06 March, 2010

crap: leaning towards darkness

guess my worst fear have come true. oh how I wish I go back to sleep and woke up, thinking this is just another nightmare to forget. Guess shit does happens.

And I wonder how life seems unfair, although I know it's wrong to ask "God, why is this happening to me, not others," but still, maybe I'm just a person. Maybe it's been emotional to me, and I know, it's wrong, so I won't do that again.

I've promised, I'll be strong, so obviously, that post might be the last of its kind. So bye-bye. *Oh dah delete pun xP*

It's so hard to update this blog, because there's nothing happy to talk about, it's all depressing! haha xD

And I burst my efing tears. I cried so hard, so badly that my buddie Sue called me from AUSTRALIA LOL. So bad of me hahah. Cry baby. But really, pisang tak berbuah dua kali, tapi shit happens, twice?


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