04 November, 2009

time after time

Been quite for a moment, I realize. Not posting too often. Maybe it's because I'm having final here. Yeah. But, I'm still here. Just lurking on other's blog. Having a good time reading them. :)

Still not having a great night, not once. 8 nights, I think. Well, I hope this goes as soon as my final is over. Gonna have fun a lot after this. Planning to go to Red Box and blow everyone's ear with my singing. XD

Argh. To be honest, just now me and Faiz bad talk Adib. XD I complained to Faiz about how lovey-dovey Adib has become. Faiz, well.. "Biase lah, awal-awal memang la camtu" But when you think about it carefully, I think they become close like, since, awal sem? *swt*

And we both planning to kidnap Adib. :D Umpan him using basketball. Ajak basketball, then kidnap him. And blackmail Aqeela. >:D Mfufufufufufufu *KA-CHIIING*

So bad ah. Well that's what everyone been thinking. Jealous punya pasal lah. XD

Arhh after this got Audio Video paper at 9. Just now at 9 pm, Mr Nadzari, when asked about the final paper, replied Burn's message. After reading the message, Burn start playing PES 2010.

"Tak study ke?"
"Bace msg die."

"Tak ada bab-bab. Semua same jer. Saya dah untukkan masa untuk tidor dalam 45 minit...hehe.."


So I went back to my room, and play PES 2010 while waiting for AC Milan vs Real Madrid's game.

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faiz abu bakar said...

adib tu besa oo.
sush gle kalu nk kidnap die.
unless he's same size as aqeela.. so we have to find the dragonball, let the shenlong@shenrong granted our wish == to make adib smaller