09 September, 2011

Hey Love

Aku baru dapat berita gembira tadi. Okay, maybe aku tak leh nak tunjuk betapa sexcited nya aku sekarang ni sbb, well, in any way korang baca pun all you guys can see is a wall of words.

oh well.

saya akan ke johor. skudai. ye, untuk graduasi. aku akan berada di sana pada 22hb, untuk mengambil jubah. jadi i was thinking whether i'll be going on 21st evening/night or, 22nd morning. I'm planning right after work, terus pergi skudai, and will be there until graduation day, on 25th.

the journey will take more or less 4-5 hours, of a long, tiring journey, with a shaking old car, it will be uncomfortable and bumpy ride i'll reckon. though it'll be alright with me, and i think i'm gonna enjoy the journey..

huh, where's the good news? heee.

because i'm driving my kancil! <3 papa asked me earlier tonight, on how am i going to go to skudai later on 22nd, and he agreed to repair my kancil. okay i know it's been thousand times i said "finally my kancil is going to be repaired mfufufu" or something, but this time, i bet it's gonna be reeeaaalll. Unless papa want me to drive the mini... hm.

so anyway, raise your hand if you want to tag along! >_< it will be cramp a bit i think. it's still a kancil :)

1 comment:

Tya Matdiah said...

yeay, finally she's getting repaired! :)))
drive safe, budak!