13 January, 2010

crap : imagination


Sometimes it helps. Always it backfired.

It helps when you lost, or you don't remember things, or you have works to do, or you planning your future.

It kills when the curiosity + something bad happens to your friends and you were there to imagine things.

-I'm a person who loves to read things, and when someone tells their sadness, or happiness, which leaves a person that have high imagination like me imagining things, and suppose it's not a very good thing, such as death, reading the description of that person, the story, history, memory, it will eventually make me remember mine.

And i can't help but to continue reading, and then imagine. And after that, a few flashbacks come whoosh and swooof, and next thing i know is I was already there. And I'll stuck there, all night long, trapped by the memories, feeling guilty, or whatsoever. Will escaped by the sound of my alarm, handphone or the ray of the sunlight.

That's my imagination level. Sometimes your 'extra extra' is something you wish to get rid of.

And this is my first random of the year yay o/

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