07 February, 2011

*touch me, when we're dancing.

"Play us a song we can slow dance
On we wanna hold each other
Play us a groove so we hardly move
Just let our hearts be together"

*sebut nama*
oh, hai
hm? hm je? kenapa ni?
takde ape.
ok ok, soalan poyo. how are youuuuu?
not goooooooooooooooooooooooood.
ape ish ish.
apesal not good?
hm, entah le
malas nak cerite. panjang beno.
ah pemalas!
eh biaw le.
nak tidur dah ke?
boleh pulak tidur.
tak boleh lagi?
em, not yet. perhaps later..
oh ya
kenapa suka lagu ni?
hm, hahahaha
eh gelak pulak. gile?
eh tuduh saye gile pulak. die tu?
hah. asal gile?
ni, tak gile?
gelak, gelak.
hah, jawab lah
oh, emmm. susah lah nak explain.
ler, cakap le sbb awak suke carpenter ke, sbb awak suke dengar lagu lama ke,
bukan, hmm.
sebab.. lirik dia. and their music. and her voice.
sama dengan, awak suka carpenter lah kann?
well sort of
what pft?
kan senang?
lagu ni cheesy.
hahahaha, lebih kurang.
I kinda hate it.
huhhhh? Why????
like I said, it's kinda cheesy.
habis tu, awak suka lagu macam apa?
hahaha, awak tau kan..
yelah, minat le sangat lagu-lagu gloomy, nirvana lah ape lah, eeee. emo boy. booo.
what the.. eh, you don't booo other people's opinion kay?
oh now what, I have to follow you're rules?
Hmph! It's not like there's any rule anyways
Ade, the unspoken oneeee.
ahh, sentiasa ada je.
*sebut nama*
I missed you.
oh, my god! You've changed!
I changed? Can I lol?
Yes you can, pegi lahh.
takde ape lah. missed you too.
do you still want me to keep you company till early?
yea, boleh?
well, it's not like I have anything to do..
hahahha, ha'ah kan.
I know, you are devastated right now
But like you always said, this is life. Life won't get much easier.
Hahaha, how I missed the optimistic me.
You are optimistic!
Yea, back then, when I was naive!
You're not naive..
I am, that's why I'm here, that's why I'm like this, I was fucking stupid to be such positive, I should see all of this
But what happened..
I was optimist, because I.. I don't want to --
I know, that's why I gather all my strength too..
I, I..
You know, you are the reason I became stronger
Well I want a reason for me to be strong too
You don't have too, you are strong
I'm not..
You are so cold..
Kan? There's no warmness dah.
But I can feel it, somehow
Lies! Haha!
Heh, tak caya sudah.
Say, why don't you opened up your media player?
Media player?
Winamp lahh. Tau la suka pakai winamp.
Winamp? Tak main lah! Songbird hokey.
Like hell I knew about all this new softwares!
Hahaha. So?
Oh, pasang lah Carpenters.
Hm? Nak lagu dia lah tuu.
Habis, nak pasang lagu apa?
"This Masquerade".
Eh, you tau pulak?
Eh of course, I'm their number 1 fan kan?
Booo! Bila masa pulak.
Hehehe. entah.
God how I miss this song
Hee. Thanks.
Everything. Now. Then.
Nope, thanks to you.
Yelah, mutual. You're the reason I am right now, and you're thanking me? I should be thanking you!
Haha, yelah-yelah, kalau nak argue cepat je die
Eleh padahal dia yang suka argue.
Manade! I've changed!
You're not!
I do!
"We tried to talk it over but the words got in the way"
"We're lost inside this lonely game we play"
Eh? Haha, terus.
"Thoughts of leaving disappear, each time i see your eyes..
And no matter how hard i try to understand the reasons..
Why we carry on this way.. We're lost in this masquerade.."

Take care..

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