22 January, 2010

crap: tumblr

I want a Tumblr.
I want to do a Tumblr for so long ago.
But my internet connection have won against me since ages.
Since Ice Age I started to give up my hope in doing one.
Eventho there's 24 923956014945349021081035 reasons to do a Tumblr
I still didn't do one.
And I started to become jealous of people having one.
So right now all I want is deskie, Steel Series Ikari Laser Mouse, Steel Series Z Keyboard backpacking, money, lomo, holiday, Savvy, gundam A TUMBLR.


ilif said...

just make one laaa u__u

saiful aizat said...

commitment ta mngizinkan u///u plus internet super slow + bz main dota + study lagi u.u;; we'll see later 8D

ilif said...

u are just lazy, admit it. blerghh u_u