27 April, 2008


Mood : boringggggggg
Music : Suffocating Under The Words Of Sorrow - Bullet For My Valentine

living alone is really not a good idea at first D: 3 days without internet and alone in my house was CRAP. it was a really damn boring, days for me.

thought it would be okay since later at 7.40pm on saturday there was a huge game. its manchester vs chelsea. later it turn out to be one of the WTH game u_u i mean the referee was okay but manchester just don't.. attack. u_u only goal from rooney that lighted up my night (i suppose) tapi rooney tak celebrate pun as die injured T.T

after that amal msg me. she wanted me to attend spam inc's meeting lols. lucky mama papa tinggal duet so ade ah duet gi cc smlm xDDD so meeting pun berjalan dgn lancar starting 10.00 pm to 1.00 am D: what was discussed is mainly about CF08 of course. pasal badges and stuff nk dijual lol. tapi idea tu sgt sgt la menarik so nk kumpul duit nk bli byk xDD unless kalau ade booth jual gunpla then sorry badges ;_; make sure if you guys coming at CF 2008, stop by at spam inc's booth, mmg byk animanga merchandise!! <333

well mama papa is on their way home right now. kakak msg me and told that derang singgah mkan kat tapah which is REALLY OMFG PAPA STOP AT RNR u_u sbb tu lmbat kot.. u.u

well thats all i ges u_u so later minna~



[miss][dora] said...

teringin nak pegi to one of those fair or expos [wuteva la kan korg panggil] yg ade mangas and anime and those cosplayers..
malangnye ipoh xde bnde2 camtu.

roti bakar said...

it called Comic Fiesta D: alah turun lah kl, tlg tlg ak jual barang xDD dpat ah fotoshut ngan cosplayers-cosplaters ;>

[miss][dora] said...

haha..x pe la.
kalo ade mase ak try la dtg.
ble nye bnd tu?

roti bakar said...

around december, jgn gusaaarrr xD tapi venue die bertukar tukar lols

[miss][dora] said...

lambat lg dowh.