10 December, 2009


Today is something different. Kenapa? Well for once I did not sleep after I watched football.
I did good I think.
First thing I did this morning is, start my mom's car. Pack her work stuff inside her work bag, and put it inside her car. Then sidai baju. Sweep the floor. Inside and outside. Mop the floor. Vacuum the carpets. Buy Gardenia. Make some breakfast for my dad. Get the Sun. Stingy I am haha. Make tea. Less sugar. Bit tawar but I think it's okay. :) All that I did before 7.30, while listening to channel 861. idk what the heck was the radio station but I think the song 'kena' with today morning. Haha. Quite happy.

Well I surprised myself. I don't know I'm that rajin. Maybe self-conscious? I guess. Well anyway, most of the work I did today, was what my dad supposed to do. I want to please him. To make him feel bit relaxed. I hope I did right. Worried whether he'll eat my rotibakar tho. with kaya. And my tea. If he didn't then I'll be devastated? lol. That's should be his feeling if he buying breakfast and we didn't eat.

Maybe because he sick. Not a normal fever or stuff. Nevermind the details. But I guess I didn't do good as his son all this while. Even though I'll be back at my college after a few days, and it was quite too late to do these stuff to please them my parents, but well, better late then never hm?

Quite a long time since I post here. So, tadaima? haha

Well here he comes down. Getting nervous. swt swt.

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mud said...

oo how i wish you're here, be my roommate :)