19 February, 2010

once in a lifetime?

well i don't wanna talk to much, you guys'll noe my first half of the story if you guys read mE's fools loser, phaeLure paradise, or you experienced monochromedd, by amal, so i ges i'll skip to my 2nd part of the day, it's the freaking 3 hours of waiting until 1 am xD

So as I went on, searching what else to do, somehow I end up at T-bun, thanks to mr Fazlan Ismail aka Dekan who.. er.. give me the name of the cc eventho it's not the cc but anyways, thanks and aku x reply msg kau sbb kau pakai celcom. xD

At first I end up at V2 wangsa maju, and comparing with T-bun, erm Q U A S pwn big time. XD I mean both of the cc is ges on the same par, but what I carved most was the mass-placed of Razer/SteelSeries Mouse! None of them got one, which is so sad but Q U A S have a FREAKING STEEL SERIES IKARI LASER MOUSE EVERYWHERE! I mean its a FREAKING RM 300 LASER GAMING MOUSE EVERYWHERE. okay sorry for the caps but, oh well, moving onn..

okay, the reaaall reason I'm there is that, as most of you guys know, my freaking modem got struck by lightning bolt. er. somehow I wish Percy tak pulangkan balik that lightning bolt =_= and it was like, almost a month and still waiting for the confirmation of the warranty. warranty pun kene confirm ka. so I think most of you guys know because I did tell why I cannot online, it's the matter of you guys ingat or not, and there, don't laugh, esp you mE. you sucker, you got your effing wimax but you can't even load a single comment! okay sorry that was random but, you suq mE. Well that's the reason why I don't online for months, accept kadang2 lah when I curi-curi keluar pegi cc. hahah. SO I DONT GET UPDATED, SORRY? YES IM TALKING TO YOU. i don't think you'll read this but anyway moving onnn...

I was there at T-bun, and unlike what Dekan said, (well not exactly, it's more like I'm the one who asking "Mana cc ade razr?" "err. Tiban?" ) there's no freaking RAZER MOUSE!! D: BUT IDC I HAVE A FREAKING STEELSERIES IKARI LASER MOUSE! well okay sorry again for the caps but finally after a year craving for this awesome sheet I finally own one ;-;

Okay, as usual, nothing happens, the game worsen my day, noob teammate, the only teammate that is useful is this 'LiLyPoP' fella, that stick to the plan, make a great teamwork eventho he's noober than me hahahahahahahhaa. well for me teammates > pros and good games come from good teamwork. He's kinda pissed off and we kinda talking and I was like "pop, u where cc?" and he said somewhere at some section so idc, and he ask u? "from Rawang ^^" and we kinda uhh.. chatting while waiting those ppl to end the game and he was like, "desu, next game? " "Uh kay, I change name to miku, close 1 fr me?" So I changed my name, and searching for his game, nope, so I search 1 by 1, and finally saw his name and we play the game.

I admit, that game I was kinda, uh pro? not being a lansi fella but thats the uhh. fact u.u; I used Atropos and managed to kill 9 in the first 30 minutes ^^ I mean, our teamwork, this guy and me was super awesome! he using Crystal Maiden, Rylai (CM), I ulti drow/veno/windrunner he freeze 1 fella and use ulti oso xD so we kinda go gangbang every heroes lol

Later, I kinda finish my Guinsoo and hex this windrunner, and ulti drow, and CM was there, but he never use ulti! I was like screaming ULTI, ULTI, ULTIIIIII!!!!!!11111 and den we die @_@ den only I realised ulti CM cooldown u///u so I dun bash him, so nvm lah.

But later I perasan he type "Sorry my ulti cd"
I was like, "lol its k ><"
And he replied "bt u screamed?"
I was like, stunned? ~_~ "how u noe?"
"u at tbun?"
"how u noe? u hear me ah?"
I mean, It's kinda freaking 60 sec baru revive so we chatted u.u
"u wear sweater?"
"yah, where u? tbun oso?"
...huh. =_=
"oy tell me lor or I leave jor. sorry I malay?"

well that's kinda racism but thats reality, it's hard to play with chinese start calling U malay? Malay noob etc etc so I keep quite but this fella kinda see I uh, Malay?

"im opposite ur pc"

and I saw a girl waving at me. u_________u
so I kinda wave back at her? u_________u?
yah, with that face. u_u;;


and IDK why but I said I gtg, want to fetch my sister, as I pressed enter, 5 secs later I hear a "Goodbye", a normal way a computer saying "Dude, ur times up, shuh shuh" and I saw she kinda smile? u.u; So I uh kinda chat with her a bit there while online, googling and reading blogs, yeah, yours amal. while chatting. thats why i kinda forget. u//u She told me she rarely play dota here as she prefer see his bf play, well apparently, ex. x3 she broke-up, because that guy lied to her that he at this cc then this girl come and kantoi lah he's not here, so she broke-up with that guy, and then play dota lololol. and TBH, it's almost to good to be true! it's 99% like dream one ;_; well not exactly your kind of dream girl, wears tudung, sweet looking, etc etc but minus the tudung, free hair, wavy almost curl hair, bawah paras bahu a bit, she looks AWESOME-ly sweeeeeet! Anyhow we chatted for almost 15 mins and then we went separate ways after exiting the cc.

So I think that's my last time sees a girl playing dota, a Malay girl, playing dota, and don't talk ask whether I asked her phone number or not, I don't even know this girl's name!

okay here's Mike, ajak lawan dota, so yeah, later!


ilif said...

mcm drama siot haha ;D

Anonymous said...

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