10 July, 2008


music : Who Are You - The WHO

i end up lying on my bed. still, i can't get what bob's words out of my mind. really. it just like, stuck inside here. fuck. saket. blakang badan ade mcm lebam bulat. it fucking hurts. okay x de la sakit like kene tikam dgn stygian desolator (dota lol), tapi mcam kene cranium basher (dota lagi lol). pastu baru prasan kaki ade, tgan pun ade. hais.

i slept.

mama papa ade function kat putra (pakai baju melayu? lol). so i decided to go to cc. i gave papa a call, he say okay, you may, but make sure come back early. yah, thats a confirmation their going to be late. so sof sms me saying thanks, have a gud time, blahblahblah, talking about the 'congrates, u just being shot by a paintball marker just now' mark D: she said what im doing, i said well, driving, nak pegi cc. dah lame x online and stuff. pastu sof said that her parents are out, dinner, die balek balek kene siapkan ayah die punye songket etc. pastu die cakap yg her laptop down, takleh online. so i asked her whether she want to go to and she said YES. u_u;
thats a problem actually. u_u;;;
sofhatun nur, the first daughter of a well-known parents here, superbly rich, distinguished family, very clever, will fly to UK under JPA.
me? well nothing. u_u
well, everything then went from worst to disaster, to catastrophe. u_u of course, her parents are angry, but well, salah aku gak ajak die. bodoh gile u_u; yah im stupid. u_u baka. u_u
sorry U_U

so hari tu end up with a mixed feeling inside me. u_u guilt, happy, sad, hyper and yah, sleep is the easiest way out. tapi tapi, nak cakap dengan dia
so malam tu aku tido pukol 4 lebeh haha. and i sleep soundly.

omg parents die ngan parents aku ade function kat tempat same? o_O!!!
some updated pictures of that day.

mcam bentuk hati kata sof

omg it sure does. u_u

lol pose 1

and why me? T.T

sincerely done.

roti TERbakar

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