15 January, 2010


This week i've been busy. like, 2 times busier than usual? is all for the sake of friendship, cats and duit minyak n_n So here we go. The reason why I got busier is Sui. Sui, is a cat. She comes from the word Squeel or smthng @_@ I don't really pay attention what mE told bout the history of Sui. So Sui's been sick starting last Saturday I believe, she's vomiting, no food appetite, and stuff.

mE's got er worried so she called me asking me to help find a vet hospital. because I have a car. u_u; so yada yada, after class, I picked her up with Sui and went to the vet hospital, only to find the vet hosp is closed. and it's just 5. mE said that gov hosp always close at 4, so on Tuesday we went there again, and arrive there 10 minutes before 4. Guess what, the hosp closed again. u_u; and the pak guard was like, "Korang dah lambat laa, besok pukul 8.45 dtg la, confirm bukak punye."

So on Wed I picked her up at 1.30 pm sbb xmau lambat punya pasal. And the plan was actually backfires me because not only we have to endure absolute heat, but the hosp was closed because they went for lunch since 12.30 till 2.45 pm. Okay, so while waiting there, chatting with other pet owners, we started thinking. If, the clinic open at 8.45, went for lunch at 12.45, continue operating at 2.45, and close at 3.45. Then how many hours actually they worked? =___= It annoys me sooo much. Do they ever consider ppl working till 5, and have no chance at all to send their pets there?? starts to open AFTER 8.30, temporarily closed AT LUNCH TIME, and closed BEFORE end of working period. good huh.


there's a looot of cats there! ada yang leher terkehel @_@ and to often got flu! and got some dogs too. and rabbits. The service was okay, in fact kinda good for a govt hosp, the doc helps us a lot, but I pity mE because she ermm, really cannot hear what the doc mumble, I myself struggle to hear words from her. But nevertheless, she helped us a lot. And Sui is damn ringan weyh! She's only weigh at 1.5 kg! Pity her.

And to think that I have allergic with cats. Urgh.

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Sarah said...

ermm~ it's a vet hospital u_u they charge higher than human's hospital so they can do whatever the like? like dentist.. there are few of them and yah, thay can work on their own time also u_u

just my opinion?