23 March, 2010

things that have always been in my mind

okay okay, yesterday was stupid. I mean, I got a math test today at 2, but what I've done? A bunch of crap that I actually posted.

Well that's what happens if you cannot sleep, and otak dah tepu/takleh masuk dan melekat those equations, every single exercise I've done is like a new thing that time, so take that. Dah tepu, so I end up crapping.

Because it's actually based on true story, bet most of you guys figured it out already.

A bit twist and turn, there you got it. And why Irfan? Hahaha.

Really. I wanted to drive, okay maybe if u guys fraid of my driving, then I wanted to go basically, anywhere, in a car, with friends. That was like, my dream since I was 10? But till this date I never actually think I'll able to achieve that. I hope I will, somehow, even if I'm alone. I just, wanted to do that.

Well I'm surprised at how fast this sem is going to end. Next week study week. Study study.

After final? Work. I want to earn moneysss$$. Obviously for the trip, and some stuff. Sigh. See, belum study week pun dah berangan sakan.

I need a semester break. To run, escape, ctrl+alt+del. A holiday. Enjoy sea water. Enjoy the stargazing. Enjoy running in the rain. Enjoying everything, enjoying the messed up things, in fact I don't mind if I lost, I want to lost.

I'm missing stars.

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ilif said...

you have friends who you can count on and to have fun with. i envy you :)