28 April, 2010

changing season

have you ever had someone that always be with you?
no matter how unlucky you are
no matter how grumpy your mood is
that person will always be there for you?

have you ever heard someone that wont leave the people they care alone?
no matter how pathetic we are
no matter whatever we'll say?
they'll ignore and just, be there.

eventhough we are totally different
different world
different life
different surrounding
different friend
this unfair world

and with those sinister eyes
that will see whatever you do is like a sin
that glare that will pierced right through your heart

no matter how hard the time is
no matter how painful the life you're going through
eventhough we rejected them
saying those cold words that will make even best friends disappear?

are they some kind of idiot?
i am
exactly what they say
a rascal
a good for nothing
a trouble-maker

"Why wouldn't you leave me?"

Well have you ever had someone that will stick with you through everything?
That will always smile for you
Cheer you up
Saying everything will be fine

If you had,
you know what is like when they're gone
either turn into someone you didn't even know
those smiles are not meant for you anymore

what is like when they leave us
eventhough we don't want to be separated
eventhough we promised to see again next time
That autumn will never be the same again

If you having it,
what more can I say?
just enjoy your time, just appreciate whatever you're doing together
don't even bother to read this kind of crap
the crap of someone who
trying to stay with the summer
hoping impossible, possible
stopping leaves from falling down the trees.

every year.

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