24 September, 2009


mood: Raya!
music: Selamat Hari Raya - Sudirman

Selamat Hari Raya all~

well frankly, this year raya its not the best. It was short. Damn short. Kakak got to kerja today so we were at Kedah for 2 days and Perak for another 2 days. It was damn short, that I didn't have the time to go beraya at my friends house kat Parit Buntar. Damn. Rindu Nazerrul punye tom yam. ferrrgh. awesome it was.

and I, getting moar lazy to go to beraya. hahah. All I did for the first day of raya is, wake up, mandi raya, sembahyang raya (sleep during khutbah), ziarah kubur (it's amazing I remember all the kubur and not confused with the new ones every raya), balik rumah, pergi rumah Long, just opposite of my nenek's house. Makan Nasi Ayam while watching Doraemon. Which, I already read the story/movie last year kut. Balik rumah tok main dengan Abu, John Kelabu eventho it's a cat, and a female one, but I can't help that she's so cuuutte! with the all grey and nice short but fluffy bulu. dayem! Petang ade cam-whoring session sikettt. tapi camera kakak suq big time. banyak shaky je.

Malam either main dota (lol masing2 bwak balik lappie for dota wth) or just randomly main mercun. oh yeah I bought the big rocket one :) And malam raya tu we watch Man Utd vs Man Citeh. Pak Su (the main haters for Man Utd) were in front of Long's tv before 8.30 lagi. waw. surely he support Man Citeh. Me and my nee-chan wear Man Utd's jersey. yep. the otromen one haha. and when Rooney scores we went ballistic! Pak Su suddenly show his red t-shirt (I still don't think it's a co-incident tho = =) like he was supporting MU. damn. then Foster buat hal wth and Barry score, Pak Su, aged 40++ acting like a child, jerit Goal in front of our face wth. Then when Fletcher scores, we jumping celebrating smpai Mak Su, Mak Long and Mak Ndak yg tgah prepare daging for tomorrow's kenduri terkejut lol xP when Bellamy score a WTF goal we went quiet again. But the last goal. The Owen's goal. We scream like hell. I mean, we REALLY SCREAMED LIKE HELL.

sure enough, I send Nazrul Hazwan msg to annoy him hahaha. see. Man Utd can do what Arsenal cannot.

I think that's the only part where it's worthy enough to tell u guys about my raya. well sebab xbyk beraya I only manage to get 100+ je. damn.

Haih I really wanted to send my friends at airports, if u know what I mean. example, Rahayu Adzhar. weiihhh. It was happening dude! we rock the LCCT! xD I really wanted to hantar Sarina and Dora too, but well, derang nye flight weekdays, no transportation, so no lah kot. I'll try too but I don't think I'll managed. wuuuh. kalau jadi nak tuntut hadiah bday and duit raya.

Pergi 'beraya' with Bob and Raf and my bro. actually we really wanted to go beraya, but everybody seems tak sampai lagi from kampung, so we went to cc hehe xP go dota! Dota, in other words Dunia Orang Takde Awek lololol. waktu main jela kot xP tapi CC dkat Damansara tu damn awesome! It uses a Steel Series Mouse! (AKARI) go google. its 300+ in normal shop. damn! puas hati. then beraya rumah Elin, and yada yada. Went for a haircut lalalala. looks weird on me xD


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Nor Liyana Mohamad Rosly said...

new acheivement. i did read ur post! i mean the WHOLE post, unlike before. :D
did u mean naz pandai masak tomyam? ekk? boleh caya ke ni? haksss.
ape2 pon. go MU! oh yeah~