25 September, 2009

things in my mind.

duit raya taun ni. 100+. round up = RM 100.
duit bday from kakak = RM 350.
duit lam maybank = RM 2xx.
duit abang hutang modem wifi = RM100
duit aizati hutang modem wifi = RM100


<= RM 850.

benda nak beli.
Kasut MacBeth = RM 2xx
Kasut from Pull and Bear = RM 2xx
PC = RM 25xx
PSP (nak main monster hunter jugak. jealous tgk bob ngan abang main) = RM 750 ++


RM2xx+RM2xx+RM25xx+RM750 (++)
<= RM36xx (++)


dayem la. kinda hate this new haircut. don't suit me well. sheet.
wondering whether kanak2 ddz akan membahan rambut aku ni atau tak. >_>

not the best raya for me. not the best bday for me too. i wonder if i did smthng that really upset that person, bcause that person seems like, ignoring me. that is including wishing my bday. evntho that person used to wished me every year, one of the earliest lagi tu, i think. but well. nvm then. that person must have their own reasons.

lecturer mcm malek noor dalam iklan shieldtox.

SPAM-INC in danger. haih. i really dunno whattodo. i mean i hope i can do smthng. at least like, tlg pegi survey bahan ke. or anything. any labour works will do. i really wanted to see spam inc at CF this year. i mean, for me its an annual event. ppl usually come and ask me, "Eh, where ah u got this SPAM-INC badge? u steal ke?" it took sometime to explain, but basically he said he recognized the logo. so yeaaaah. ppl noe SPAM-INC de. i mean, i've seen 2-3 ppl wearing our very own badges on their bag at UTMKL. well of course i did not tego them la. but just to say that, hey, byk orang kot beli badge from our booth. so i think ppl will expect smthng from us this year too. so i really hope things will get better. ganbatte ill3h! hang in there SPAM-INC! t.t

mama tanya nak pegi buat facial ke? die rsau tgk banyak jerawat XDDDD of course i rejected. no way i'd accept that offer lol. maybe becayse lack of sleep kot mama cakap. hm. maybe. tah le


Tya Matdiah said...

pegi la facial orang nak bayarkan tuh hahahahahahahaha *gelak setan*

saiful said...

sorry~ not interested xP maybe i'll reconsider it tho bcause its free after all haha xD

Anonymous said...

aku tak puas hati ko dapat byk duet raya U_U

aku risau SPAM inc utk tahun depan x_x I mean it's an event that I've been looking forward to every year and it is more fun coz we had a booth there. Our booth is like a meeting place for both new and old friend u_u

Mana lagi nak cari tempat dimana org yg kite tak kenal/ tak tau nama tapi dah kyaa sesama btol tak?

saiful said...

be good to ur uncles and aunties and u get banyak duit raya :D

tu la. aku amat risau pasal spam-inc. hope that everything akan okay. if i can i will contribute somehow pun. even lokes kalau x ckup org u_u;

and yeaaaaahhh. a lot of ppl tego me at my campus, "eh. pegi CF jugak ke?" referring to those badges. i explained that im one of the kuli selling those stuff and yada yada. i mean, weyh. we REALLY make new friends there right? if there's no booth, where can we be loud, chatting and laughing lagi kan? or so i think u.u