30 December, 2009

rambling, grumbling, babbling

it's cold, it's dark, and it's lonely.

urgh i just cant stop thinking things negatively.


so many things i want to share u guys with. my err holidays, my outings, cf especially, post-cf, college life, yada yada. but hell, as always, idk why i just..don't write. haih. not in 'the mood' lagi? now im writing things. sbb xbleh tdo. 8D yeah, dh sorg2 xleh tdo tu, and no one to kacau, where else u'll go? ur blog la. the only good listener, never tired of u, never complain stuff bout u.

ahh, kdg kdg dh malas nak complain stuff. because that's life. right? never a life that never give you headache and troubles you. a lot. instead of complaining, we shud just redha. Let It Be. words from Lennon. Oh he such a good song-writer. Inspiring ppl.

talks bout music, i heard that James Owen Sullivan aka The Rev from a7x is dead. man he such a good drummer, too young to die imo. 2009 will always remembered as the year where many stars falls. life is short, now i realized, again.

well the only setback if you can't sleep is that u'll feel drowsy tmrw, pening2 lalat, and lapa tga2 malam buta. where oh where i can find food?

at times like this u'll need Coldplay, Lunesta, a warm hug, or a verryy comfy bed. and I don't have any, too bad.

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