19 March, 2010

crap: how stupid I was

fooled maybe the right word. well after such a long time, I finally remember what I wanted to know since my highschool years.

Well to cut the long story short, lets just say that;

  • As I suspected, a Qarin really knows (everything) about yourself.
  • As I suspected, a Qarin knows what you wanted, what is your secret.
  • And a Qarin is your personal wicked twins.
  • A Qarin can comes to your dream in the form of your loved one.

    That's what I've suspected earlier; point 1 + point 2 + point 3 + point 4 + your foolishness = fooled? and to think that I've suspected this since long time ago, but still fell for it,

    how stupid I was.

    Tya Matdiah said...

    it's not foolishness, lah. it's naivety. it's not the same thing.

    saiful aizat said...

    like i've said, i've always doubt it, but i still believe. and it turns out that what i've doubt is true. so I can say that I was stupid