01 February, 2010

my blood is effing RED.


It always hurts seeing ppl trolling in "PERSATUAN MEMBENCI MAN UTD" or yadayada. They all are just plain jealous. We're winning tittles and it's hurting them so much.

Quote from boxsystem@forum.lowyat.net

"Some people ARE that stupid. Oh well. It doesn't hurt me one bit at all.

Our owners - Yanks
Pool owners - Yanks
Ski owners - FM player / Russian
Arse owners - PLC
Our drama - Debts
Pool drama - Debts + not enough money(all seasons)
Ski drama - Owner play FM + still got debt
Arse drama - not enough money + stupid stadium name.

Our manager - Sir Alex "Top Class" Ferguson
Pool manager - Mr Rafael "FACHT" Benitez
Ski manager - Mr Roman "WHO I WANT" Abramowich (currently Ancelotti)
Arse - Mr Arsene "I DIDNT ZEE IT" Wenger

Scenario :

Every club got its own problems. Mostly with debt. Even though you got multimillionaire oil tycoon backing up. Surprising eh? The difference? We GOT Sir Alex Ferguson. As much as other clubs hate it, this man has revolutionized United. From England-known club to one of the richest and popular club, if not top lah ..

Lately, the debt even went into the highest order. We sold our best player. We didn't sign that Argentine scum. Yet with some relatively unknown young players and current seniors that we have, we ARE still challenging in most of the competitions that we are in. Well, you have to discount the FA match with Leeds. That was embarrassing. Current position, 2nd in the league and four points adrift to Chelsea which weren't having problems with injuries as we did. They are really terrified.

Who could blame them? with our constant changing back four except for Evra and makeshifts centre halves .. we are just four points adrift. We are in the last 16 of Champs League. We booked our place in Carling Cup final. Yeah yeah .. everybody says it's a mickey mouse cup yet when they won it, WE ARE CHAMPS BLA BLA BLA.

With our terrible form, still Chelsea and Arsenal couldn't smoked us in terms of points. Yet from time to time AGAIN, we are called ONE MAN TEAM. Last year was Ronaldo and this year it is Rooney. Whilst Liverpool had that second spot last year, they are nowhere to be seen in the top 4 spot this year. Citeh, Villa and Spurs are well top of them. Again, who could blame them to be those cry-babies in the first place?

Lets recap :

We ARE Man United. We have problems with debts and owner. We lost our best player to Real. We were facing problems with injuries and now bans to our players. I wouldn't want to talk about referees and FA. YET, we are still in good condition to challenge.

Now tell me, who wouldn't be jealous of that?"

And now, final score is ARSENAL 1 - MANCHESTER UNITED 3

"I still searching positive things from this game but cant find it? can somebody tell me the positive?"
"vermaelen scored a goal *clap*"
"a magnificent goal from a defender *clap*"

yeah, a goal from a deflection is always a wonderful goal if you're 3 goals behind.
All pundits from ESPN's Football Forecast either predict 2-1 lose for United, or a 1-1 draw. and this, IN YOUR FACE.

till I die I bleed my blood RED. (uh duh?)

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