05 January, 2010

food for thought.

Geh I cannot sleep again, so it's blogging time 8Db Right now I'm doing questionnaire on what do you want to know about how to make cupcakes orz yep cupcakes. I'm We're doing instructional design on how to make cupcakes. Well it was Pn Zaza aka yankumi idea so we just, okaaay.

And honestly, I don't have any idea on how to it. Amal said it was easy, well easy lah because she done it, and girls shud have natural instinct on how to bake/cook. So yeaah. If kuih raya can lah, that if my mom is around D8

Went to A&W yesterday. I mean, Sunday. At Wangsa Walk Mall. Idk why I went there AGAIN while I kept saying I WONT GO there anymore. I was driving around Wangsa Maju and next thing I know is I was parking my car. @@ Maybe because the hunger, I ges.

I saw the 'Double Fortune Burger' poster and instantly my stomach grumble. So I order lah one. Meal of course, since I was hungry. And waiting they finish preparing the burger was hell! Lame gile babs! And when she put the burger at the counter, it was SMALL. WTF. I thought it was big, I mean, it's not the size of a normal Cheeseburger at McD! Quickly I add Sandwich Chicken, which cost me another 6 bucks. Ka-ching!

The restaurant I tell you, not-very-clean lah for a very new restaurant. If you go to a KFC, or Burger King or whatever fast food except from KFG that you can only find in Taiping, the floor if tumpah even a bit, the worker quickly mopped it. But here, sticky. erk. And the cashier just now forgot to put straw and spoon inside my float. So I asked another worker for a straw, and he, just finished cleaning up other ppl food, terus ambik the straw. I was like, ohhhkaaaayyy, and wipe the straw with my Man Utd jersey. I even trust my jersey more than that guy you know! And he put the spoon inside my float, and well, of course it'll tumpah a bit. Tumpah on my RM10 x3 and tissues! After eating I went to wash my hand, and when I came back, all my food are GONE! with my coinssss!! And the worker just come back to my table with his hand holding his purse and I was like .... and he just grab my float. So I half-scream-ly yelled at him, Dude, I'm not finish eating. Pastu die terus belah. Hoi, mana courtesy? Sorry? WTH lah.

Double Fortune mai-foot. Double misFortune ade lah.

And I just realized ada function on my blog that can ++ my font size and my blog width. waw, awesome template I tell you!


ilif said...

dia ingat coins tu tips ntuk dia ek

amal.najaa said...

Misfortune indeed. u_u

Anyway, aku nak buat kot esok (wednesday). Pick mE up and datang after class lah.

saiful aizat said...

@iliF - hoh, mmg nak kena sepak laju2 mamat tu u_uX

@amal - thankksss ;_;

Sarah said...

siyot u_u amek duet tu masa customer belom blah lagi