26 July, 2009


music : My Morning - Estrella

yay, finally feeling better XD
no more spinning world
and i think im enjoying the world without air cond xDDD
yerrp, right now im enjoying the wind eventho its 2pm, its not hot at all
okay i admit im kinda sweating
but hell, this breeze is making me feels so dem good!
i feel like shleeping zzz
oh yeah about sleeping
im supposed to sleep well this 2 nights
but oh well, kita merancang tuhan menentukan
the first night i almost cannot sleep at all! xD
every one and half hour i woke up. i was freaking-ly annoyed. sial la.
all my joints are aching. it hurts. i cannot sleep in the same pose t.t
for my second night, i cannot sleep at all!
i dnt know what to do, except online. well of course im going to online. who doesnt?
read One Piece
re-read Slam Dunk
re-re-read School Rumble
and re-watch Natsu no Arashi
evntho not as good as SR but yeah
its kinda good for a summer anime
and long time no see animu ;_;
its all because of stupid wifi at my college, and stupid busy busy life
and of course, stupid asaimens u.u
this sem, i only watch 2-3 animu ;_;
Natsu no Arashi, Lucky Star and K-On! u.u

uitm closed lol
so my bro went back home
and i'll drive the NAN 14 to my college x3
im driving it because of my stupid majlis ramas ramah mesra with juniors
kena survey Taman Tasik Perdana, gila xde public kot z_z
so lucky uitm kne tutup
and cuma dapat bawak until weds je v.v
wanted to ask aqira tomato about her Bakat Baru Komik Malaysia thingy
about her storyline
i want to be inside her story 8Db jadi watak picisan pun oke laa
tapi seeing her kinda bz
so.. u_u
going back to Kediaman Siswa Jaya after this
argh. i wan to relax moar. damn. jeles same budak uitm
tapi tapi nnt sept derang xde cuti. :33333
so kinda gembira XD
oh. asaimen pogeming c++
penat penat bawak balik buku c++
tapi x bawak balik soalan die. srupe mcm bwak balik buku ngan soalan tapi x bawak balik lappie
damn how unlucky i yem orz
asaimensss waiting fer me OTL


faiz abu bakar said...

pogeming tu kejp je buat... dok umah ptot xyah buat asaimen, umah adelah asaimen-free places.

saiful said...

haha, mintak kopi tampal skali, ghase malas nak buat xDD