16 February, 2011

all night, hearing voices telling me that I should get some sleep.

My kancil is actually need to be repaired asap. Now, I don't know what happened. My radio just won't turn on, so does my digital clock inside the car. Figure it must be something to do about my car's battery, maybe the alternator is loosed, somehow.

And I think my suspension is a bye-bye. Pity to my friends, they have to felt the uneasiness when my car went through some hump and bump, and esp on a wavy road, like DUKE highway's.

Also my exhaust piping system need to be change, it is old enough, (15 years, whaddyu expect?) and it's rattling.

But the main problem I think was my engine block. Figure I have to change only the block, the outside. All the inside (piston, etc) is doing fine. This is because my car is emitting too much smoke, even when it's not moving. This happened because of my piston ring, is scratched (issit the right term? whatever.) or something, thus the process of piston shifting up and down like we all learnt during our school years happened not smooth enough.

This is usually the syndrome of an old car. I hate to admit it, yeah she is old. I still think that she is superb, she still taking care of me, eventhough it almost like she needed my attention, to fix something.. I guess. Like, that spin at AKLEH? I figured that it is actually some screw are loose when fixing the new tyres.

In all my honesty, I'd be lying if I do not want a new car. But deeeeeeep down inside, I don't want to lose this car. It was almost certain that I felt some attachment toward this car, a very, deep, attachment. I just can't imagine the day I let go of this car. Will anyone else treasure this car? Will they take good care of this car? Or

Will I can cope with the absence of the car? I mean, I know it sounds so, wrong. It's just a freaking car. But it's a freaking 16 years car! I mean, I was 5 when I first saw this car. And ever since, she was a part of my life. I slept inside her, I dreamt inside her, I cried inside her. She was almost like my other half. She's been there long enough to know MOST of me. Maybe much more than you guys knew me.

I end up rambling. Pft.

As I entered my room, it was very dull, and empty. Dark, and null. My roomate wasn't inside. Just one step inside my room, I felt my heart beats faster. Then, when I felt sweaty, on a very cold early morning, the only two words I can google inside my head was, 1, fuck. A few seconds after that, I felt blurry, quickly I realized what was going on and I spit the last word, ya Allah. And I don't know what else happened.

I opened my eyes and everything was still plain darkness. I felt weak, really, really weak. Now I know how weak my body is. Still, I wasn't feeling my body. I felt, dizzy and everything. It was horrible, terrible. It always feel terrible like this. After a few hours, I gave up my classes for today. I know I won't focus inside my class, heck, I don't know if I can walk or not.

I end up sleeping, yes, but with the help of the sleeping pill. At least I'm having my sleep again.

I feel bad skipping my class. HAHA.

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