04 June, 2008

one whole week lols.

mood : packed u.u
music : Coldplay - The Scientist

haaaaiiisss. its been a loooong frigging time since this blog ish updated. XD;; erm, mostly because i ddnt have the time to update this blog, let alone myspace or friendster haha. so the whole damned tiresome week will be packed in this post~

so we started with my job. freaking penat. mcam sial. dgn stock tah pe pe yg sir order. hais. customer pun 'MEMANG COURTEOUS' yah, we're malaysian, thats why. so i took a day off (MC XDDD) and curi-curi kluar lagi with spam inc's nakama! lol. but just three daes bfore that freaking awesome day, me and my bro accompany by bob and rafique, head on to berjaya TS. sooo, another freaking awesome daes. love my friends~ <3

Wednesdae - 28th May 2008
Raf was the organizers fr this event. die punye pasal, bob ngan aku, SEEETTT JE. so bile semue dh redi, it only hours to go to ts.

it was 2++ in th3 morn. tga stock up air kat dlam chiller when raf said that ' woi, cancel ah, ramai x confirm pegi' and i was lyke WTF?! (later i found out bob too have the same reaction XDD) so we re-organized the event and drop semue yg x berkenaan, tagged along ziqrie, rafique's little-naive-poyo brother and made it into a DotA(?) Outing~!! the main event is of course, DotAaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~!!

but to think bout that again.. pegi TS semate2 dotA? wth? demmit, bazer duet je

so after that ghey-ful day, fatigue started to attck m3h.

Saturday - 30th April 2008
I wanted to escape from my daily work pressure, so i sms amal a.k.a oujo-sama 'wey, kuar jom' or smthing at 2/3 am in th3 morn. of course, that will pissed her A LOT. gile ah ak. u_u;;; *sorry amal TOT* and she did marah the whole saturday, dekat saye sorang saje. malang btol ak hahaha XDDDD well back to the main stori, ak amek MC (lols sian fansuri ngan nina je buat CDC XD) pastu dgn sukehati dan sesedap oren gi klcc xD

Well the main purpose for this outing is to celebrate lil's graduation (ak x bwak adiah, tapi dh byar ntuk hadiah lols) That is the original plan. we shud gather at kl central at 11pm ++ and pegi klcc pastu terus gi pwtc (the ceremony will take place at 2pm - mE said that to me xD) .. yeaklatekthnks >_>

and it turn out that lil nye graduation ceremony start early, jadi by the time we arrived there, everything is oveeeerr. ah btw sarah gemok xD slepas sesi fotografi bersame lil dan mr zidan, we are on our way gi klcc, sbb lapa. x logik? yea act nak pegi tlng sarah nk order buku kame tah pe tah. cd KAT-TUN skali. soo, gile ah ngantok gile aritu. satu ari berjalan cam zombie. tertido kat kino. cam SIAL. tapi still ak enjoy. LOL SARAH TANGKAP GAMBAR DLAM KINO. bile mE nk tgkap gamba tetibe ade pak gard XDDD
and i bought aA+Bb novel book u_u; thanks dora and sarina, crita tu best! ^O^b

yah, we have a real fun time there at klcc XDDD

thanks guys. you guys just rock my whole stereotaip woorrrlllld.

gamba bob, raf, podin, ziq
sarah, its ourrrs
sarah, its ourrrs 2
sarah, ure the one who asked me to do it so im inesen here.
.... u_u;;;;

thats all~
r o t i - T E R b a k a r


Anonymous said...

aku tak sengaja terkya bile nampak link kedua U_U;;; kite patut tarik page tu lagi tegang lul xD;;

and gambar pompuan tu ko yg nak tgkap -_-

roti bakar said...

sbb ko yg ajak lols u_u;; terkyaaa? u.u;;

tape tape next time kte buat lagi XDDD

[miss][dora] said...

on 7th june ko ade gi ts kan?

roti bakar said...

ha'ah u_u; asal?

Anonymous said...