12 September, 2011

strike 3, batter out!

it's 3. and i still can't sleep. and tomorrow is monday. i mean, today. such a cold night. last night was awesome. i think today's gonna be great too, cept with the fact that i have to get ready at 6. sigh. 

oh and a cute ahmoy confessed at me today! lol. she sed she still had crushed on me from standard six. ahhh good ol days. days where boys always wanted to please her while me, like always, the anarchy. lol. well idk what makes her had this crush, and that crush can go hold on for that long too. well tho, she has a boyfriend too. it made it look so awkward. nvm. she's in leeds pun btw. no point nak think about it punn. eh i should've said that she has a boyfriend so i shouldn't think about it kan? terbalik? LOL.

anyway, pegi la mamps dia jap, i just wanna say that i'm excited about my edith! she's coming back in a week! lama lagi but i'm already sexcited. eventho baru 3 hari she's gone, i feel like it's almost 3 years. so long mang. 

ahh i shud go to sleep. still in raya mood too. sigh. 

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- - said...

ahmoi yang kau tunjuk dulu? x)