22 February, 2010

Bodoh, Helicopter lah!

"Flying, we're flying like birds in the sky,
Running, we're running like no one ever knows.."

We have fun, again. This time, it's wicked. I mean, me, and amEaL (lol it's actually amal + mE, so don't worry about it much tho xP) really, lost it. Actually taklah gila-gila, just, behaved like a retarded people, laughing like you've lost it.

mE ask me whether I'm free on Sunday because apparently, she finally get a job! And it's not a scam heh. Feel happy for her, getting a job, and because she promised me she'll blanja me and Amal. Well she did belanja us, well eventho it's just a little but thanks! Like finally kau belanja ktorang hahah. anyway she and amal ajak dinner, so I was like, why dinner? And after some random moment I went to CC and discover why on Amal's blog.

And we have a tough time brainstorming on where to have that dinner. They told me to give some idea so I gave them my Rahsia restaurant, but well, it was rejected >: Amal wanted to eat sushi because she wanted to eat sushi or she kinda cannot chew much xE i mean xD so we went to KLCC's Sakai SAKAE SUSHI. Well it was me and mE's first time eating sushi at a sushi restaurant and I'm kinda enjoy it. I mean, we kinda, enjoy it very well? Lol, who else wanted to say smthng about their dad, but keep on repeating "Bapak aku.." then stop for a while and laughed? The only person I know right now is Amal, mE and me lol. And I think MAYBE MUST BE sushi tu that make us laugh so much, I think that other ppl started to feel annoyed. 8Db So we wrap things up early at 9.45 because KLCC is closing at 10.

And then out of the blue Amal suggested that we'd go Taman Tasik Titiwangsa and I was like .. uh okay. u__u; we walked a bit and this time Amal suggested that we go pusing the whole tasik and I was like, no, that's not okay, the lake is effing BIG so we went to the Eye On Malaysia ex-tapak.

Then I started noticed that, of course, semua couple lol. Amal was like "Eh takpe ke kite kat sini?" and I replied.. oh well nvm. xD it's not appropriate to write that here! So we sat down and started laughing randomly and do some "personality test" and somehow it's... funny. After that, we randomly talk about something random and looking at the sky, mE said to me that he saw a cloud that looks like a man jumping, but I saw a cloud that looks like a Quarterback throwing the ball. And to be honest, we started to laugh, eventhough it's really, nothing. u_u I don't think it's sugar's fault tho, we uh, eat sushi? MAYBE Must be ada drug dalam those sushis.

We continue to laugh, and laugh, and laugh. I know, I know. Sape lagi yang gelak kuki kuki di tga malam at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa? And I think those ppl are annoyed by us, obviously. hahah. Because, when we laugh, we really, LOL! and a big HAHAHA! so it was terrible for others to bear with us. But anyway, this is a public place, we all pay the tax, so we all have the right to do anything right? yeaah.

TBH even when we laugh like that, I'm still kinda worried tho, not being negative but, obviously after moment like this, you'll never have a same/better experience. Yeah, we all can plan but, god decides everything. Example, the photoshoot with Sue, Raf, Bob, Elin and Sof? What happened afterwards? We end up not contacting each other, more like I kinda fed-up trying to keep in touch? Everyone seems so busy. So I assume after this, Amal and mE too, will, of course keeps getting busy. Because everyone have their own life.

It will be a sentimental night, although I kinda dislike the word sentimental. Well I do hope that the friendship will remain till.. mE kawen. Lol joke. till forever. x) After this, no more random outings? mE jum lunch? Amal jum muvie? Aizat Sui sakit? haha. Either way I hope I'm thinking to much, as what mE always said to me. There's still Penang after this. With morrree ppl. I hope everything turns out okay.

Started star gazing after some random moments. I mean, it was like 45 minutes of lololol, tak penat ke ~_~ To end this weekend with this kind of outing is always pleasant for me. I'm the kind of guy that enjoy view very much. Much like pure orgasm, bak kata Jieba. Haha. But enjoying the view with your buddies is much moar awesome. The night, is very hard to describe in words. It's happy, yes, it is, tiring, and it's funny, but at the same time it's kinda sad? Lol wait maybe I AM thinking to much. I blame the lunesta 8D

And seriously, why does ppl always said "Aku rindu kereta ni." u_u?

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