07 July, 2008

yay, update!! (finally)

mood : happy, damn happy.
music : Hearts Burst Into Fire - Bullet For My Valentine

I'm leaving
Do you wait for me again?
I'm screaming
No more days that I just spent

yeeaaah!! last saturday was my freakiest day, (till today) XD the most freaking wicked sick saturday (at school) XD well let me tell you frm the beginning wth juz happnd to me XD

on Friday, 4th of July (sofhatun's bday lols XD) cik aznida call me, she said about the school fest tomorrow on 5th. so i was like, oh, yeah, em, yes, okaaay and bla bla~ XD then she asked me about the paintball tournament. she said papa yg tlg panggil kan organizer tu, so i was like, Huh? really? (anak sndri pun tatau lol. u_u) so cikgu asked me to enter, she said sofhatun really wanted to join so~ yeah.. thats how it goes.

5th of July, bob Fadley came all the way from IIUM in PJ, (thanks bro :D) tapi of course, im the one who will picked him out at komuter rawang Lol. raf was there, ariffin too! XD so, bob, ariffin, me and sof will be paintball-ing jap lagi!! 8D the feeling of anxiety overwhelmed me XD (mane raf?) oh yeah, raf is not going to join us so i was like, alaaaaa... and bob lagi la "lupe member, mcm tu ah, dh 7 taon kawan, bla bla bla.." u_u;; sof lagi la, "alaa, camne nak maen ni.. (x egt member pun xD)" and ariffin was like "...." u_u;;


so lemme explain how to go to final, the prize etc.
prize :
First place : RM 600 + medal
Second place : RM 400 + medal
Third place : RM 300 + medal
Fourth place : RM 200 + medal
Fifth and so on place : a shot in the back / hand / leg. :D

how to go to final?
first round, group stage. - win 2 out of 3 game to continue to quarter final
second round, q-final stage. - win 2 game to continue to semi final
third round, semi final stage. - win it, final.
fourth round, final. - win it, win the tournament.

so bob, the leader of team Sofhatun Nur (LOLL!!!) said before the game, "kite dpat maen 3 game pun ak dah puas, janji ak maen enjoy ngan member member.." (waw bob, u actually smthng nice and sentimentally said O_o) and off we go to first round!
first game - Lose. (we are seperated. sof and auni jalan jalan lol. me go makan with chee hau. bob, who knows. ariffin? yea he go to see his bro's rumah hantu, so padan muke.)
second game - Win. (team lawan x datang. u_u)
third game - Win. (team cikgu JC x de. he said "mane ade, derang x panggil pun ktorang!" well, too bad.)

"... x pgang marker (pistol tu) pun dpat ke q-final, hebat gile. teamwork!!" kate bob. u_u

so off to q-final, first game.
we enter the field dgn tujuan, nak enjoy. mmg la, after this sof nak terbang ke uk dah D: auni, bob, ariffin pun dh masuk u dh~ so hmm~~ who cares, janji enjoy!

2 minutes later.
its now 2 vs 3. me and sof up against 3 ppl. and i ran out of bullets. and, spalt. im out. so sof, our only hope, managed to kill all of them. (gila babi. u_u) so yea, we won. u_u;;;

q-final, second game.
i killed 2 ppl, we won with no casualties at our side. idup team sofhatun! XD

semi final, first game.
we lost. using the same strategy, our side was traped and bob once again, become the first victim. then ariffin. then auni. so, 2 vs 4 u_u i manage to kill 2 ppl, but when im aiming at the third person, he gone and one of the audience dgn penuh smgt scream like a girl (or she was a girl) BLAKANG KAUUU!! POM!
well, ..
baru 10 saat cmtu sof pun out so, we lose the game D:

3rd 4th place battle.
using the same strategy, we owned them at first. i killed 3 ppl, and ran out of ammo (again). so malas nk tunggu lame lame, i ran and ran towards the opposition flag and grab one pastu lari, tapi well kne tembak bertalu talu mcm x bg chance =_=X so my left arm, my leg, was shot. so i die u_u; tinggal la auni, pun x de bullet, def the base. haish sian die. u_u

so yea, we lose. but 4th place? okay pe XD and we enjoyed our day ^O^/ really, thanks a bunch guys! you (we) guys rocked! XD

ketibaan sof with her yellow porsche

bob, killed kejam-ly u_u (q final 1st game)

sof, uninjured (q final 1st game)

ariffin, the bullet helped him a 'little' out of the game (q final 1st game)

me in the middle, and devan(?) on top of us.

man (woman) of the match, sof!

4th place is okay guys D:


and still, byk lagi gamba dgn face mask, dgn marker, but well, upload la cpat cpat gamba tu aripin! and guys, thanks a lot.

r o t i B a k a r

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