30 August, 2009

Seize The Day

music : Seize The Day - Avenged Sevenfold
mood : happy :D

wuhu! Man Utd 2 - 1 Arsenal !
after a 168 hours of worries, finally Man Utd shows that they really can ride their luck very well xD the truth is I felt so fed-up-ed with the 4-5-1 formation, obviously to stop Arsenal's fully-fluid-flow-passing game, I have to wait till 85th minutes! dem u Sir Alex! make us so worry and impatient lol. w/e it is, In Sir Alex We Trust! xD

the truth is, after Man Utd, I sincerely, truthfully support Arsenal, because of their game. Not to mention, Andrei Arshavin *O* dem why u joined Arsenal OTL

At the first half of the game, I said to my onee chan that Arshavin is most dangerous if played behind the striker. I srysly dunno why Wenger put him on left wing. Then suddenly he brought down at the box, dangerously by Fletcher. Walao. Sikit lagi kene goal one. Ref waved play-on, but suddenly some bastard pass the ball to Arshavin (who is now not on the left flank, more to center) and ...

I srysly cannot believed the speed, the precision of the goal. I bet Arshavin too cannot believe what he did xP He was like O_O then finally he realize it, and show his trademark "shhh; eventho no penalty I still can score" lol xD

Fletcher, huh, I bet he's gonna be the next Roy Keane. So damn hard at midfield. Like 2 person oh at midfield. 4-6-1 lol. the energy he throw (alongside his tackle) was SUPERB! lucky the ref ddnt say it was a penalty on Arshavin (he scored tho) but well, he does very well on the field. he does the dirty job, and stop the fluent flow of Arsenal's attacking minded player. And ROONEY. ILU ROONEY. great run by Rooney, went down because of Almunia, the ball was not at his feet, clearly a penalty. (Almunia didin't seems to protest tho xP) It's not debatable, not like Arshavin's. And yeah. He stepped up and cooly sent Almunia wrong side. Oh. Many thanks to Abou Diaby too! XD

Latest Transfer News : Abou Diaby Joined Man Utd from Arsenal

Arsenal was so bad luck that day. While Man Utd was so lucky. w/e it is, we still grabbed the important 3 pts xP

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