04 March, 2010

crap: update

cut my hair. feh after such a long time, finally.

and maybe i'll shave my head. nazar. and life is getting sucks. I want a freaking deskie because I wanted to play STAR WARS: FORCE UNLEASHED ULTIMATE SITH EDITION. and because I want to play many moar gameesss. and doing my instructional design lab asaimens. oh doing it in my laptop is just suq.

I'm need something to cheer me up. Thanks btw mE. and I think I'm getting jealous at all my friends yg tga/ dah enjoy their vacations, Singapore, Langkawi, and Aussie, NZ, Europe etc etc. Hell, Malaysia pun jadilah, as long as I'll enjoy the vacation. Hmph. With friends pun boleh. If no friends then I guess I'll go alone. Sigh, hope my parents let me.

getting nearer to the final. arh, time for hell of asaimens and project submissions, presentations.

*such a short update. ~_~*

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