07 November, 2009


It's 6 am. I've just realized.

Haish. What are friends? Bunch of people that'll be there fer ya when you're happy? People that help you understand world? Or someone that'll help you when you're down? Which is the true definition of friends? Well yeah, of course they'll said friend is peoples that are always be with you whenever, whatever happens. Issat true? Really?

Well fuck it. Fuck whatever friend means. For me everyone that I know is a friend.

Wait, why am I babbling bout friends here? @_@


Just now I heard that Tya fainted. Hish. that girl. Told you already. Have a good rest. Go sleep. Don't push yourself to hard. You're fragile. You are not that strong. You are just a normal being for gawd sake. Act like one!

Ha tengok ni Tya, pesanan ikhlas daripada penaja.

But then,
"Eh, you pun same jugak. Nampak lagi teruk ade la!"
..yeah, well, er, erm that's true but but.

Now I realized. Who am I to say those things to her, when I, myself do the same thing! Oh, how stupid. Act like I'm the most helpful person in the world. Hah. In your face dude.

To be honest I felt kinda, afraid. Well, you see, people always talk that sleeping pills is addictive, causing side effects, bla bla bla. EVEN with the doc's prescription, I'm still afraid to take those pills. But you know, the feeling of fainted, is suckier than eating those pills. Don't need to explain much tho, Tya herself dah rasa. xD

I'm getting tired of writing this shits, it's the same thing, again and again. So from the time being, Lunesta, you're my friend. You'll help me, right? Don't let me down. Please?


This sucks. This dark, pitch black night. The rain, just rubbing salt to the wounds. This chilling night, is like a never ending nightmare. It will happen, again, and again, and again.

This sucks.


Tya Matdiah said...

lunesta. urgh. cant live with them, cant live without them.

hah, pesanan ikhlas penaja. penaja pun lebey kurang mcm nak pengsan gak. hahahahahahaha ;p

saiful said...

yeah. <3 lunesta. xD

penaja punya slot iklan x byk, nak pengsan cari slot penaja. xD