23 April, 2008

lost and faunded.

mood: hyperrrrrr~ XD
music: Elliot Smith - Twilight

yoh minna~ im back posting some more post mmfufufufu~ well ade org wandering nape tak online~ the reason i didin't online & post recently isss....

→ shitmyx modem buat hal >_>
→ lalala kerjalah~

well actually sebab kerja-lah then only ade peluang nak online, sbb office papa ade internet (of course, fool. u_u) and sbb tu office papa, jadi boleh la slack off sket xD maen gem football manager lols u_u gaji masuk DD: felt guilty though, buuuuuttttt.... skjap je rase muahahaha >:)

annnddd early morning today, around 1.30 i called her~ yeah we get back to our usual self, i mean, its me who come back, usik usik sket lol xD (banyak, u_u) instead of gado gado, argue etc lols. and yah i do hope this will last forever, eventho there will be absolutely no way our relationship will remain sweet like peanut butter forever 8Db

pastu tgk chelsea seri hahaha. go manchester, blasah barca! ^O^/

thats all for today the last 5 days,

roti TERR-bakar.


asyraf said...

ohhh dude!!~gua nk awek gak..hahaha.yeah.go man u go!!

roti bakar said...

ko... bukan dh ade awek ke? u_U

hArU KahaR said...

eK kO dGr BuLLeT 4 My VaLenTine gaK ker?? Lgu 'aLL TheSe ThinGs i HaTe' ko taW x?? btW, 'i sms her', bLe laK kO aDe awx Nie???!! SedeY, aK x de....

roti bakar said...

oh lgu all these things i hate (revolves around me)~ lagu tu herm.. ak x layan sgt walaupun tu jd single derang D: selo~ btw kalau nk album die (the poison) ngan latest album die (scream aim fire) pm ak k?