not as good as urs, thank you. plus i dun ave PTPTpu. so no extra moneyh. wey, i wan to show off also laaaaa!


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eh. baru aku prasan. masalah aku ni non stop, dari dulu lagi asek post bende lebih kurang je. hush. payah nih.