06 September, 2009

Nearer, my God, to Thee, nearer to Thee

music: Nearer my god, to Thee
mood : puzzled

how is life so far? well I shud be happy lol. Look, I don't really wanted to post that long nana, but well, bile type je, everything mcm, keluar laju jerr. anyway this is my blog soo. yeaaaah. suke suki la saye.

You can say it is a typical week for me. Quite number of sleepless night. Srysly, I'm getting puzzled. wth is happening to me? Dulu kalau baring je, 1,2,3 *puff* I'm in a dreamland. With Gundam. Zeta. or maybe Yakumo-chan. *yakummoooo u///u* But now, this year, Ive been struggling to sleep. yerp. It is weird. I mean, I even tried to count sheep lol. yes, I'm THAT DESPERATE. Sape sape ade sleeping pills ke. sbb ubat batuk don't work on me at all. pls pls give me some idea.

okay. next one

Well in case you guys wonder, what's with the hymn, the Thee and Thou stuff? Well I kinda remember some touching scene on Titanic (1997, James Cameron) , as she is sinking, there's a band that kept playing to keep ppl calm. I remember the quote "Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight." by the band master, as he played the song, Nearer, my God, to Thee. And I Googled xP Well the truth is I thought that these band is just fictions, I mean, there's no way they'd play even when you're the verge of death. But it is in history. Yerp. Mr Wallace Hartley did lead the 9 man band to play until the very end. It was very sad, but well. oh yeah. It is also sung by the doomed crew and passengers of SS Valencia, as it sank on the Canadian Coast. so sad.

let see, what else.

I've been reading my junior's blog post regarding her trip to UK. Damn I was so jealous. It's the same feeling as Amal's trip around Europe. gaaahhh. wish I was/will be that lucky. I'm so fucking desperate to travel orz I want to feel jetlag orz I want this, I want that. Well basically I'm not jealous that they went outside of the country, to Europe etc, it's just that, I want to travel lol. Somehow in my latest lifeline I've seldom traveled. hmph. I hope this will change soon. actually kinda jealous with Dora. not because she's Dora The Explorer, no no no but because she actually ade dekat Egypt, tapi tak pegi pyramid? oh cm'on! One of the Seven Wonders of The World! hmph.

Maybe not because I wanted to traveled that much. Maybe I want to find somewhere, hm, peace? I mean, a getaway? Somewhere calm, refreshing. Been thinking if there's some hill somewhere with full of grasses, and it's very comfortable to lie on. I'd really want one. It'd be better if there's wind. hah. That is just perfect! And I really don't mind the weather, even if its sunny, or raining. or cloudy. these weather have their own emotion influence on ppl, but it's fair to say that I like every single one of them. Well xde la yg extreme tu, as in tornado ke. Really. I'd love to go there. And sleep on the bed of green grasses, with the sky as my roof, as long as I like.

That will be one of my dreams.

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minum susu campur madu u_u gerenti tido lena 8D)b