12 June, 2009

music and lyrics

mood : like always, bored.
music: Silent Is Easy - Starsailor

haha. i made some lyric. wanna see? its superbly done. xP

One Tonight

I don't need all the things
I'd rather live with nothing
I even don't mind not to go to Avenged Sevenfold concert
Or having the chance to be a team mate with Wazza~
'Cause I only been dreaming
Of dreaming and loving

Tonight I'll be with you
We'll be together no matter what
Even all those b****** there to stop us
We'll make it through together!!

The night when I found you
At the lake, at the concert
I don't need to watch the Children of Bodom concert
Or having the chance to date Maya Karin~
'Cause I only been dreaming
Of dreaming and loving..

Tonight I'll be with you
We'll be together no matter what
With or without PS3 or PSP-GO
We'll make it through together!!

Yes it's true I spent the other night with Kancil
But believe me, neither Kancil or Savvy is good enough for you!

Tonight I'll be with you
We'll breakthrough the starry night
To Side-6 or Lunar, I don't mind
We'll make it together forever!!

And even 1 on 1 with a Level 25 Motred the Phantom Assassin,
As long as we stay together,
Even Char Aznable is an absolute noob in front of us
Those enemy of us, whoever that'll stop us,
We'll annihilate, assassinate, eliminate!!!

[Guitar solo by Alexi Laiho + Snyster Gates]

I need you..
We'll be as one..
Tonight.. [Backup singer: Ohh~ ohh~]

[A 3 second drum solo]


Oh UNICORN GUNDAM, I need you..
We are one, tonight..


hah. how awesome was that? XDD
i even shed tears of manliness when i wrote the lyrics ;_;
actually i don't have any idea what to write u.u;
so don't blame me Intan, sape suh kau suh aku cpat2 update u_u

anyway, the outing on this Sunday is postponed to next Sunday.
haih, sof, sue and ariffin is kinda busy
Rafique too, just finished his final
so yeah.
nvm, im still looking foward this 21st! XD

other than that hmm..
Intan is planning for a outing in PD next sem
blom bukak sem dh ajak gi PD =_=
die baru realize yg PD tu actually bersih xDD
dh bgtau dh kat Jieba, tapi drang xmo caye.
well, w/e it is, mane2 pun, aku x kesah, janji dpat kluar :D
haha XD

and oh yeah.
SAF, GO BUY RIBERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

football today is so awesome. u_u;


Anonymous said...

the lyric sux u_u

saiful said...

u_u as expected from mE. u_u

i still think its manly tho u_u

suechan said...

I want to be the backup singer! hehehehe

it'll be better if it is in audio.then i'll get the feel of wanting the unicorn gundam that badly.hahahaha

oih, hrg ronaldo dh 131 million if im not mistaken.

saiful said...

orait! we got the backup singer de! XDDD

oh, yg ronaldo tu, harga die 80 million pound, = 131 million us dollar. geddit? xP

tunggu anime unicorn gundam sue, its AWESOME! XD

.sarina .is.the.name. said...

eiii, apehal sarina si sar-rung?
wud u actually like to say sarina si sarang which means love in korean? haha