09 January, 2010

rilleeekkkk laa aizat.

I'm still waiting for my sis. It's already 15 minutes past 2. Kakak's conquering the bathroom. She's enter the bathroom for like, 30 minutes ago? IDK WTH SHES DOING. And she's playing Happy by Leona Lewis over and over from the moment she enter the bathroom till now. I fed-up dan dgn semangat nye jerkah kuat2 "Woi, tukaq la lagu lain!" And she answer with her best answer, Rileeekkkk la aizaaattt.

Anyway, this post is intend to be follow up from the post Food For Thought, why? because simply, the Double Fortune Burger I think really suck up my luck.

Start my week with the usual OMG IT'S 10.55 MY CLASS IS AT 11 kind of morning. Rushed for bathroom, pakai sarung je shirts, and like I always said, I hate shirts. So how I open it, that's how I'm gonna wear it lul.

Simply rushed everything.

And pak guard tahan. "Er, mane kad matriks?" Hilang btw. Takkan nak jawab ilang. "Jap ada lam bag." Punya lah aku duk punggah bag tu mmg xde lah. saje blakon.

"Dh2 le tu blakon, meh masuk lam pondok tu"
Kantoi lah. U rock, pak guard.
"Ni knape baju x tight in ni? Isnin smart day tau!" Tegur akak guard dalam pondok tu. Smart day mai ass! She's not wearing her uniform fer gawd sake!
"Er, dh habis kelas, ni nk hantar kawan gi jumpa akak die" Skali lagi aku meniru prangai Jieba dan CK. Ooops.

Misfortune #1, autograph saman x pakai kad matriks.

Wednesday, bangun lambat, lagi. u_u nearly ponteng class but well, I rushed. And saw a familiar looking paper.

Misfortune #2, autograph saman parking kereta.

What the heck dude. Its added another misery to my morning! And for like 2 years I'm here, NEVER I saw a motorcycle parked there. pfft.

Moving on, pegi buat cupcakes. It was a damn hot Wednesday afternoon. I was sweating in my car! Picked up Rahillah at Masjid Jamek and arrived at Amal's at 2. So yada yada cupcakes done! o/ thanks Amal! and eL for making us laugh.

And Misfortune #3, I Cannot Start My Kancil T.T

It's like Adib's Super Duper Combo, "Bale Kau! Srys Ah! Dissapointed btol." Anyhow I make it thru t.t and survived another misfortune on Friday, where I cannot start my kancil T.T part 2. Haish.

Riiiiiilekkkk la Aizattt.


ilif said...

peringatan: jgn mkn kat A&W dah O:

saiful aizat said...

kalau lapa sgt maybe take away will do >_<

but no moar so called fortune burger = =

Sarah said...

Riiiiiilekkkk la Aizattt!!!!!