06 October, 2011


today was a bit fucked up. i kenot lepak at the pantry for the whole day, and to makes thing worse, i passed out in front of the punch card machine thingy. once i wake up they were kinda a big buzz about it, and although i insist everything was exaggerated a bit too much,  they were sooo keen on telling my mum. i begged and begged, i don't know how long since i begged this hard.

so anyway, the things to ponder is, either is my body is exhausted, lack fitness etc or i handled too much stress. I don't believe in the second, as much as I don't believe in the first one. So I decided to test my body to the max this late evening, and I managed to cover a distance of about 2-3kms non stop jogging, which is a bit fair considering I stop running consistently like, YEARS ago? though my body is feeling like tearing apart; the same feeling that you'll get if you not sleeping for like 2-3 days or so, but I think, it's not my body that's failing me.

so that, maybe explain why I become something that I never imagined I'll become, a workaholic. My colleague; those 3 units I've been so far, always tell me to take things slowly, don't over-worked, but I think I can do better, besides,

I can't do nothing. If I just sit around, takes thing slowly, first, I'll become lazier and tired by passing seconds, most probably because lack of sleep I guess, and secondly I started to think things. Or remember things.

Immersing myself into work.. is something I cannot brain myself, let alone my friends.

But, it's a simple thing; Do that complicated, tricky, technical works, try to complete it, and you don't have time to think about other stuff.

Exactly what I needed. So how?

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