05 June, 2010

License To Go Insane.

Ah, one of the latest entry in my blog. Eventhou there's fucking full of thing happens in the past few weeks/months, but I choose not to write it here.

More like, I don't want to care anymore. Right now, I want to enjoy my vacation. Fuck off all the bullshits, what Toms, Dicks or Janes talk about, what they're doing. Or how well fucked up I'm doing right now. Ignorance is a bliss.

And yes, I'm beginning to become more and more I DON'T GIVE A FUCK person back. It's an image I've tried to run these few years but sometimes I felt stupid giving a fuck about something, that I should care less. Being busy body sucks.

And I'm felt like I'm becoming moar hypocrite day, after day, after day. It affects me, that feeling, even if it's not real. I feel like I shud become something I felt, good.

Even if it means I'm once again, entering my self-destruct mode.

Meh, why should I even bother?

Anyway. I'm off to Ipoh for a week, doing a job for Izham. Maybe will continue to Kuala Kangsar/Bertam/Bayan Lepas after that, another week.

keeping myself busy to forget whatever shits happening.
keeping myself sane before the word insane lost it meaning.

Wonder if this is because of the pills? Or it's just me?

Oh well. Maybe I'll update this blog regularly as I'll (maybe) disconnected from world this whole week.

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dieba d diebut said...

kalau kau tak ade.macam mane nak bagi gamba. kau asyik tak ade je..