30 August, 2009

Seize The Day

music : Seize The Day - Avenged Sevenfold
mood : happy :D

wuhu! Man Utd 2 - 1 Arsenal !
after a 168 hours of worries, finally Man Utd shows that they really can ride their luck very well xD the truth is I felt so fed-up-ed with the 4-5-1 formation, obviously to stop Arsenal's fully-fluid-flow-passing game, I have to wait till 85th minutes! dem u Sir Alex! make us so worry and impatient lol. w/e it is, In Sir Alex We Trust! xD

the truth is, after Man Utd, I sincerely, truthfully support Arsenal, because of their game. Not to mention, Andrei Arshavin *O* dem why u joined Arsenal OTL

At the first half of the game, I said to my onee chan that Arshavin is most dangerous if played behind the striker. I srysly dunno why Wenger put him on left wing. Then suddenly he brought down at the box, dangerously by Fletcher. Walao. Sikit lagi kene goal one. Ref waved play-on, but suddenly some bastard pass the ball to Arshavin (who is now not on the left flank, more to center) and ...

I srysly cannot believed the speed, the precision of the goal. I bet Arshavin too cannot believe what he did xP He was like O_O then finally he realize it, and show his trademark "shhh; eventho no penalty I still can score" lol xD

Fletcher, huh, I bet he's gonna be the next Roy Keane. So damn hard at midfield. Like 2 person oh at midfield. 4-6-1 lol. the energy he throw (alongside his tackle) was SUPERB! lucky the ref ddnt say it was a penalty on Arshavin (he scored tho) but well, he does very well on the field. he does the dirty job, and stop the fluent flow of Arsenal's attacking minded player. And ROONEY. ILU ROONEY. great run by Rooney, went down because of Almunia, the ball was not at his feet, clearly a penalty. (Almunia didin't seems to protest tho xP) It's not debatable, not like Arshavin's. And yeah. He stepped up and cooly sent Almunia wrong side. Oh. Many thanks to Abou Diaby too! XD

Latest Transfer News : Abou Diaby Joined Man Utd from Arsenal

Arsenal was so bad luck that day. While Man Utd was so lucky. w/e it is, we still grabbed the important 3 pts xP

21 August, 2009

Album Of The Month!

I've been craving for new music since this July. It's worth waiting.

Suitcase, A Scarf And The Departure

If it's not good, than it's Awesome. Darn. When I listen to this album I felt young again xP Selama ni melayan lagu2 Slow Rock, Oldies, Pop. Now change to Screamo/Punk xD good good.

Adib (Drum) and Naem (bass) makes cool and upbeat tempo combined with Myo (Vox, Guitar)'s high vocal, plus the beautiful lyrics presented in varied way, won't get you bored at all. Fast tempo songs, Screamo songs, plus some nice acoustic guitars and pianos makes this album. Not to mention, that AWESOME, AWESOME COVER. Frankly, I don't even have time to listen to new songs, with all asaimens and stuffs, but I'm attracted by this album's cover. From then on, I started to listen to their songs. xD Seriously, you guys should own this album. It's worth every penny you spend. Unless you don't like emo/screamo/punk/indie band la. But you should give it a try. Trust me. :Db

I get kinda confuse searching for the right lyrics because it was scattered, idk if its on purpose or not, but oh well. Tracks like The Departure, The Morning After, and Journey Ends Nowhere consists of catchy tune and tempo. And if you want a slow, emo song with good lyrics, tracks like Asthmara and Farewell of Summer Romance is a good choice. Overall, the songs fits well with each other, tells about relationship, breaking up, how you missed someone so much and stuff. The only thing left me puzzled is the Sampai Bila track. It has a catchy riffs, which remind me of Scream by Avenged Sevenfold. Because the way Myo singing is kinda, weird. With a singalong by the other band members at the chorus, remind me of Rock Kapak band xP One friend says it sounded like Faizal Tahir lolwut. Other than that, nothing wrong with this album. Personal favourite for me.

Overall 4 star out of 5.

09 August, 2009

here i go again.

huh. what am i doing here. i dunno. i just felt like writing. maybe because of the hyperness, smgt sgt. lol. anyway maybe its just another insomniac night. eventho im tired.

physically, mentally, emotionally.

i did. i mean i always did. i planned. planned my life. since the day. that day. eventho im still at a very very young age, i accepted that, maybe parents know best for their children. at least in their social life. who is their son/daughter friends, lover, and stuff.

so i did, felt that i shud stick on what i planned earlier. i planned a simple life. get a job. then get married. i dont care who is my wife. i just feel that whoever she is, if she gets my moms approval, there. done deal. live a happy life. have 2 children. grow them up well. maybe spoil them a lil bit, maybe. then work, work. do spend sometimes at home. and then go holiday.

and stuff. i don't know, maybe its naive. it is naive. but i do hope, my life would be that simple. i dont want to be supa rich. dont want to be supa famous. just a normal, random person.

but, im just planning. fate know how to make life interesting. theres always something more to life. if theres an expectation, there will be dissapointment. if theres failure, there will be effort, hope. if there is hope, there is tmrw.

maybe i live for tmrw. i want to see what's tmrw looks like. i really want to know. but somehow, i just cant leave behind the memories, those lessons ive learned earlier. my friends, my stuff, things i love, ppl that i loveD. a lot. friends that i care. but those feelings earlier, when the best of us is spending times together, will not ever be duplicated. ppl changed. yes they are.

and i hate changes. but ppl will change.

"Ada sesuatu yang xpernah berubah di muka bumi ini, iaitu perubahan."

what mr Wan Ali said to me.
for me, that is just an excuse. ppl do want to change, at least to be a better person. always. and they always influenced. by friends, by surroundings. by the ppl around him. or maybe by lesson learned. at least they changed the way they think.

i dunwana grow up. this sucks. i want to live a naive childish life. never really worried about what happened to the world. just wanna have fun. i want to be with all my friends. xkisah dari mana2. as long as we spend time together, tu dh cukup.

this post really tell how i hate being close to 20.

dulu when i was 15 i think, i thought about how life at 5. now when im nearing 20, i ought to think about my life when i was 5, 15.

i dun wanna grow up. dun wanna change. dun wanna move on. i hate knowing that each day ppl will seperate. bit by bit.

and then comes reunion. the only way to overcome that feeling. :)

if, kalau-lah boleh, nak je buat tiap2 minggu.
pegi sane sini. buat bende gile2. tgkp gamba2. i always want to talk bout those things.

urgh. crap. im craping rite now. @.@


i.. fell asleep orz

07 August, 2009

The Poison

using namespace std;

int main ()


cout <<"
Smpai dari rumah. Asaimen Programming C++ (Lab 4) x sentuh lagi. Ada test hari Selasa. Study smpai pukul 4 pagi, selepas siapkan asaimen C++

Prepare untuk test Audio Video. Baru dapat tahu kene buat report untuk TCP/IP untuk subjek Data Communication. Test canceled. Ada quiz Math. Balik study siapkan report TCP/IP. Another sleepless night.

Install Ubuntu dekat lappie. Tapi x leh update sbb feking network driver lappie pelik2. Dekat kolej x dpat internet, tapi kat tempat lain laju gile bhabi. Last2 pinjam Adib punya D-Link. Study untuk Data Comm Test. Sambil mengusha Ubuntu. Another sleepless night.

Test Data Comm. Kena condemned ngan Puan Norhayati sbb jadi Man Utd Fan. =_= Wondering whether boleh dapat A tak karang. Sebab die Arsenal fan. Die Hard Fan. Im dead meat. Malam buat Animation. Baru nak mengusha2, jadi result dia agak dissapointing. Adobe Flash agak pelik bagi aku. Tgah Malam Garena. FINALLY. Tapi kalah. cam sial. Sambung buat Animation. Sambil tengok graphic Holic. Makcik2 Chow-Kit cakap admin x buat kerje, baik x payah ade admin. bla bla bla. wtf tetibe cari gado. Kalau xpuas hati dengan gambar2 junior yg byk cam-whore, pegi la sound derang. Still x puas hati sbb mencabar kredibiliti aku sbgai Admin. Dan diorang still x mintak maaf. I'm pissed off. Tidur lambat lagi. Around 3-4 am.

Malas nak pegi kelas BI. Nasib baik kelas Intitusi Islam xde. Jadi paksa diri pegi gak. Lecturer marah org datang lambat/ponteng kelas xde mc. Jadi aku menconteng 'Art Book' aku selama 30 minit die membebel/setel hal kat depan. Then Adib told me that kelas ada balik. wtf. So maybe cannot go back. Plus tmrw got game. PES tournament. Enter de, and paid the fee.

Haih. I want to go back, get some good sleep, update my uBuntu, rest, and prepare for my Programming test on Monday. zz. and online. orz


And oh yah. Wahai Budak2 SERATAS di serata Kuala Lumpur dan Klang Valley, Fareha ada mengajak untuk berbukak puase pada lebih kurang 29 Ogos. Kalau boleh bagi suggestion sbb nak tau mane korg nk pi. and sape nak pegi?

p/s Rajin2 la bukak fb tu, kdg2 ktorg bincang kat wall orang xD

"<< endl;

return 0;