03 January, 2010

goodbye teen-years

like always, nak update tp well, xde mood etc etc so yeaahh. XD
anyways. happy twenty-ten to all. and to all my 19 going 20 friends, er, happy twenty? goodbye teen years ;_;


I was kinda unaware that 2010 is coming orz until sometimes later when amal planned to go see fireworks at Puncak Setiawangsa baru mcm, O-M-G, new year is like the day after tomorrow? so plan, and re-plan, and re-plan again saaammmppaaaiiii la I was like, ah to hell with planning. "Ak rase bile jumpe baru kite leh tau ape nak wat" was mE idea, so yeaaahh.

that 31st evening, supposedly I learned to do cupcakes from amal, but die xde mood, dan mE was kinda "Weh pukul brape kau buat cupcake? aku kinda nak join" shows she was kinda bored dekat rumah and wanna hang out so I was kinda guilty nak btau die plan canceled, so I asked her to confirmed with amal xDDD but later I suggested to go to arcade sbb die nak jugak keluar u_u habis je kelas pukul 4, amik external hard disk dkat office kakak, and uncle zul was there to give me that exhd. dia mcm, "er nah. ni ad RM10". so I replied "Kakak bagi an? okaaay. later" Kakak later revealed that he actually wanted me to think that he the one who give me the money, when actually Im the one mintak kakak the money. 8Db


smpai rumah amal like 5.30, kena fetch mE pulak. dekat AMPANG LAGI TUU. GILA LA WEYH. dh la my sport car punya air-cond kena tekan minyak baru rase the coolness. yelah, sport car la katakan.

jalan jalan. pusing pusing. u-turn.

then wait. waaaiiitttt. lame gile mE bersiap orz for a girl like mE, it was daaaammnn lama.

then went to TS. arcade. ahhh my favorite hammer thingy ROSAK WTF. yah, the one I beat faiz. XD played Gundam, got no luck. haih. tga xform masa tu. damn. and watch amal played the para para thinggy. omg dia main satu tgn je? @@ and I was like, amal, smgt sket main tuu u_u; and played more moreee games.

den book ticket for movie dekat pavvy. did you hear about the morgans. pukul 1245, okay lah tu, mmndgkan I wanted to see fireworks sgt2. u_u sopping and lurking mane mane tah. and found a nice sweater *O* I want oneeee. I dun have oneeee. Kakak dh janji nak bg still x bg bg. siod ah D: xde size, xlawa dan mahal orz so nvm lah, cuci mata pun jadilah.

so we kinda wait for the countdown. cari spot merata2 lah. den patah balik. well its kinda wth pegi sparuh jalan den patah balik but yeah, byk masa nak kill so nvm xD and lepak lepak, waited till 1145 den sambung cari port baik. xmau byk2 org, sesak @@ actually i dun mind, sbb dh biasa pegi gigs. tp ade girls laah, dan diorang so not jieba and intan, actually jieba and intan tu yg x mcm perempuan sgt u_u so we continue cari cari. first I myself pegi lurk dekat dgn parking pavvy, ade pokok block. den zeden ckp ade dga org tga countdown, while i still lurking for signs of fireworks. next thing i know diorang dh xde wtf. nmpak tga lari, so i chase them, loncat tebing yg tinggi 5-6 feet jugak lah. then fireworks dh start. tp still x best, so I kinda nak lintas jalan, tapi segan lah kalau org lain x lintas an? but zeden tetibe, jum lari, so I was like HELLL YEAAHHH!!! kejar fireworks mcm xpernah tgk one. lintas jalan, loncat sket, den nampak a better view. haha 8D

well maybe sbb penat i didn't enjoy the movie much. it's okaaay but perhaps i expect things sgt. ade orang tido sblah mE, tp mE xprasan lol xD

and hantar mE, amal, and lil dkat apartment amal. and officially, I don't have anywhere to sleep T.T

what a new year.


Tya Matdiah said...

cit, gila bangga mengang hammer thingy
hesy. *hahahaha*

saiful aizat said...

of course, i defeated ur master what tya