03 October, 2009

this is bullshit.

today just sucks. this is bullshit. i felt annoyed. i hate this feeling. urgh. wtf. idk how else im suppose to go and release this feeling. everything just not right today. why do i have this kind of feeling? i need help. really. wait. i noe who to call. it reaaally helps me during my hard time.

1 - 300 - 888 - 333

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Nor Liyana Mohamad Rosly said...

dominos? wuhu great!

here, wutever ur problem is, just be strong. im sure u can face it hop. be +ve and think this, no matter how hard is life, its just a part of excitement in the play. wut a life without obstacles. u'll find the rainbow soon.

p/s: best x advice aku :P