mood : random

music: Jason Lo - The Fall

yo everyone. this is maybe one of my many ways to release the boredom inside me. the more fun way to to tell others what i felt, my joy, my sadness, my, most of the things i past through that day. i wont say everything, because humans do need a secret kept by himself/herself.

so what i wanted to say about today is today just can’t bring out the hyper me. today is all about dark, bored, dull. i saw a walk in interview at 7e, so my sister said that, hey, why don’t you give it a try, moreover you don’t have anything to do at home, right? heh, so much for a reason, just say that you wanted to chat with your beloved kambeng. so in order to keep balancing the time for me and my sister to use the damned streamyx, and in order to pursuit the most lovable things on earth, th3 money, maybe i should get out of my life of idle-ness.

heh. sincerely done by,

roti terbakar.