21 August, 2009

Album Of The Month!

I've been craving for new music since this July. It's worth waiting.

Suitcase, A Scarf And The Departure

If it's not good, than it's Awesome. Darn. When I listen to this album I felt young again xP Selama ni melayan lagu2 Slow Rock, Oldies, Pop. Now change to Screamo/Punk xD good good.

Adib (Drum) and Naem (bass) makes cool and upbeat tempo combined with Myo (Vox, Guitar)'s high vocal, plus the beautiful lyrics presented in varied way, won't get you bored at all. Fast tempo songs, Screamo songs, plus some nice acoustic guitars and pianos makes this album. Not to mention, that AWESOME, AWESOME COVER. Frankly, I don't even have time to listen to new songs, with all asaimens and stuffs, but I'm attracted by this album's cover. From then on, I started to listen to their songs. xD Seriously, you guys should own this album. It's worth every penny you spend. Unless you don't like emo/screamo/punk/indie band la. But you should give it a try. Trust me. :Db

I get kinda confuse searching for the right lyrics because it was scattered, idk if its on purpose or not, but oh well. Tracks like The Departure, The Morning After, and Journey Ends Nowhere consists of catchy tune and tempo. And if you want a slow, emo song with good lyrics, tracks like Asthmara and Farewell of Summer Romance is a good choice. Overall, the songs fits well with each other, tells about relationship, breaking up, how you missed someone so much and stuff. The only thing left me puzzled is the Sampai Bila track. It has a catchy riffs, which remind me of Scream by Avenged Sevenfold. Because the way Myo singing is kinda, weird. With a singalong by the other band members at the chorus, remind me of Rock Kapak band xP One friend says it sounded like Faizal Tahir lolwut. Other than that, nothing wrong with this album. Personal favourite for me.

Overall 4 star out of 5.

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